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Family Gathering; Herd Meeting
Topic Started: Jan 28 2012, 09:04 AM (250 Views)
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Oskar, Morraine, and Idril

The pale second son realizes that he has been absent from his family for too long. He had been out wandering the homeless lands looking for mares with little luck. He did not realize that the end of autumn and onset of winter was when most mares hid from the up coming onslaught of blizzards and snow by either finding homes or migrating to warmer climates until winter passes. The thin blanket of snow clutches to Oskar's medium feathering as he walks toward a more sheltered section of their beloved heated spring home. He decided everyone should be together since it would be easier to keep tabs on his family and make sure they were well protected.

He finally reaches his destination in a dense tree thicket that allows for the howling wind to mainly be heard more than felt upon his shaggy form. Feeling this is a suitable place, he releases a shrill beckoning whinny to the howling wind to carry over the Border Springs to draw his family to him.

It is not long, before the pale form of his mother and her more brown hued dark hair break through the white blanketed land. She is joined by Evelina, the baby sister and Idril's dark milk chocolate golden color is not far behind. He smiles and extends muzzles to each of the favorite three mares in his life. He knew there was a chance he, himself has a daughter out somewhere in Kormada, however, he does not know if his random fling is a little colt or a little filly since the dam is rogue. Of course, he has yet to mention any such things to his family. If he does not know, why should the rest of his family. Plus, if Blaine was still around, he was sure he would never hear the end of it from the dunalino. His mother was content with keeping Evelina to her side, to keep the little one warm with her larger frame and naturally Idril helped by gently sandwhiching the young filly between them to keep warm. He stood to a slight distance with ears forward listening for the hoof falls of his sire, and possible brother. Would they join them, or had they left on some other wild adventure?
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Caradoc had been wistfully eying one of the hot springs when he heard his son calling out, wishing he dared use it against the winter weather. But, were he to do so, his bay coat would be soaking wet afterwards, it would probably become frozen, and he'd be courting pneumonia, hypothermia, or some other unpleasant way of getting sick. Best not to risk it, no matter how inviting the steam rising off of the spring looked. Turning his head away, he sets off to find Oskar's location, bracing himself against the wind's bite. It takes the stallion a bit of searching, due to the secludedness of the thicket, but this must be it, for he can sense other horses within. This had been a good choice of his son, to gather the family in whatever warmth still lingered in the region this time of year. Blaine was not present, nor his mate and foal, so the elder of his two sons must have moved to another land. Well, he had spoken of seeking out a beta position, hadn't he? Caradoc shakes his head briefly before turning his attention to the family that is gathered. He brushes his muzzle against Morraine's, lips playfully at Evelina. He turns then to Idril, unsure if she will welcome his touch or not, then decides to risk it and touches his nose briefly to her shoulder, murmuring a greeting to each female in turn. He turns at last to Oskar, lowering his head in a show of respect. It still felt a little odd to be responding to a summons instead of being the one calling for it, but he has confidence that their family's future will be secure with things as they are now.
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-is a fail- Makes new thread
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