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Welcome to Nthea, travelers! A world where anything is possible! But with places such as this, there are always dangers lurking in the shadows.
Come and join the fun, where you can attend the Noble Heart Academy, or go off and do your own thing. Or even help the coming evil by ravaging the lands.
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The School Year Has Begun...:
The school continues on with its year, nobles and royalty from all over are coming here to learn etiquette and how to rule over their kingdoms or family land. Summer has approached in Balief where the academy resides, so few nobles have left the academy to go join in the summer festivities of their homeland.

Hello members and guests! We have a few announcements here to make, first off; IK Reopens! After being closed for way too long, me and Luna have worked and brought IK back!
And we have a New Theme! I basically finished it, and just put it up last night. Let me know what you think.
We even got a new thing here, where you can help Build a Community, where you can make your own tavern or shop for In Character purposes, to give more depth to a character if they own a shop, then get your own forum for it.
There are also plenty of new forums! Welcome the Continents of Lebenna and Estahs!

That's all for now, but since we're getting back in action, plots will be started soon, where your characters can be a part of, and help the world either be destroyed, or saved.

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Seth Tertius; -Teacher-
Topic Started: Oct 3 2009, 04:53 PM (392 Views)
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Name: Seth Raphael Tertius
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Mage/Teacher
Alignment: Neutral Good or Chaotic Good, it depends on how serious he's being.


Height: 6'0"
Weight: 160 lbs.
Eyes: The color of Seth's eyes fluctuates with his mood and how much magic he happens to be using. For example, using no magic in a neutral mood renders blue eyes. Using magic will brighten them a hue or cause them to glow.
Hair: His hair is a very dark brown color, basically black. It runs just a bit past shoulder-length and is mostly straight; he tends to tie it in a ponytail near the end.

Description: Seth is relatively tall, for a teacher. He usually has on a smile or a calm look, and his ever-changing eyes tend to settle into either gold or blue. His skin is dark in the way that it has an olive tint to it, so that he seemingly always has at least a slight tan, even in the winter months. For clothing, he tends to prefer things that are loose and comfortable, normally robes or a cloak of some kind. Armor is something he completely abandons. His build is lean and, while not overtly muscular, he still retains plenty of tone that developed in his rambunctious teenage years.

Some Images
All credit to the great Ecthelian at deviantart.com!


+The smell after a rainshower
+Intelligent conversation
+Horribly raunchy conversation
+Certain women
+Certain men
+Kids before they learn how to be annoying
+Jokes and pranks

-Misused magic
-The ignorant
-Poorly played music
-Jokes that go too far
-Irritating kids
-People who don't listen when he talks

+Singing, learning how to play instruments
+Drinking with friends, but usually only a little
+Hitting on people, even if he doesn't actually like them
+Playing jokes

Description: Seth's personality can vary greatly, depending largely on how many people are around. In one-on-one situations, he is normally much calmer, though he retains his usual attitude. In group situations, he will usually step up to a leadership position, if unintentionally. He knows when to watch his behavior, such as what jokes he makes, though sometimes chooses not to. He is both introverted and extroverted: while he would be content sitting in his room and studying magic, he would also enjoy going out to a tavern with some friends (or even students).

When it comes down to the core, though, Seth is a person many would describe as genuinely kind, sincere, and reliable, if a bit odd from time to time in his words and actions. It is no secret that Seth enjoys the company of any and all types- so long as he finds a person likable, he would be willing to have relations with them. This, of course, generates more than enough gossip and rumors about his escapades.

Armor: He doesn't bother with it, claiming it's far too limiting to his movement and that a good shielding spell can be just as effective.

Weapons: The only 'weapon' Seth could even be said as carrying is a seemingly-ancient oak walking staff that he sometimes carries around, usually only if he knows he needs some form of physical protection. He claims that there's more to it than meets the eye, though what that means is unknown.

Water Gun
Level Two

Water Recall
Level One


Father: Joseph Tertius, a human commoner man that makes his living as a blacksmith. He is mildly disappointed that Seth has no interest for learning to wield a blade, nor does he exactly approve of his son's profession either. Aside from that, he has a reputation around town as trustworthy and reliable, despite what some claim is a forming drinking problem.
Mother: Maria Tertius, a human commoner woman who may or may not have some ancestral, magical bloodlines. She herself shows no arcane talents, but she often tells (when her heritage is questioned) of how her mother would claim it skipped every few generations. Maria is largely known around town as a kind and generous woman, albeit with an otherwise quiet demeanor.
Siblings: One younger brother, Gabriel, about six years old. He currently shows no talent for magic, though neither did Seth at that age... Around town, he's known as quite the rambunctious child, though nowhere nearly as bad as his older brother. There are rumors that he is actually not Seth's full brother due to his appearance, but a half brother born from an affair. His parents refuse to either accept or deny the rumors.
Other: Has family that lives in the Kingdom of the Hell, an aunt, uncle, and cousins.

Description: Seth hails from Balief, though his father and mother are both from the Kingdom of the Hell in actuality. They moved there before he was born because of unspoken circumstances. He enjoyed a calm childhood free from any major sorrows. They lived happily and in financial security, at least on the outside. His family was often the subject of hushed whispers and discreet glances, the strained marriage between his parents barely a secret.

There are many rumors floating around about how Seth had 'rough' teenage years, though very few details are certain. His parent's constant feuding was difficult on him, so he spent very little time at home. Events progressed in his life, and after the death of a very close friend, he largely relinquished much of his chaotic lifestyle. When he was just turning eighteen, his parents welcomed another son into the world, and their relationship is currently enjoying a phase of renewed trust and happiness.

Seth didn't always show magical prowess; in fact, it's a relatively new development in his life, one which helped him land a job as a teacher at the Noble Heart Academy. He has largely enamored himself to a number of the faculty, as well as a good portion of the students- of course, that doesn't mean everyone, just a nice chunk.

Other Information

Eye Color Breakdown
Gold: Neutral mood, easygoing (Default)
Blue: Reflective mood, calm
Red: Foul mood, angry
Yellow: Cheery mood, upbeat
Green: Puzzled mood, confused
Orange: Energetic mood, enthusiasm
Gray: Intelligent mood, wise
Black: Somber mood, regret
White: Indignant mood, righteous fury
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