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- Age of Arei(Ahh-ray) - 10,000 year span

  1. 229
    The Birth of Vampires
    Within the troubling age in which the dragons and humanoids of Aedonia were at war; Rebekah, a young, fearful and overprotective mother, would unintentionally create the very first vampire: Erik Mikaelson. She made a pact with Lucius to protect her son not just from death but that he'd also make Erik stronger, faster and harder to kill than a dragon. What she failed to realize were the consequences, the price which would coincide with the very pact that, ultimately, would end her life. Although Erik would indeed become stronger, faster and harder to kill than a dragon so too would this man be forever changed. Food no longer had any taste and made him ill, the sun burned his flesh, his body would no longer age, he couldn't produce any children, silver became like poison and drinking blood was essential to his survival. In short, Rebekah had turned her own child into an eternal monster whom, in turn, would make her and his father into his first meals/killings. Along with his inhuman strength and speed, Erik also suddenly found himself with the gift to enter into the minds of others and control their actions. With this newfound ability, he forced, the then, Zulkiers of Dorn to create an island and enchant it so the sun would have no power to bring it light but also so the land would still be fertile to grow plants, trees, flowers, herbs and crops as well as have no negative effect on the livestock or mortal slaves. Once these mages had succeeded, Erik turned them into vampires and from them, he would create his Council. Together they brought the first supply of slaves to Sunrise and as time passed by, Erik transformed his 'children' into the most feared and powerful race within Laera.
  2. 250
    The Forming of the Great Alliance
    Very little is known about how the Great Alliance was forged between Evora, Aedonia, Tyrov and Dorn for the documentation upon this, quite notable, event seemed to mysteriously vanish. There were speculations that the reasoning behind why this document disappeared is because of the manner in which the Alliance was forged had been done in less than honorable circumstances but whether this be true or not has never been able to be uncovered. Other speculations suggest that the document was stolen by Erik, the Vampire King, though why he'd desire such a thing is a bit uncertain. Yet despite the lack of knowledge upon the event, the alliance between the four nations has held strong and true for as long as the pact has been within creation.
  3. 255
    The Creation of Kuvaron
    Not long after the forming of the Great Alliance did three of the southern nations band together to form the Kuvaron Empire. The nations which were included within this empire were: Estraes, Kudae and Rudaia. It was an empire riddled with magic; prosperous and strong yet always pushing for more. The ancient Kuvaron magic was powerful and could be as subtle as a breeze's whisper through the trees to as terrifying as a hurricane on a coast. The empire spread quickly, made alliances and absorbed entire nations with ease. The expanding empire stopped growing to consolidate strength, some say it became complacent while others say corruption had finally come to light. Regardless of the reasons, it was a thriving empire in which made great many strides in the various applications of magic.
  4. 523
    The Loss of Paradise
    Before Mendula became a dry desert full of warring tribes and magic hating, it was a lush and beautiful paradise that was quite literally a utopia for humans, whose lifespans were once much longer than a mere 100 years. These humans were said to have lifespans as long as dragons, nymphs and elves as well as being far more beautiful than the humans from other regions but their happiness and joy would be brought to end when one of the tribal leaders, Dravon, became obsessed with being the King of the land and as powerful as their patron God Oasis(Now known as Chaos). Oasis was the one responsible for this paradise and the utopian society in which the humans enjoyed but Dravon desired being the one accredited for these wondrous gifts so he started to spread around a rumor that he was Oasis in human form until everyone believed it to be so and began to worship and serve him as such. Oasis was enraged by Dravon's deceit and decided to face the man himself but the Mendulese came to Dravon's side to protect and aid him, calling Oasis a fraud and false God... Their ignorance and defiance sent Oasis into a vengeful rage! He destroyed the very paradise he had gifted to them turning it into a hot, desert filled with gold and triggered in them the lust for power, gold and hatred. And as if that were not enough, Oasis stripped them of their long lifespans so that their existence was brief in comparison to almost all the other races... It would be corrupting these humans and altering their world in which would ignite Oasis dark side; he thrived in causing darkness and chaos for why did the mortals deserve his favor hence he would change his name to Chaos becoming the God he's now known throughout Laera as and all but the Gods have forgotten his true name.
  5. 1,220
    The Forgotten Southern War
    Long after the building of the Empire, a war would be waged between the Southern Nations. Many speculate that Mendula and Sidyu had been worker and soldier class countries that did not share the Empires views upon magic. Whether this is true or not is unknown, but the curse "Kuva" still used throughout both nations definitely hints that they stood against Kuvaron. It's said that Rudaia and Estraes held their ground against Sidyu and Mendula but Kudae had little in resources to provide to its Northern allies especially when the Crescent Isle pirates constantly brought down their ships. This would cause the Empire to be split in two, which created rebellions and civil wars within the Empire itself. With the structure falling apart within, Sidyu and Mendula would crush what remained of the Kuvaron Empire until it had completely shattered; and the world would never remember.
  6. 1,320
    The Fall of Kuvaron
    Before the end of the Southern War an Order of Knights was formed. These Knights had once served the Empire but during the fall of their empire they realized that part of their empire needed to be preserved and looked after in hopes that they could unite the South under one banner once again so they took to gathering any and all information, knowledge and artifacts they could muster while they still had the chance and with it, the Order of Kuvaron was born and not a moment too soon. All memory of the ancient Empire would have been lost if not for the Order, and even now it is still hardly a distorted mirror of what could have been, so long ago.
  7. 1,600
    The Golden Peace
    After the Fall of Kuvaron and the Southern Nations decided to keep to themselves, the majority of Laera would experience a long standing peace. This would be a dawn of inventions, industry, increased commerce and trade, discovering a new land: Gerili and advancements in medicine. Despite the inner warring within Sidyu and Mendula, there was mostly happiness and joy throughout the populations of Laera and surprisingly this peaceful state would last for 5,000 years! It is the longest standing peace recorded within Laera and is often referenced as 'The Golden Peace' or 'The Breath of Life'. This peace would end rather abruptly in 6,600.
  8. 5,729
    The Prophecy of Ages
    Prophecies of any kind are rare but few are crucial or considered life altering but they are all documented none the less. Well this particular prophecy would become more important than any others that came before and would be the first ever to get passed down from generation to generation but unfortunately, over the years, pieces of the tale faded away and soon became myth. Myth became Legend. Legend became Fiction. Fiction became a bed time story told to children until finally the entire tale was lost save for one rather hopeful line.

    "The triumph of the Light shall come... When the Blue Dragon returns carrying The Golden Rose."
  9. 6,229
    The Five Master Blades
    After the ‘Great Alliance’ was forged and celebrating its long standing friendship, five legendary blades were forged to be given to the ‘Protectors of the Realm’ and help unify the nations in a single cause, peace and friendship. These blades were created with metal gifted from Pherion himself and crafted by a great and powerful blacksmith of that age. No other weapons in creation match these marvels for they are the finest pieces of work in Laera and therefore these swords were often called the ‘Titans of Steel’. Each blade is unique and created specifically for the wielders in which they were to be given. No blade was better than the other or more powerful, they each were in equal to the other and each so beautifully made that some speculated they were merely decorations as opposed to actually being purposeful. The Five Master Blades were distributed between the leaders of the nation and these first Protectors were sworn to an oath that they must always protect, serve and honor the bond between the four nations and that their descendants shall be obliged to do the same so that the oath could always be upheld until the end of time.
  10. 6,600
    Darkness Falls
    During the long sustaining peace that Laera experienced, Chaos secretly built up an army of demons, dragons, dark elves, vampires, hellhounds, giant spiders and trolls within an uncharted land in the Southeast. The races and creatures he chose/created to make up his army were carefully thought through for each one was deadly and, for the most part, difficult to kill. Plus under his tutelage and manipulations they became the most depraved and heartless beings ever known. And the reason they were created was because he despised the peaceful state in which Laera had been in and decided he wanted to change everything and cast Laera into an eternal darkness in which chaos, evil and destruction were reveled in by the populaces. So with his army armed and ready, he sent them to every nation except Mendula and Sidyu to create a world in his image. For 1,000 years his forces did just that, they brought an end to the peace and covered everything in shadow.
  11. 7,600
    Exile of Chaos
    Deciding that Chaos' influence and power over the mortal world had grown too strong, Palios sent down his lightning bolts and destroyed every last member of the shadow army before exiling Chaos into a mortal body until the Age of Arei ended. With Chaos trapped in a mortal body without his magical abilities and his army dead, Laera was finally able to pull itself out of the darkness and rebuild. Unfortunately much of the records from events that came before were destroyed and such events were forgotten but at least life still went on and progress was once again able to continue.

- Age of Frei (Fray) -

  1. 187
    Daemon's Prophecy Intercepted
    Though not quite as crucial or widely remembered as the Prophecy of Ages, this prophecy would fortell of the man who would destroy Aedonia and therefore was instructed to be taken to Dorn and stored at the Great Hall of History and Libraries where it would be examined further. Unfortunately, this prophecy would never reach Dorn, instead it was stolen. Sources say that it was taken by a beautiful woman with midnight black hair.
  2. 200
    The Fall of a Capitol
    A tragic day in the history of both Aedonia and the Great Alliance. Click the link above for full details.
  3. 200
    The War of Plight
    Donovan Naetil's General Daemon Blaze, along with his Sorceress Vylaska Saaerivik, spent many, many years using controlling and manipulative magics to turn Aedonia's own army into their own until finally it became The Dark Forces. With their now nearly countless, 'devoted' soldiers, The Dark Lord and his Sorceress Queen attacked Dragon Mount, killed the King and Queen, turned all the dragons to stone through a blood binding magic and gradually took complete control of the Mountain Kingdom known as Aedonia. They would hold dominion over this nation for 21 years until the Great Army of the Alliance would finally band together under the leadership of Darion and Josephine Naetil, the Prophesied Blue Dragon and Golden Rose, and defeat the Dark Forces within the Battle of Madyrn.
  4. 203
    The Battle of Hunter's Glen
    This historical and well known event when a group of shadow mages passed secretly into Evora and kidnapped Juliet’s older brother and heir to the throne, Jason Thornton. It would be discovered later that the Queen of Dorn, Ajeli Namoke, was also taken and that both were being brought to Aedonia. Fredrick Thornton, Evora’s King and his Council were quick to convene on the matter, discussing possible actions to be made and who should be sent. Tristan Knight stood and volunteered the whole of his family, save Josephine who was away in Dorn, to lead a small party into Aedonia to rescue the Prince and Queen. With them went 15 Evoran guards, 10 Tyrovian warriors and 8 Sisters/Brothers from the Towers of Dorn. They tracked the mages all the way to Hunter’s Glen, which is where a battle broke out between the Dark Forces and those of the Great Alliance. This conflict took three weeks and all were lost save for one mage, two Tyrovian's, the Queen of Dorn and Robin Knight.
  5. 221
    The Battle of Madyrn
    After the discovery was made in which Darion Solvar was the eldest son and heir of Donovan and Aisylnn Naetil, he and Josephine Knight were married, after which the pair then went to each leader of Evora, Tyrov and Dorn to raise an army to defeat Daemon and his Dark Forces once and for all. Each of these nations leaders provided the troops, weapons and equipment that would be needed to save their sister nation of Aedonia from the shadow of darkness and oppression. They all provided a great number of the best warriors, mages and naval officers but only a small collection of the 25 most trusted, skilled members of each nation were sent in as a diversion disguised as a band of performing gypsies to celebrate Daemon's long reign. They would gain initial entrance into Madyrn, the heart of Daemon's kingdom and former capitol of Dragon Mount, where they would get the Dark Forces drunk then open the gates for the Great Army and defeat them once and for all.
  6. 221
    The Vampiric War
    Immediately following the Battle of Madyrn, Erik awakened his 'sleeping army', these were vampires who had been buried deep underground so that he could keep their numbers in secret, and used this force to invade the Great Alliance with. Erik split his army into four factions and sent each faction to one of the nations within the Great Alliance. For seven long years his forces overrun the land to the north causing countless casualties and unimaginable destruction. It would be the greatest conflict the Great Alliance had known within written history and also halted all trade between the Southern nations and The Great Alliance. Meanwhile, the Mendulese would see this as an opportunity to create their own organization called The Hive and began to build up the occupants of their prison with fleeing mages from the North. Eventually, in a last ditch effort to rid their lands of the parasitic immortals, the Great Army banded together in one last battle against the Vampires resulting in the death of Erik, his Council members and ninety percent of their forces. Finally the Great Alliance was free of invaders and could begin rebuilding their empire.
  7. 221
    The Hive
    It was created shortly after the 'War of Plight' ended and the Mendulese chieftains realized there was no longer a force to eliminate the 'impurities' of Laera, mainly magic users. For the Mendulese have long been believers that magic should strictly belong to the Gods and that humans are the only race that deserve to exist as well as believing that males should be the leaders of Laera and females their obedient wives and child-bearers. So the chieftains put aside their rivalries and came together to discuss how Laera could be made 'right'. Thus the Hive was built in which they would forcefully bring any magic users foolish enough to enter Mendula into their facility to be tortured, experimented on, collared and brainwashed until they became 'Sleeper Cells'. These 'Sleeper Cells' would then be released back out into Laera, oblivious of what had occurred and continue on in their normal lives but these unfortunate magic users could be 'Awakened' and used like puppets at the Hive's will. Eventually it is their goal to awaken all their Cells and have them kill other magic users while they attack on a separate front with a magic attacking plague they are working on. If they should succeed, Laera could be forever changed and the only hope that exists for the magic users is the Order of Kuvaron. Perhaps they will find a way to stop the Hive or perhaps the Hive will annihilate them as well,... Only time will tell.
  8. 227
    Rudaia Falls
    Since Daemon's fall, Rudaia has suffered indignities at the hands of the pirates of the Midnight Fleet ruled by the Pirate King. Their navy has been mostly absorbed or destroyed and few of their ships remain. Their capital city, Torim, was captured early in the Pirate invasion, and the once peaceful land is now ridden with war. Not willing to let the Midnight Fleet take control so easily, Rudaia struck a devastating blow at Oasaki, the Chameleon Agents poisoning much of the invading Pirates and what standing Army, the remaining governors of Rudaia could muster, forced the Midnight Fleet to withdraw back to the east. The Rudaian people fought a guerrilla war with the Midnight Fleet Forces, and proved successful for a time. The Pirate King, however, unleashed his forces, using his assassins to combat the Chameleons while the main armies of each side clashed. Eventually, betrayal and the sheer power of the Midnight Fleet overwhelmed the last resistance in Rudaia in 227 Frei. Rudaia's infrastructure has since been put to use by their new King. Rudaia's special dyes and exotic chameleons armor have improved the effectiveness of the Pirate King's assassins and some of their stock goes to the troops and scouts. They exploit the rarity and let a rise in smuggling and black market goods earn them money as the Midnight Fleet corrupts the people. Rebellion exists but is too weak to be effective, and some Rudaian's are beginning to enjoy a new life under their new ruler.
  9. 228
    Xenith Earthquake
    A great and devastating, natural, earthquake would destroy the once proud capitol of Xenith and leave Evora without her royal leaders as the whole of the Thornton family would be lost in the disaster. The once gleaming port would be reduced to complete and utter ruin and countless Xenith citizen lives would be lost in the tragedy. Without her capitol, Evora is weak and the Council is clamoring to appoint a new royal family so that the proud capitol can be quickly reconstructed and kept safe from the Midnight Fleet's attacks.
  10. 228
    End of the Vampiric War
    With near five hundred thousand vampires kept hidden underground and having millennia after millennia to build up their numbers, Erik struck the weakened North with his massive army. All of Sunrise was emptied to strike with full force against their target and for seven years Erik's campaign was successful in destroying many large, important coastal cities with the Great Alliance. With his Army Advisor Arkaine and Slave Advisor Najara at his side, the trio led most of the damning charges through Kale, Nytera, Flora Bay, Denbrook, Syra, Devanshire, Seipyn Bay, Atrah, Tardis, Anwyn, Emir and Ithopia. Yet despite the great amount of damage his army had done and the countless innocent people who were killed, The Great Army refused to give in to the tyrant and the leaders of the lands would meet in secret before conducting a well schemed attack against the Vampire army held along the coasts. With near the entire population of all four countries barreling down upon them the Vampires would fall rather quickly with Erik himself being beheaded and his Council burned to ash.