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The current year is 7,230 in the age of Frei.

There are 12 months in each year. They are as follows:
Javair - January
Fevair - February
Miren - March
Avian - April
Mael - May
Jair - June
Juel - July
Agusta - August
Septus - September
Octovia - October
Noestia - November
Dexteria - December

There are seven days of each week. They are as follows:
Sindai - Sunday
Mundai - Monday
Tesdai - Tuesday
Wevdai - Wednesday
Thrusdai - Thursday
Ferdai - Friday
Sandai - Saturday

Seasons are as follows:
Sprag - Spring
Suviare - Summer
Festus - Fall
Winvia - Winter

Holidays are as follows:
Hollow's Eve (Octovia 31) - Celebrating Festus; This holiday is celebrated with the wearing of costumes, lighting of candles, the sharing of treats, dancing, drinking and being gay until the dawn. It is said that this celebration keeps the spirits of the dead from rising up and causing chaos.

Solstice (Dexteria 25) - Celebrating Winvia; This holiday is celebrated with the decorating of houses and lamp lights, the lighting of candles, the exchanging of presents, giving thanks, of having a feast and being kind to your fellow man. There are songs that are sung and dances to honor the occasion. It is said this celebration is to spread love, joy and kindness to all as a sign of hope and peace.

Neviance (Javair 1) - Celebrating a New Year; This holiday is celebrated with dancing, singing, the drinking of spirits and being merry. To celebrate the prospects of a New Year bringing wealth, fertile fields, health, happiness, love, children, etc. It is said this celebration will bring good fortune and luck.

Dance of Sprag (Avian 4)- Celebrating Sprag; This holiday is celebrated with games, races, carnivals, picking of flowers, going without shoes and dancing in the street. It is said this celebration is in honor of the season and to encourage a long and joyful Suviare.

Mael Day (Mael 26) - Celebrating Suviare; This holiday, which is also called 'Lovers Day' is celebrated with the wearing of flowers, swinging, dancing in couples, kissing games, twirling of ribbon around a post, auctions of unattached lords and ladies to spend the day with, the eating of sweets, making bouquets, going barefoot all day, of being gay and playful, open to love and to be joyful all day long. It is said this celebration is in honor of Aeryl and to spread love so that nobody goes through life alone. It is celebrated in hopes of finding ones soul mate or sparking the love back into an older relationship, to make it feel new again.