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In the beginning, before Laera was created, there were billions of stars within the heavens that shone brightly across the universe. These great balls of fire would soar far across great lengths to seek out their soul mate and one true love. Time and distance was nothing to them, for they were not whole until they found their other half, therefore these blazing orbs would never halt in their search until success was theirs. It is from two separate connections of four of the brightest and oldest stars in which can be contributed to the creation of the gods themselves. These four stars were named Xander, Elias, Astrid and Nyssa. It was from the pairing of Xander, the North Star, and Astrid, the West Star, that Suros was born and the pairing of Elias, the South Star, and Nyssa, the East Star, that Gaia was born. These four stars form a perfect diamond in the night sky where all corners of the sky meet. Because all of the Gods and Goddesses of Laera owe their existence to these four, they all honor and respect their 'creators' as well as their origins. As for the Gods and Goddesses of Laera, they are broken up into three Factions and each of these Factions has their own symbols. For ‘the Sentinels of Sanctuary’, they use a shooting star as the symbol of their holy household. As for ‘the Order of the Divine’ their household symbol is that of a circle. Then there is ‘The Aeturnus’, their symbol is that of an infinity sign. These three groups make up the factions in which the Gods belong to. There are mortals who will worship only the Gods belonging to a certain faction and others that worship Gods belonging to separate ones, each mortal is different in their religious beliefs and knowledge of lore on these beings but one thing is for certain, these powerful immortals are eternal for they are known, at least by name and representation, throughout the whole of Laera and therefore shall forever be worshiped.

‘the Sentinels of Sanctuary’

'The Order of the Divine'

'The Aeturnus'