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What goes around; Comes around
Topic Started: Nov 29 2010, 09:59 AM (517 Views)
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It had been a pleasant day so far for Caradoc. He had spent the morning being drowsy, watching his two young sons playing together, and challenging Morraine to a short race, the impulse for which having been triggered by watching the colts' show of energy. It had seemed to set off something in the stallion's brain, some kind of excitement or perhaps a wish to show that he wasn't all that old himself, as stallions went. The bay had kept in mind though how the Vanner had recently given birth, and kept the pace down from the wild gallop he might otherwise have taken up.

Shortly after that, however, he'd decided to patrol his borderlines, part of his daily routine even with a diminished herd. And in the course of that, he'd soon come across a horse he hadn't expected to see again. Especially since he had once gone to visit her in the land she was temporarily residing in, and the only one who had noticed Caradoc's presence was the dark aligned stallion she had taken up with, who had permitted Caradoc entry, but only barely. Not that Caradoc could blame Viral, he'd be tense too if a stallion wandered in to see one of his mares, childhood friendship or no.

But it had come to naught, and he'd left without a word spoken to or from Tessa, and he'd rather put her out of mind in the daily business of herd life. How the rogue had come to be in Border Springs, he has no idea. His eyes quickly take in her three legged stance, and his jaw quickly opens and shuts in surprise. "Tessa? What happened to your leg? Were you attacked? " His head turns, looking to see how close the nearest healing spring would be, and he tries to usher her towards it. If the waters here had healed his father from the grave injuries he had suffered so long ago from the cougar attack, they could surely help the condition of Cortessa's leg wound.

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Cortessa explains the source of her injury, a wolven attack, and the stallion feels more than a touch of concern for his small family, especially for little Oskar, who would be easy prey for any lupine. He lifts his head up to sniff at the air, and only when he realizes that the air is clear of any threatening scents does he relax again. Hoping that the waters of the Springs will at least take help to take pressure off the Rogue's swollen limb, he slowly continues to guide her towards the water, but a new voice stops him in his tracks.

With a quick but gentle nudge to Tessa's shoulder to indicate that she should keep going if she is able, Caradoc turns to see who else has come to see him. Once again, his jaw drops open. It was becoming a routine thing, this act of surprise. Oh....could it really be his little sister, whom they'd all worried about so much when she was a filly, when she'd been so ill with Pneumonia? Zelda! She looked so healthy now, all grown and a beautiful young mare. "Zelda, it's not a problem, don't be silly. Do you know how glad I am to see you again? " Recalling his other guest, he moves his muzzle towards her in a pointing gesture. "Do either of you remember each other? Zelda, this is Cortessa, she and her mother guested with Father's herd for a short while when we were all foals.....Tessa, this is my sister Zelda. "
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