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Seemann; Herd Topic
Topic Started: Mar 2 2012, 02:22 PM (228 Views)
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Oskar and Morraine

Oskar stood amongst the thickets of his forest and bubbling spring dotted home. He shifted rather restlessly from one back hoof to the other in a small twinge of nervous habit. He was still without mares and without known children and he was not getting younger. He knew that Blaine had children and tension had suddenly soured between the brothers. Mainly because Blaine had this habit from when they were little colts to rub achievements in Oskar's face. But maybe the dunlino should have been the one to take over the Border Springs. He knew that Caradoc had felt awful about abandoning his dam and little sister, leaving him to take care of them both, as Blaine and their sire gallivanted upon their little planet's face.

The buttermilk buckskin stallion is lost in thought and does not notice his half blind dam approach him. She is rather heavily pregnant with yet another sibling. She studies her troubled son and gently settles close to him, but positions herself so she can watch him for a moment before her voice draws his attention to her.

"Is everything alright Oskar?"

Oskar snaps out of his train of thoughts that had since wandered to the prospect of a child he will never meet and one of the last fights he had with Blaine. His dark eyes fall upon his mother's pale form and her more chocolate hued color hair. Her mismatched gaze watches him with a gentle understanding, which he is grateful for. He moves and nuzzles his mother's shoulder in an affectionate greeting. It is strange to see her without Idril by her side. His palomino sister would be in the process of starting to lighten now for the upcoming summer months when she was a slightly more yellow shade as their pale dam.

"I am waiting for dad to get here to discuss something. I take it Idril has left, mother?"

Morraine gently nodded her head in agreement. It was strange to have a daughter finally be of age. She had given Idril permission to leave and hoped the youngster had bid her sire farewell as well. Morraine looked over Oskar once more.

"I am sure everything will work out, Oskar. It is not easy being head of your own herd."

She did not have the time to continue since approaching hoovefalls brought both equines out of their discussion.
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Idril was gone, and he missed his eldest resident daughter already. The thought causes the bay to wonder how the two daughters he'd sired with the rogue mare Gwen were doing. She'd taken them with her, and he'd had no word of them even after he and Blaine had returned. It was likely they were rogues themselves, so perhaps they'd find themselves wanting to return for visits? One can only hope so. As for Idril, he'd missed so much of her life already, and now she was grown up and out on her own, seeking her future in the homeless lands. Caradoc had offered her his blessing, hoping that no dark stallions would come her way. And then he'd been occupied with keeping Evelina from trying to chase after her beloved older sister, not wanting her to be gone. After he'd managed to divert her with a brief game of tag, the little filly had decided she wanted a nap, and had bounded off to her favorite sheltered spot for just that purpose. Now the stallion walks by himself to the main meeting area, seeking out what else remained of their family.

There they were, close to one of the wooded thickets...his mate and their younger son. He brushes his muzzle gently against Morraine's widened barrel, wondering what gender this one would turn out to be. Their fifth, this was. Perhaps it was time to stop asking her to be going through this for him, season after breeding season. Even though the Vanner was willing, it wasn't fair to her. She was much more to Caradoc than just a fruitful womb, and neither of them were as young as they used to be. He nibbles her mane for a moment in loving greeting, then turns to Oskar. He nods to his son, head lowering in respect to the younger stallion. It feels inappropriate, somehow, to offer a physical touching-type greeting to the buttermilk male, when Caradoc could still sense an underlying tension between them that he honestly had no idea on how to clear up beyond the apologies and actions he'd already undertaken. "Glad to see that spring finally came, it can get so cold here can't it? How are the both of you? "
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Both equines watch the familiar bay form of Caradoc break through the tree line. Naturally he approaches Morraine first, allowing himself to shower affection onto the half blind Vanner mare. Morraine smiles gently as he nuzzles her swollen tummy and then raises his head to gently nip at her long tasseled chocolate and ivory frosted mane out of love. Morraine gently gives him a playful nip on his rump as he passes by her to greet Oskar. Such a cheeky couple. So in love, but Morraine watches as Oskar gently returns his sire's polite respectful greeting. Morraine has a certain mare instinct that her son has something to discuss only with Caradoc. Gently, Morraine dismisses herself from the only two stallions in her life currently, and briefly wonders how Blaine is faring away from home.

"I will leave you two alone. I am going to find Evelina before she tries and wanders off to chase after Idril again."

She wanders back to the stallions and nuzzles both in order in an affectionate farewell. Hopefully, the father and son pair will work out their differences or whatever Oskar seems to want to discuss. With goodbyes said and done, the pale Vanner wanders off in search for her last daughter still in the Springs.

Oskar watches the retreating form of Morraine disappear once more into the tree line, leaving him alone with his bay sire. He feels a bit uneasy, knowing he keeps holding his sire accountable for abandoning his dam and now grown sister Idril. He does not mean to, but that is what most of his childhood had consist of, at least the childhood he was old enough to remember.

"Dad, I have something I would like to discuss."

But before the discussion could be continued the sound of unfamiliar footfalls and an unfamiliar scent gently fluttered into the clearing on a gentle rustles coattails. Oskar froze with ears pointed forward toward the sound and scent and went to make a move toward the approaching intruder, glad his dam left the opposite way in case the intruder was not friendly.
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The mare cursed herself for her earlier antics. She couldn’t help being in heat, or being lively as a result, but she had been frolicking around like a harebrained filly. Though not as adept as her dam, she knew a bit about wounds and had travelled extensively ever since she was a foal. She knew the sprain would heal in its own time, though she was also well aware that it could heal much quicker than that.

It was lucky that she had been in the Scantlands at the time; though not a Rogue like her dam, Akanti had taken to roaming for a number of seasons now. At the age of three, she’d chosen the neutral alliance, and was well aware that it gave her the freedom to convert if she so wished. But four years later and the mare had neither converted nor settled down. Once, a couple of years back, the pale champagne maiden had visited the lands of the Homeless. Half a day was more than enough for the mare to gain a dislike for the putrid place and she had assured herself that she didn’t need the Homeless isle in order to find a herd.

Her ventures had taken the mare to many places, though she was usually conceived to be a Rogue which appeared to make most stallions uncomfortable. So she moved on, and kept moving on, which hadn’t been her intention. Pale strands flicked around the mare’s golden haunches as she limped onwards. She had heard of this land’s frigid springs, said to aid healing ... and even if they didn’t, the cold would help stop her fetlock from swelling up to an intolerable size. Experience of a stallion’s territorial instinct kept the intruding mare within a hundred meters or so of the boarder, allowing her to leave with relative ease if she needed to.

(ooc: if you don't want her just here yet, let me know & i can delete my post)
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Caradoc watches Morraine leave with a concerned feeling beginning to grow in his chest, thinking it odd that she'd leave so quickly. It was likely the Vanner would have difficulty locating Evelina's hiding spot, unless she happened to have found the little one tucked away in said spot before....but the land was only so big, after all. The filly would be found eventually. Morraine had indicated with her tone, however, that she had a secondary reason for going off, and no doubt over the situation is left at all when Oskar says he has something to talk about with his sire. The older stallion nods expectantly, before he also becomes aware of the approaching equine. The bay follows after his son, standing next to him to confront whoever the stranger was. When he sees that it's a mare, he blinks with momentary startlement. Mares didn't tend to come unescorted to the herd lands, not unless they were related to the stallion or she was a new addition, in which case the stallion she'd chosen escorted her to his realm. There was always the exception of a rogue mare making an appearance, but again, it had been years since one of those had been in the Border Springs. Caradoc takes a half step back after this revelation, letting his son make the first move towards their visitor, but staying close enough that if Oskar needed any sort of support, he could offer it. He looks the golden mare over curiously, and wonders if it's just his vision going, or if she is actually favoring one of her limbs. Perhaps she'd come for help? He didn't know if too many horses knowing about the Springs' curative abilities was a good thing; it might draw greedy eyes. But, if she needed help for an injured leg, it wasn't likely she'd be turned away. "Hello, miss. "
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