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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Mendula

A large Southwestern country mainly made up of selfish male humans. They are a rather unfriendly bunch especially when it comes to protecting and hording their gold and therefore the people of Mendula don't take kindly to travelers. Though there is one positive element found here: A plant which grows in abundance on their valleys is an outcrop used in several medicines. Also, they are the leading nation in Gold Mines and slave trade. The capitol is Vargus.

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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Estraes

A largely forested country with some of the finest waterfalls; this smaller yet lush country is dubbed as being the most beautiful retreat within Laera. It is a warm country protected by a vast forest and the Bay of Sorrows. Also, it is rumored that within the borders of this nation, fertility is heightened to a 95% chance of pregnancy... So it is often a popular spot for couples wanting to expand their family. The capitol is Mithyr.

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