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Clara, Cadu and Fernando meet Marina at the reastaurant


Cadu: Good evening, someone is waiting for us

Clara: marina

Marina: heyy

Cadu: Hi Marina

Marina: I thought that you weren't coming anymore

Clara: no, it was the car

Marina: hey, everything ok?

Clara: the car that my beloved husband forgets to put gas

Cadu: babe, no drama

Clara: we had to wait for a cab

Marina: you din't call me?imagine that, no worries my driver dould've picked you up

Clara no way, thanks but everythings is alright, we're here an we brought a friend that I forgot to tell you, sorry

Marina: friend of yours, friend of mine

Clara: actually he's me indirect uncle right nando? He's married to an aunt, sister of my mother

Marina: ok guys you complicated let's stay with uncle that's more than friends

Cadu: yeah let it go

Marina: talking about friends, I brought Silvestre, a beloved friend that you probably headr about that writes about gastronomy for many magazines and newspapers

Cadu: wait wait, Silvestre man really? It's a huge pleasure, I've always wanted to meet you

Marina: I told you, I knew you'd love meeting him

Cadu: My idol guys

Silvestre: imagine that

Cadu: no really, I'm a huge fan of his, I read everything you write and agree with it all, sort of, last time I read you defend pasta (something specific) being cooked for 3 minutes and I think that 4 minutes is the perfect timing for the water to boil

Silvestre: brazilians don't like al dente pasta

Cadu: I do the wall test, there's a lot of people who think this is bullshit but it works right?

Silvestre: amazing, I agree that's a great test

Clara: what test is this?

Cadu: babe, take spagetti for example, throw it at the wall if the thread falls it's al dente, if it gets stuck it's over the timing and if it fall completely the timing wasn't enough

Clara: honey you know som things...

Cadu: babe, I'm just a amateur

Clara: that's the problem

Waiter: excuse me Ms marina, you table is ready

Marina: great cause thi chat about al dente pasta made me hungry

Cadu: yeah let's

Marina: nando, nando, you're nice but very quiet

Nando: thanks for the nice

Cadu: nando is living a domestic drama marina

Marina: domestic drama? well at leats it isn't an existential drama

Cadu: this one who's living is her wife

sorry for the food part guys, too specific, pasta for me is pasta no need for too many details, so I couldn't do much at this parte hope it makes sense
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