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Welcome to Nthea, travelers! A world where anything is possible! But with places such as this, there are always dangers lurking in the shadows.
Come and join the fun, where you can attend the Noble Heart Academy, or go off and do your own thing. Or even help the coming evil by ravaging the lands.
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The School Year Has Begun...:
The school continues on with its year, nobles and royalty from all over are coming here to learn etiquette and how to rule over their kingdoms or family land. Summer has approached in Balief where the academy resides, so few nobles have left the academy to go join in the summer festivities of their homeland.

Hello members and guests! We have a few announcements here to make, first off; IK Reopens! After being closed for way too long, me and Luna have worked and brought IK back!
And we have a New Theme! I basically finished it, and just put it up last night. Let me know what you think.
We even got a new thing here, where you can help Build a Community, where you can make your own tavern or shop for In Character purposes, to give more depth to a character if they own a shop, then get your own forum for it.
There are also plenty of new forums! Welcome the Continents of Lebenna and Estahs!

That's all for now, but since we're getting back in action, plots will be started soon, where your characters can be a part of, and help the world either be destroyed, or saved.

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Earth Magic
Topic Started: Oct 3 2009, 01:00 PM (183 Views)
Lumina Azimuth
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Falling, Failing
Level 1-small displacement of the earth causing an uneven surface that may be hard to travel over (fast maneuvers become difficult)
Level 2-Stronger force which causes slight shaking, hard to keep balance
Level 3-Caster can cause spikes to come up from the ground at an angle, thin and sheet line. (3)
Level 4- Earth shakes and more sheets of earth can come up (6)
Level 5- Earthquake. Sometimes this can cause irreparable damage to a target.

Level 1- The caster can feel the earth move and is altered to people coming up to 20ft away.
Level 2-30ft and underground
Level 3- Caster can hide their own movement and send back a tremor to knock people over.
Level 4-Using tremors the caster can tell who is coming what height, weight, gender and species. They can also walk over any type of ground.
Level 5-Caster has become completely in tuned with the earth and has been known to “hear the earth speak”. They are so in tune with vibrations they can hear what people are saying over 100ft away as well as never being off balance.

Level 1- with magical force the caster can pull small-medium sized rocked out of the earth and thrown them at a target (6)
Level 2- Mold the earth so that spikes come out of the ground in any directions (3)
Level 3-A solid sheet of earth that can be used as a shield can come up out of the ground. (6 level 1 earth spells or 4 level 2 spells)
Level 4-Can be molded to the body(4 level 3 fire spells or 6 level 2 spells.) of used to create things such as a bridge or small shelter.
Level 5-Caster can control several things at once. Eg. Having a shield while sending rocks towards a target. They can also create themselves a sword made of rock.

Level 1 – Rock comes out of the ground and traps the targets feet up to mid-calf
Level 2 – Rock can now trap the entire legs but leaves the hips free allowing movement.
Level 3 – Rock can now trap up to a point just below the ribs
Level 4 – Rock can now entangle up to just under the arms. The pressure on the target’s chest make it hard to breath and gives the sensation of being crushed.
Level 5 – Rock can now encase everything but the head. Along with other symptoms the target also feels trapped and claustrophobic. If they already have this fear the target will panic.
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Lumina Azimuth
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Falling, Failing
Requires:- All Earth spells at Level 5
-No spells in Anti-Magic
-Only 2 spells in Air/Wind
-Only 1 Air/Wind spell can be level 5
-Can only have one other magic Mastery

Earth spells do not affect the Caster. However Air/Wind spells will do slightly more damage.
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The caster creates a pool of quicksand beneath a target’s feet. The target is unable to move and if they struggle they will sink deeper and deeper into the quicksand. The target will only sink up to their shoulders. Lasts 4 posts.
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