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Welcome to James Scott Fans Online; A fansite built by fans for ALL James fans.

JSFO is about James Scott. Anything having to do with him in regards to his acting career has a place here. None of this can be ignored when it comes to running a fansite about an individual actor.

We welcome all opinions. Differences of opinion are welcomed and encouraged since that leads to thought provoking debates. Here you are welcome to like EJ with anyone you please. You are welcome to speak freely as long as you follow the rules.

1. Discussion of James' personal life is not permitted (includes rumors). Please be respectful of James and do not bash him.
2. Do not bash members of this board.
3. Please respect other members and their the opinions. Please stay on topic in threads.
4. Do not bait other members with the intent to start trouble.
5. No talking about other fanbases (not the characters pairing(s)) or their members. Fanbase wars are not welcome here.
6. If you have an issue with a character, storyline, couple, etc. you need to vent about please use the rant forum.
7. Hate threads in the general area are not allowed but are allowed in the rant forum.
8. You may critique Actor’s/Director’s/Writer’s but please do not bash or talk about their personal lives (includes rumors). Please don't bring actor(s) personal lives into discussions.
9. Language is not censored. 
10. Respect the privacy of other members. Do not post personal information. 
11. No trolling or Spamming.
12. No advertising a site where you're selling something to gain a profit. Joining for the sole purpose to do this is and will be considered trolling/spamming. You will be banned automatically, no questions asked.
13. Please don't take anyone's artwork without their permission.
14. If you do not understand a decision made by a staff member do not question it publicly. 
15. Harassing members using the PM system will not be tolerated. 

Signature/Banner Rules: Banners can be no larger than 650x200. Only two banners are allowed in signatures. Several banners in a banner rotation are allowed. If you use someone's artwork please credit them. Thanks!
Banning and Warnings: Warnings/Bans will be issued as needed.
Rant forum Rules: Rant forums have their own set of rules. Please see Rant Forum Rules/PW Requests.

Board rules apply to both shout boxes and chat.

The Shout Box now has a few additional rules added.

By participating on this discussion board, members agree to abide by these rules.

If any of these rules are broken the staff reserves the right to decide what actions will be taken. Decisions will be made on an individual basis.

JSFO Staff

Rules will be updated/changed as needed when situations arise.

Copyright/Fair use/Disclaimer: All pictures and clips belong to their respective owners, no copyright infringement intended. This is a fan site only, no profit is being gained. Discussions at this board are the opinions of the individuals who post them, and do not represent the opinion(s) of JSFansOnline. JSFansOnline is neutral when it comes to who EJ/JS is paired with on the Days.

This site is NOT associated with James Scott, NBC, Days of Our Lives, or Sony. This is a fansite only.

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Quote from James

And as always my words to the fans are ‘thank you.’ As enthusiastic about it as these people are about my character on the show really touches me. And I think I’m very privileged to have people who are always supportive of my work.
About.com interview, 2/19/09

Black Water created by tiptopolive of IDS

Disclaimer: This site is NOT associated with James Scott, NBC, Days of Our Lives, or Sony. This is a fansite only.