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Latest UFO Alien News UFO Lands in China Video 2013
Topic Started: 4 Jan 2013, 20:20 (280 Views)
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New York UFO:Latest UFO Alien News for Jan.3.2013: This UFO Alien Video comes to us from a Youtube user named StephenNannardADGUK the following description is as follows The Footage filmed in the National Forest Park of Fuxin, China, 2012. A small group of friends out for the day spotted a silver object descend behind some trees close to where they were having a pic nic. As they ran to get a closer look it became apparent it was a UFO, one of the group quickly got out his camera and started to record, as they got closer they spotted a tall creature Alien coming out of the "UFO" object. The two females who wish to remain anonymous became frightened as they believed they would be abducted, the girls panic alerted the creature who glanced in their direction, the group then fled terrified. Local authorities were contacted and a subsequent search of the area was conducted, no further information is available at this time. This was sent to me via my website by a subscriber who claims its real, im undecided on this, if it is a fake then someone has gone to allot of trouble.

SOURCE: http://nyufo.bravesites.com/entries/general/latest-ufo-alien-news-ufo-lands-in-china-video-2013
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