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to nervous to make love, so i make hate;; closed; morraine+co only
Topic Started: Jun 9 2011, 05:38 PM (240 Views)
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OOC-i have little muse. <3 sorry.


Hope's Marsh is his; Reno is officially free.

As the dark golden buckskin moves through an unfamiliar territory, strong body carrying him on the path from Crystal Barrier to his new home. As he travels, his blue gaze carefully examines his surroundings.

It is nighttime, and Reno is tired; his travels have brought him to rest into a new location, the male stopped in the middle of a relatively simple open field. It is with a heavy sigh that Reno relaxes into a position that would allow him to sleep for the night. It doesn't concern him that there are still residual scents of former inhabitants; they are so old he feels no one lives here anymore, Not to mention, all those he can pick up are mainly that of the female variety.

Not that Reno has ever been one to avoid confrontation; if the local stallion does not appreciate a foreign individual, and takes violently to it, the Buckskin will deal with that appropriately.

But again, he is almost positive that no male is here.

So he settles for a rest, hind leg cocking back and neck lowering; his eyes slip closed and his breathing evens out. With a sigh, Reno allows sleep to overcome him.

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we are not things; those were her words!
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Morraine, Idril, and Oskar

Night has fallen over Border Springs, but the last of these lands residents are not asleep. Morraine and her newest daughter were off in a lone field grazing. Oskar, the older Gypsy hybrid colt was gently exploring the land, making sure there was no intruders into his home land. He might not be of age to claim, but he would willing try and work out a deal with any stallion intruders. He was a pale color very similar to his mother, but he had more of a buckskin twinge then that of a dark haired cream. He was built similar to Morraine, but he did have a more slender taint to his draft like build. Oskar missed his father and Blaine, but he had to be the big man now. He needed to protect his little sister and his mother. No one was going to hurt them.

The buttermilk buckskin colt is not far from his mother and his darker palomino like sister. He keeps to the tree line briefly before crossing a noticible distance from his mother and sister. His nostrils are flaired as an unknown male scent fills his nostrils in this area. He races away to fetch his mother and within a handful of moments the trio appears back into the area where the scent is the most noticible. Idril, in her darker shade of a chocolate palomino look was starting to become afraid that some scary monster would harm what was left of her family. She only knew of her sire through the memories of her brother and mother, she had never met him or her older brother, Blaine.

Morraine walked ahead of her two children. Oskar keeping his little sister company, as he tried to calm her down. Gently, Morraine traced the scent to a sleeping stallion. She kept her good eye on him, as her mismatched gaze scanned the handsome intruder. Gently, she lowered her pale muzzle to the stallion's painted shoulder and nudged gently, attempting to wake the sleeping stallion. She then pulled back and waited.
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