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Paranormal General

Regular Forum Hauntings, Apparitions & Psychic Phenomena

Hauntings, Apparitions & Psychic Phenomena including related topics

Huge unidentified flying object flying ove… 21 Feb 2013, 16:29, By Black Bag
Topics: 164 Replies: 591
Regular Forum UFO, IFO and ET phenomenon

UFO, IFO and ET phenomenon

Flying saucer hovering over Madrid, Spain … 20 Feb 2013, 17:28, By Black Bag
Topics: 231 Replies: 85
Regular Forum World Mysteries & Strange News

Hidden areas, the great pyramids found world wide or other mysterious finds, news or strange situations and all related topics can be found in this area.

Director offers $100,000 for alien evidenc… 23 Feb 2013, 20:04, By Black Bag
Topics: 87 Replies: 11
Regular Forum The Power Of The Mind & Inner Discovery

The Power Of The Mind & Inner Discovery including hypothesis, experiences and quantum physics

What To Do with Your Premonitions 23 Feb 2013, 19:59, By Black Bag
Topics: 40 Replies: 4
Regular Forum Cryptozoology

Cryptozoology & Related

Chupacabras Startles Suburban Couple 20 Feb 2013, 17:47, By Black Bag
Topics: 113 Replies: 84
Regular Forum Paranormal General, Media & Events

General topic with upcoming Events, Radio shows and TV in relation to the paranormal

All Discussions At: www.International-Paranormal-Investigators.com

NEW! Ancient Aliens - Strange Abductions 23 Feb 2013, 19:51, By Black Bag
Topics: 147 Replies: 560
Regular Forum Active Investigations & Research

Ongoing Investigations, Research and Observational sessions from various Investigators Internationally. Join in with your input, feel part of the process or open up your work to IPI Members and Guests.

Haunted Scottish Castles - Winter/Spring 2… 8 Jan 2013, 22:52, By IPI Ryan
Topics: 4 Replies: 30