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2016 Updates
Topic Started: 8 Jan 2016, 11:45 (180 Views)
PGR-IN Chris
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IPI Coordinator
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Happy New Year in 2016 from all of us involved with IPI. We have release an information concerning the forums and links and continue to keep this board going as a resource board for as long as we possibly can.

Original Update in the words of Ryan O'Neill
Hello from IPI,

This is an update on the Message board situation,

I am still here and working away in the background. IPI's resource site is only one of the many projects I have started over the years. IPI deals with all areas, all techniques and works on actions, rather than just hypothesis discussions, so an open respect for psychics, spiritual angles, researchers, hobbyists and those more experienced, is in play via guidelines.

IPI is not about strict debunking nor dodgy orb photos...its open minded yet flexible, with many areas accepted till further information dictates otherwise.

The IPI boards are regularly purged of old inactive accounts, this is to ensure a vibrant, Interested membership stays in play. We want people who are driven to find the truth, who see this as their purpose and wish to not only learn, but contribute also. Even a hello, every week or two, and tell us what you are up to is enough.

Use the areas that Interest you, ignore the areas that do not and freely share your perspective so that everyone can move forward with their methodologies and get to the bottom of this massive topic.

So to recap:

If you want to read the archives: http://s1.zetaboards.com/IPI/index/

If You want In-depth Interaction: https://www.facebook.com/groups/67710375475/

If you want the main IPI Website: http://International-Paranormal-Investigators.co.uk

Please allow us time to update the website, organize the resource archives for all to view and answer the many emails about being added to the team databases.

If in doubt, give Chris Ratliff´╗┐ or Myself a shout and we will try to assist. Just note, everyone is pretty busy here too so only specific help, if not listed, would be appreciated.

Again, you can easily reach any of us on the IPI Facebook page here

I hope everyone is having a great productive week,


Ryan O'Neill
IPI Founder and Coordinator

UPDATE: PRESENTLY (as of Jan. 2016), the forums have become less a place to socialize and more for archival storage. As such, if you wish to interact or socialize more with IPI, please feel free to reach us at our respective Facebook sites for both Haunted Scotland or IPI:

FB IPI - Group Page - here
FB Old IPI - Discussion Page - here
FB Official IPI - Discussion Page - here
Chris Ratliff - (founder of PGR-IN)
PGR-IN Website - Here
PGR-IN FB site - Here
PGR-IN Email - ratliffsc@hotmail.com

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Good luck.

You don't have a soul; you are a soul. You have a body. C.S.Lewis
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