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i swear, i miss those times when you would tie me to a chair; katina returns with victoria
Topic Started: Apr 27 2012, 06:45 AM (302 Views)
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The grey mare’s nares dilated, the scent of what she was now used to calling home was strong. They had just entered the thick glacial forest, and the pale female was forced to slow down to allow her filly to navigate the thick vines; as she was not used to it. This was her second female foal, and like Solstice, the newborn showed signs of being strong-willed and sturdy. If Katina could sway her newest daughter’s opinions the way she wanted, unlike the bay roan, she could have a pretty bargaining chip on her hands. Victoria reminded her of Elijah, the same elegant, Lipizzaner frame; the quietness that resounded authority despite being young in age. Ajax had been bouncy and talkative – a failure in the mare’s eyes. He would serve someone well as a Beta, but he was not the harnessing power Katina required. His twin was, but had been whisked away to be under Viral’s supervision. She guessed that was an honour, but as any mother; she would have preferred to raise the child herself.

Hopefully this would be the case for Victoria, because as well-bred and fine as she was, she was a filly. Females could not lead, although they could be a powerful driving force behind it. The newborn’s coat was an attractive dark grey, almost a soft dove colour; and was unmarred save for a white splash marking on one side of her body, and a blaze down her face. A blaze so similar in shape to Viral’s, it would be unmistakeable who her sire was. The filly’s small hooves found their waves into the gaps between the thick undergrowth and vines, stumbling perhaps once or twice in desperation to stay close to her dam. The alabaster mare made her way quietly into the forest, only stopping when they reached a small clearing large enough for perhaps three equines. Tired from the journey, the foal nose her dam’s side for milk. Katina pinned her ears back, tempted to nip her child for being so insistent, but shifted so the filly could nurse.

Before they had returned to their respective homes, Katina had met with her younger sister, Adrianne. The other grey had also foaled this season, producing a bay striped filly for Rowan. Katina found the primitive markings unattractive herself, but had not said this to her sibling. It was her first foal after all, and quite a good specimen for such. Victoria had enjoyed the company of another foal, for Katina had no intentions of letting her offspring mingle with the others of the Province. She still had mixed feelings about Viral, for she found his position of power alluring and his company well, intriguing. However, the fact he had allowed Friction back had irritated the grey. They were clearly not on speaking terms anymore, despite what they had been through together. It was Friction who had snatched her from her sire’s lands, it was Friction she had given an heir and taken over the Province together. This was all in the past now. As she gazed on her newest addition, Viral seemed to be the way forwards for her, however reluctant Katina was to admit it.

A rustling through the undergrowth, followed by an enthusiastic whinny bought both equines to attention. Katina straightened, blocking Victoria’s access to her feed, causing the filly to squeal angrily, but she shrank to her dam’s side as a new equine appeared in front of them. Ajax bounded enthusiastically towards his mother, his now deeper voice tumbling forth in the form of low, excited nuckers at the sight of a sister. He approached his mother first, who lay her ears back to her skull. Katina nipped the air sharply as the chestnut bought his nose to his, causing the young stallion to shy back in confusion. “How old are you Ajax? You are not a colt anymore. Your brother passes his time in the company of your sire, training and learning; and you? You still trail after me like I have something to teach you.” Her lips curled back in a snarl. “Time to grow up, son. You have no right to come scampering up to me like you’re a newborn. Start acting like your brother for a change.” She snapped, relishing in the sight of the brightly coloured male visibly drooping before his dam. Ajax backed up, confused. Katina had never been pleasant to him, but to clearly reject him was another matter. The chestnut hung his head, reddish tail pinned to his rump tightly in submission as he waited for another instruction.
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in these cages we call walls ~
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Summer was still heavy over Serpent's Province when Ajax's call - identifiable by the odd mix of deep baritones and immaturity - breaks through the silent bubble that surrounded the deep iron gray. Somehow in the past twelve hours he had crossed the magical threshold that changed him from a colt to a stallion and yet he didn't feel different. The angular lines of his body were the same as they had been yesterday, and no magic potion had magically raised him to the same height as his other siblings. His coat was no closer to his dam's white, nor was his musculature quite as developed as Viral's.

Still, somehow he had transformed into an equine capable of claiming his own land, gathering mares, and siring his own offspring. While not normally a lethargic colt, these newfound rights had him brimming with suppressed excitement and he already begun his trip out of the Province when Ajax's call sounded. Naturally, his first instinct is to ignore his needy younger brother, but further consideration points out that there is really only one reason for the chestnut dolt to be raising noise considering he spends most of his time around their dam. She had recently left to give birth to their younger sibling, and had quite possibly returned already which meant that Elijah should probably at least inform his dam of his plans before scampering off.

He had never been as close to her as Ajax had been, and Viral's early attempts to draw the colt in had been rebuffed as well, leaving the dark colt a largely silent watcher of the festivities in Serpent's Province. He had listened to Viral's fighting lessons until he grew bored with the repetitions others required, but did not return to his dam's side, preferring instead to wander about alone under the guise of spending time with their sire. He wouldn't put it past his mother to know the truth, but she hadn't stopped him from his solitary wanderings and they coexisted in a distant sort of relationship in direct contrast to the way Ajax regarded her.

Coolly the graying black regards his chestnut brother as he stands, rebuked, at the back of the tiny clearing that Katina had chosen. A smirk flashes on his lips momentarily as he saunters close enough that he can be a step ahead of Ajax without pushing on Katina's personal bubble. He knew better without having to be told and nimbly avoided any teeth shown his way. Once he was settled, his head dipped subtly in greeting to his mother, noting that she looked in good head before allowing his brown gaze to slip over the slender filly at her side. She was of similar coloration to himself, although she had their sire's type of crooked blaze and an absurd white patch on her shoulder. Despite this, she seemed healthy enough and didn't seem overly timid. For the first time in perhaps his entire life, he feels somewhat... protective of her. It is unlike the way he feels for any of Viral's other children and certainly different from the annoyance he mostly feels for Ajax. A spark of something else, similar to desire but not as strong, also flared in his blood. Not at his baby sister, nor for his mother, but for the continuation of a legacy that they represented. The concrete proof that he had existed on this planet.

Pushing these thoughts away he looks back to Katina, his voice reserved but not cool. "Mother, congratulations. I'm sure Viral will be pleased."

There is a dryness to his tone when he speaks of his father, who seems to have yet remained oblivious to his son's coming of age. "What have you named her?"

For a moment his gaze drops to his baby sister again as he contemplates how she will turn out, if the absence of his brother and influence of his mother will turn her into a strong leader, or a dud like Solstice. He rarely thinks of his older sister, and Orion only when the thought of allies surfaces, but regards both as failures that are a direct discredit to the power that Katina had once wielded if the stories were true. She may not hold anything but children's manes now, but at one point she had nearly been the undermining of Viral.

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The stern mare observed as one of her twins shrank away from her. Perhaps somewhere, deep down, she felt a little regret. She had more or less ignored Ajax for most of his short life, save for when she returned home with him and Elijah to present them to their sire. When both she and Viral realised that his brother had more potential out of the two, the chestnut colt had been shoved to the background. And as she surveyed him now, he could have been somewhat decent. He was no power, nothing like his father or his grandfathers, but had she given him some of her attention he might have turned out better than he had. Never the less, Katina had more things to focus on other than another failed son; like her new filly by her side. If both Orion and Ajax were useless, she was determined to not let Victoria turn out the same way as Solstice.

Ajax remained at the back of the clearing, his vivid tail between his hindlegs like a wolf that has recently been scolded by its Alpha. He was the first to notice his twin approaching, and his ears prick up hopefully as the grey approached, but he made no move towards Elijah. He had just learned that lesson. His brother is easily more impressive than him, being solidly built with muscle from his training with their sire, and with his iron grey coat and blue eyes; he was quite distinctive. However, as Eli does not spring to his side like he might have done when they were much younger, the chestnut visibly wilts again, glancing between Eli’s grey rump and Katina, who was still facing him head on. The mare is half surprised that her son was still in the Province, the twins were now three years old. She didn’t expect Ajax to leave for a while, unless his brother did.

The pale mare regarded her son, before tipping her head ever so slightly. Although he is a full grown, impressive stallion; she will still be a mare he would have to respect, and hopefully the only one. Katina had hope for Elijah, having regarded her other two sons to be disappointments; Orion along with his father. He had publicly embarrassed them all, and was the reason she was here. Ajax was harmless, but useless at the same time. She remained silent, feeling his gaze leave her to his full sister, who also kept quiet; following lead from her dam. The dove grey female stared back up at her brother, and as he turned back to her mother; she assumed he was not their sire. Katina was in no rush to find Viral, he had plenty of time to inspect Victoria. She might not be seeing Elijah for a while, and was glad to have his presence.

“Her name is Victoria.” She said, semi-ignoring his small talk. Viral would be pleased, the filly had no defects, and he had heirs to spare. Another filly wouldn’t be an issue, particularly after Katina had provided him with two sons prior to Victoria. “I didn’t think you’d be lingering here.” She said, her tone even. She hadn’t been a big part in his life, but it would be interesting to see how Elijah planned to spend his new, independent days.
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in these cages we call walls ~
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