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The Kormadian Rulebook; --> Know it!
Topic Started: Jan 31 2010, 08:25 PM (2,467 Views)
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"She has duct tape and chloroform and a map to your house in the back seat of her car. I thought that was a bit strange..."
Joining Equines:

  • Stats MUST consist of: Name, Age, Gender, Breed, Height, Appearance, Alliance, Persona, and Brief History.
  • Horses may not be joined pregnant, with foal, or younger than 3 years of age.
  • Alliances are: Light, Neutral, Dark, and Rogue. Lights support Kestrel, Darks are against Kestrel, Neutral's try to stay out of the fray, and Rogues have no alliance and cannot claim land or be claimed.

Joining Non-Equines:

  • Name of Character
  • Species Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Height (in feet/inches or hands)
  • Appearance (Be descriptive! After all there has never been a creature like this before!)
  • Alliance (Light/Dark/Neutral/Rogue)
  • Brief History
  • Personality
  • Do others have permission to create a character of this species? (yes/no)

Non-equines cannot be too similar to any real animals, aka, no wolves or horses with wings--if you want to create something in the image of a real animal, there has to be a LOT more variation than a pair of wings. Give them horns or weird feet or a lion's tail, etc. They cannot have any sort of power (i.e. no heat vision!) This is not a fantasy character creation--these are supposed to be actual wildlife that could live on another planet, and unfortunately, I don't know of any species anywhere that has heat vision!


  • Foul language is acceptable, but please keep it to a minimum. This will challenge you to have your characters insult each other in a more inventive way. Also, please remember there are younger children on this forum.
  • Four months is one Kormadian year--this means that every four months your horse ages, and every one month is a season. Seasons change on the 24th of each month.
  • Only stallions can claim land, and only one land per stallion. Lights may not claim any lands specified only for Darks, and vice versa. Any land which does not say, 'Only Lights can claim here," or "Only Darks can claim here," may be claimed by either side. Neutrals can claim any land. Rogues may not claim land. Lands will be considered abandoned after 30 days of inactivity in that specific land.
  • When posting, terms like 'daggers,' 'knives,' 'talons,' 'blades,' 'apex,' 'zenith,' and 'orbs,' etc. should NOT be used. This is not an actual rule, but a suggestion. For one thing, it makes your post near impossible to understand, and it makes you look like you have serious mind issues. Come on people--horses do NOT have talons! If you want to go on some other board and talk about how the horse raised his apex and attacked another horse with his talons, that's fine. But please, not here.
  • Respect everyone! Bullying in any way will NOT be tolerated and will result in suspension or banning of your account.
  • Challenge yourself to post well, and challenge yourself to post long. I personally hate it when I type up three paragraphs and get a response of three sentences. Give what you get, in other words.
  • SPELL CHECK. Google Chrome and Safari have built-in spell checkers, or you can try a standard word processor.
  • Stallions may not claim a mare until they have claimed a land.
  • To claim a mare, a stallion may go to the HOMELESS board to find a mare or mares he would like to claim. He must then post in the CLAIM MARES board stating that he has claimed her, but only after the mare agrees. If she does not agree, the dispute may be carried out in the BATTLE GROUNDS board. If a stallion wishes to steal a mare, this must also be carried out in the BATTLE GROUNDS board. A moderator will decide based on the fight whether or not a stallion has succeeded. A stallion may claim a mare of his own alliance only. I.E. a Light stallion may claim either a Light or Neutral mare--not a Dark mare--and vice versa. Rogue mares may ONLY be claimed after agreeing to convert to a Light, Neutral or Dark alliance.
  • Rogues may not claim land, or be claimed by stallions. They are wanderers only.
  • Mares may not leave a stallion without their permission, or unless the territory she lives in has been inactive for 30 days.
  • Posting away: It is always courteous to post on the Vacation board if you know that you will be away for some time . In doing so your characters will have immunity to challenges for the time you are away (up to 30 days). A player may not post away indefinitely and still have immunity to challenges. It is always best to include the dates you plan to be away in your away post if possible.
The Joining password is: GoldenPrize. (Period is not included, and password is CASE sensitive.)


  • Mares must be 3 years or older to breed.
  • Graphic breeding is not permitted.
  • Mares may not breed again for at least 90 days. MODERATORS: Please keep track of this!
  • Breeding stats required are: Your character's joining stats. In other words, just copy and paste your joining post in the Conceive forum. If you are missing stats, you will not receive foal stats.
  • Next Generation characters (foals that were born on Kormada and not joined through the joining forum) must add a link to their own foal stats when breeding.
  • Mares must list all of their previous foals with links to the foal stats.
  • Mares must carry their foal for three days before they can report to the Foaling Quarry to birth their foal. Posting before this time will result in a stillborn.
  • Birthing is to be non-graphic, and stallions are not allowed in the quarry unless specifically invited by their mare.
  • Mares may NOT be forcibly bred. No exceptions.

Scarmakers: These are shadowy, shape-shifting demons which roam the lands of Kormada wreaking havoc upon herds and individuals alike. They are apparitions, unable to be destroyed, but able to destroy anything they please. They take the form of whatever pleases them at the time, be it that of an equine, or some monstrous beast never identified, or a silent mist hanging in the air. They control anything from the weather, to the earth itself, to the inhabitants of the planet. (Note that this does not mean they control your character--for instance, they cannot make your character attack others--they only control creatures and things that are not played by other people--i.e. the weather, and moon monsters). Who they are, and where they came from is unknown. It appears that with the asteroid's destruction of Omicron, these creatures arose from the ashes.

Rules for Scarmakers, and their Victims

  • Scarmakers MAY NOT kill characters unless permission is given by the character's player. Injuries, however, are allowed.
  • Scarmakers MAY NOT give away their identities.
  • Scarmakers MAY NOT interfere with fights taking place in the battle grounds, or events in the breeding/rogue/foaling grounds. They may only 'interrupt'--no attacks are permitted here.
  • Scarmakers themselves may attack others, if they do not wish to wreak havoc via weather or predators.
  • Scarmakers MAY NOT repeatedly attack one particular herd or individual. This means the SAME Scarmaker--if two different Scarmakers attack the same herd or individual, it IS permitted.
  • Victims MUST go along with the attacks. No 'Superhorses.' Of course, if there is a real disagreement between the attacker and the attackee, you may message an admin or moderator, and they will decide what happens. Remember, attacks are not unlimited--myself and the board Moderators will keep an eye on the attacks made by the Scarmakers, and if any injustices are seen, we will take the appropriate action.


Fighting rules are listed in the Battle Grounds.


  • Sempiternals are a method by which any player may, in short, "resurrect" a character they had killed off in the past. Sempiternals may not be played without an admin or moderator's permission. Simply contact one of us and we will review your request and accept or deny it.
  • Sempiternals are considered an evil of the world in that their sole purpose is to wreak havoc, considering they really can't do much else. They may not breed, be claimed, or claim lands. They cannot physically attack mortal equines, as they are essentially ghosts. They can, however, serve as a mortal individual's constant annoyance, and can drive others away by way of words and threats.

Plot Specific Rules for Resurrections

  • Players with characters who call themselves Lights are permitted to bring back a total of (2) characters that this player has killed off. These resurrected characters must have some sort of relationship to one of that player's existing Light characters, whether by blood, friendship, or perhaps even through stories handed down through generations of characters.
  • Characters created by other players may be resurrected only with the original creator's permission. These are not Sempiternals, but full blown characters that are able to claim, be claimed, battle and breed. They have all the same rights as currently living characters.
  • Even though only Lights are allowed to bring a character back, the alliance of the resurrected character does not have to be Light. Obviously, Kestrel would prefer they are, but this is not required. Be prepared, however, for if your Light resurrects a Dark, Kestrel may not take so kindly to it. Your Light's life may be at risk in doing so.
  • Requests to bring back the characters must be posted in Kestrel's Keep along with the original joining stats of the character.

Gaining Points for Your Alliance

  • Alliance points are obtained by battling.
  • For a Dark vs. Dark or Light vs. Light battle, the combined scores of the combatents PLUS 5 POINTS will be added to the overall alliance points for the appropriate alliance.
  • For a Dark vs. Light battle, the combined scores PLUS 10 POINTS will be added to the WINNING combatent's alliance.
  • Neutrals' battle points do not count towards either alliance.
  • Rhuid and Non-Equine battle points can be donated to either alliance or stolen from either alliance's point bank. These characters must post their intentions to donate or steal points following the moderator's score post. Stolen points cannot then be donated, just stolen, so choose wisely.
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