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In the beginning, before Laera was created, there were billions of stars within the heavens that shone brightly across the universe. These great balls of fire would soar far across great lengths to seek out their soul mate and one true love. Time and distance was nothing to them, for they were not whole until they found their other half, therefore these blazing orbs would never halt in their search until success was theirs. It is from two separate connections of four of the brightest and oldest stars in which can be contributed to the creation of the gods themselves. These four stars were named Xander, Elias, Astrid and Nyssa. It was from the pairing of Xander, the North Star, and Astrid, the West Star, that Suros was born and the pairing of Elias, the South Star, and Nyssa, the East Star, that Gaia was born. These four stars form a perfect diamond in the night sky where all corners of the sky meet. Because all of the Gods and Goddesses of Laera owe their existence to these four, they all honor and respect their 'creators' as well as their origins. There are mortals who will worship only a select few of the Gods and others that worship all the Gods, each mortal is different in their religious beliefs and knowledge of lore on these beings but one thing is for certain, these powerful immortals are eternal for they are known, at least by name and representation, throughout the whole of Laera and therefore shall forever be worshiped.



Pronounced: Ah-ree-ehl
Goddess of: Love, Lust & Beauty
Creations: Mermaids, Soulmates & Sin
Known for: Aeryl is renown for being the most beautiful Goddess within the Divine Realm. She is also known for being a compassionate romantic or being playfully sinful when it comes to pairing mortals together... And on rare occasions she'll use both!
Symbols: Swan, Intertwined Rings & the Whip
Relationships: Daughter of Gaia & Sister of Deianeara and Ayrianna.



Pronounced: Ah-ree-on-aw
Goddess of: Wisdom, Philosophy and Reason
Creations: Elves, Thinking and Libraries
Known for: She has the capability of reasoning with anyone whether they be a God or Mortal and she can win an argument against most of the other Deities. She is also known for her supreme cunning and for never being seen without her red hawk companion known as Sajazu.
Symbols: Hawk, Owl and Scrolls
Relationships: Daughter of Gaia, Sister of Deianeara and Aeryl & Wife of Vokhar.



Pronounced: Day-ah-nair-ah
Goddess of: Nature, Animals & the Hunt
Creations: Werewolves, Herbs & Forests
Known for: She is known for being the best archer amongst the Gods and Mortals alike. It is also said that when she spends time in the 'Sanctuary', aka land of the dead, she creates beautiful forests for the souls within Paradise.
Symbols: Stag, Wolf, Bow & Arrows
Relationships: Daughter of Gaia, Sister of Ayrianna and Aeryl, Wife of Lucius & Mother of Daemon.



Pronounced: Guy-uh
Goddess of: Life, Laera, The Elements & Magic
Creations: Auyrn, Fairies, Lilies and Butterflies
Known for: She is renown for being 'The Mother of Creation'. She has a sweet, kind and nurturing disposition towards all living things. She is also as beautiful as she is exceptionally wise and is an expert on creating potions.
Symbols: Sparrows, Willow Trees & Butterflies
Relationships: Mother of Deianeara, Ayrianna and Aeryl, Lover of Suros, Grandmother of Daemon & Great-Grandmother to Lucien.



Pronounced: Lou-sh-hiss
Goddess of: The Underworld, Paradise & the Dead
Creations: Vampires, Silver, Funerals and Aging
Known for: Often showing himself to dying mortals as a shadowy cloaked figure there to collect their souls and place them within their respective places in the land of the dead or 'Santuary', as some call it. He does possess a less frightening Humanoid figure but this he only reveals to his fellow Gods
Symbols: Skull, Bones & the Cross
Relationships: Son of Suros, Brother to Syrena, Husband of Deianeara, Father of Daemon & Grandfather of Lucien.



Pronounced: Day-mun
God of: Darkness, Evil and Shadows
Creations: Demons, Trolls and Fog
Known for: Being the essence of cruelty and malice. His only goal is to spread his divine influence everywhere and be the ultimate god in worship and praise.
Symbols: Serpents, Crows & Toads
Relationships: Son of Lucius and Deianeara & Father of Lucien.



Pronounced: Sir-ose
Goddess of: Time, Inventions & Knowledge
Creations: Humans, Clocks & Plumbing
Known for: His ability to have complete knowledge of the Past, Present & Future but also for randomly transforming between an old man, young adult and a child.
Symbols: Clocks, Books & Gears
Relationships: Father of Lucius & Vokhar, Grandfather of Daemon, Great-Grandfather of Lucien & Lover of Gaia.



Pronounced: Voh-car
God of: Legends, Myths & Vengeance
Creations: Dragons, Half Dragons, Rivalries & Tales
Known for: His enormous black dragon companion that towers over even the Tall Towers of Toria in Dorn. He's also known for owning the largest library of legends from the Past, Present and Future.
Symbols: Dragons, the Quill & Daggers`
Relationships: Son of Suros, Brother of Lucius & Husband of Ayrianna.