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What goes around; Comes around
Topic Started: Nov 29 2010, 09:59 AM (518 Views)
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We have nothing to fear but human stupidity and the squirrels.
The grulla mare was tired of roaming. For the the last four years of her life she had more or less wandered. In that time she had gained and lost so much. She was ready to settle down and live the life of a happy herd mare. But she was afraid of going to the Homeless Grounds. She had been there once when she was quite young at her mothers hip. It was shortly after he father disappeared. She was taken from everything she had loved. Her half-brother, her father and even the other mare in the herd was more like and aunt since her mother had been so fond of her. Sighing. She kept thinking back at her early life. She had spent most of her first two years being ill all the time. Her mother had resented her for it. So when she found a new stallion to birth healthy foals too she had been forgotten.

Life moved on. She had seen so many exotic places in her travels. But she would never forget the love of her life. They only knew each other a short time. But she would never forget him. She had been happy to give him his only child a handsome son. After his death Zelda had spent some time living among a large herd with a kind leader. When her son was old enough to fend for himself she took up wandering again. She now had found herself in familiar places. She had visited the place where she had briefly reunited with her father and brother...after her little blackout. She smiled lightly at the thought. She missed them both dearly. She didn't know if her father was alive. But she had heard rumors that her brother was now the proud owner of a land. She had to find him.

She paused at the border of the territory. She had been told this was where he lived. Sighing she wondered how he would react to see her. How would his mares react? Her nostrils flared taking in the various scents. A few feminine and young scents came ot her. He had foals. She smiled as she walked in a little further. The grulla mare soon spotted her handsome brother with a mare. The poor mare appeared injured. She wondered if now was a good time to intrude. Caradoc woudl be preoccupied with her. Well, she was already here. She walked slowly towards the duo. Looking around for other equines she hoped they wouldn't be hostile. Her ears surged forward as she listened to the mare speak. A wolf..there was wolf nearby. She looked behind her real quick. Looking forward she stopped a few feet away from her brother and the other mare. "Caradoc....its been oh so long. Sorry to intrude at such a bad time." She looked at the mare with concern etched all over her dark colored face. But she didn't say anything. She backed up a little bit and woudl wait for a response from either equine.
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