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Topic Started: Apr 12 2012, 01:27 PM (358 Views)
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For a long time it has been worldwide known that the great beast has gone mad. Confined to his private island, the Wyvern has endured restless nights of sleep, alongside other curious behaviour. The dragon has recently taken to eating vegetation as well as meat, which has gravely messed with his digestion system; and the dragon-like creature has lost a considerable amount of weight. Scales are missing from his vast frame where he has pulled them out, and the Wyvern convulses for no apparent reason. Such are the most noticeable traits of the great beast’s madness, but inside his once sharp mind, Kestrel’s thoughts have widely deviated. His own army he has turned against, for in the dragon’s mind, no equine could be trusted. A single group of herbivores had dominated the entire planet somehow, and alliances alike; they were all as bad as each other.

The Wyvern emerged from his cave, his angular head snaking away from prime’s light. Overcome in a fit of fury, the great creature tottered on his powerful hindlegs, releasing a bloodcurdling shriek of such great volume that the southern shores of the Offland would have been able to hear. A number of clicks could be heard as two giant wings unfolded either side of the beast and Kestrel propelled himself into the air, so high that his mountainous home was a mere speck to his fiery eye. He was a lot lighter than he had once been, meaning the currents could glide him a little further than they had been, but he had also lost a lot of power in his wings, meaning he wouldn’t be able to fly as long distances as he had once been able to. The Wyvern dived down at a great speed, another roar propelling from his mighty jaws, descending on the very tip of the Southern Mainland. Flying low along the Western Bank fire erupted from his maw, setting trees and scrubland alight. Feeling the satisfying warmth on his belly, he flew northwards, setting the land ablaze. The forgotten lands are not left out either. From the Northern Mainland it almost appears as if the skies are ablaze as the Graceland is left to burn, meaning both it and Bloomland will not be inhabitable for the foreseeable future.

Fires spread all the way across both Mainlands. Any equines on the Eastern side may have a maximum of two hours to get out of heavily wooded areas. The safest places are on higher ground, or indeed the sea. But Kestrel is not done. Leaving the smoking Mainlands behind him, he bears East in the direction of the Offland. This would be a bad time for the Wyvern’s several conditions to set in. As his legs begin to shake, he desperately dives for the safety of the ground. However, the Offland’s mountainous topography is unforgiving. The dragon hits several mountain tops as he plummets down, which will cause several landslides and rockslides in respective lands. His downfall is as Kestrel hits the steep side of Imperial Point in the chest, causing him to veer off to the north, severely wounded and extremely angry. With a wild scream he crashes down, narrowly missing the right tower in Weeping Towers before he finally crashes into the sea. The very impact of such a large mass hitting a shallow spot in the ocean, causes a tsunami like effect. Thankfully for the residents of the Tranceland, the way Kestrel hit the sea means they will not feel any impact of the large wave. However, those in the Marredland, Loftlands, Desolands and Scantland must get to high ground before the waves impact, in the space of thirty minutes. Most equines may be swept to the other side of their continents if they do not reach high ground, but the currents will sweep away the young and the elderly if they cannot reach safety.

Unaware of this, Kestrel thrashes around in the sea. His unresponsive legs make it hard for him to swim to the surface, but eventually the Wyvern breaks the surface and drinks in the air. His breathing comes in rasps as he heads for the nearest land – the Tranceland. His wings feel bruised, and the beast has no energy to fly. He claws at the ground, causing large parts of the scrubland to tear from the ground, before he heaves himself onto the land. Disorientated, enraged and half blinded by his pain, Kestrel rampages through the Tranceland; causing the ground beneath him to shake considerably and to be felt by all. Equines here should seek shelter, for if any were to cross his path, Kestrel would surely kill them. The great creature reaches the other side of the Tranceland before sinking into the water, making his way to the deserted Trenchland to rest, before he can return home.

NOTE – This affects everyone on Kormada except for non-equines. In your lands you must post a reaction to this catastrophe, it will be counted as a sort of activity check. A lot of people are not posting in lands but are deemed as “active” because the player is active. Unless you have posted in the absence board, you must respond to this. Do as you wish, but remember, your characters are not God. Prepare for burns, injuries and trauma. If herds have not responded to this by the end of the next breeding season, more trouble awaits you.
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in these cages we call walls ~
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