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...And the action begins! [H-Rank Mission; Climbing the Ranks]
Topic Started: Jan 28 2018, 12:11 PM (525 Views)
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Haru and Alphonse walked up the stairs inside the tall building that was standing out in the middle of the city. Haru looked around; There where a lot of people standing in line waiting to sign up. Haru sighted, turned his head to Alphonse and mumbled:

"I guess we will need to get in line for this and wait..."

Haru gestured Al to join him on the line towards the desk where new members were being handled. Around half an hour later they had finally reached the front.

"Your full names, please" The desk lady said happily. Haru was surprised by her cheery character, there where hundreds of people that signed up today yet she still looked all happy.

"Mine is Haru Ichiro and his is Alphonse Scally"He said as he pointed to his friend Al.

Alright, here Haru your number is 2746 and Alphonse you are number 2747, have fun at heaven's arena

The 2 young men went ahead and finally reached a room with 4 rings placed in the middle. Around them where stands and on those stands an immeasurable amounts of spectators. Haru found two empty seats and pointed to them. Let's sit here and wait for our matches. He said as he sat down.
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I'm just here to RP

Haru’s suggestion to sit was drowned out by an air horn’s blare. Confetti rained down in quantities one only saw in the movies, and dramatic music began to play.

“Congratulations Combatant 2746! You are the one millionth fighter!!” An excited voice boomed over all else as a commentator announced Haru's status. Two well dressed men approached Haru and Alphonse; gently shoving the latter to the side as cameras began to flash from several directions. The older men smiled and posed with Haru while beautiful women lined up in two rows forming a path to Ring A. “Celestial Tower’s spectacular extravaganza one hundred and fiftieth anniversary year and it’s one millionth fighter!!” The crowd cheered and spotlights swept the vast space to further the victorious ambiance. “Ladies and gentlemen, please direct your attention to ring A and watch a truly momentous fight here at HEAVEN'S ARENA!!! The millionth combatant verses the great great grandson of our VERY FIRST COMBATANT!!” The stadium roared with excitement. Not only would they see a significant fight, but it promised to be interesting. “THAT’S RIGHT! YOU’RE WATCHING HISTORY IN THE MAKING, PEOPLE.” The commentator was an upper floor employee with unparalleled charisma; brought down to the first floor’s booth for the special event. “On this momentous occasion Heaven’s Arena watches the past and present collide IIIIN THE RIIIIIING!!” Haru was lead/pushed down the aisle of women, lights, and confetti towards ring A were a shirtless contender waited.

Haru's First Floor Opponent

Just as Haru was ushered towards his first fight, Alphonse would feel a gruff hand on his shoulder followed by a strong tug. “Ring D. Hurry up.” A less than enthused Heaven’s arena worker thumbed at a dingy-looking ring in a dark corner of the stadium. Somehow no confetti rained down on that particular area whereas the rest of the large space was laden with festivity. There a shabby referee waited along with a small girl in delicate clothes. Once Alphonse had entered the ring, the referee sniffled and wiped his nose before explaining the rules.

“Victory is attained in one of several ways; your opponent is no longer able to fight..” he droned in nasally monotone, “..or if your opponent remains outside of the ring for more than a 10 count. Fighters are to earn total of 10 points. These points are determined in several ways.” The girl glanced at Alphonse and a cute whimper escaped her tiny throat while the rules continued. “A clean hit is worth one point. A down where your opponent is knocked flat to the ground is also one point. Knocking your opponent out of the ring with a single blow is worth two points. A critical blow is three points.” The referee signaled for Alphonse and the trembling female to approach the ring’s center. “Combatant number two seven four seven and …..” He frowned down at the girl’s symbols. Somehow she’d been assigned various kitten emojis instead of digits. “..you. FIGHT!

It just so happened that Haru’s referee announced the beginning of his match at that exact moment. Both men were about to experience their first battles in Heaven’s arena while crowds cheered and spectators of all kinds watched. Some of them with foul intentions.

Alphonse's First Floor Opponent

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A gruff hand on his shoulder made Alphonse look away from Haru's 15 minutes of fame. The employee had directed him towards Ring D, the part of the arena that seemed almost isolated from the festivities that surrounded Haru's "Historic Match".

Alphonse found himself in an unexpected situation. He had never been one for the spotlight, but here he was, standing on one of the stages in the Celestial Tower.The arena he stood on might not have been the nicest place on the stage, but he was still surrounded by a lot of people. Haru had mentioned traveling here out of nowhere and without thinking too much about it Alphonse had accepted his offer to go with him. At least he could be happy that he hadn't been the one millionth fighter.

The opponent in front of him had been a big surprise, the small girl in front of him seemed to be even more timid than he was. As he was looking her up and down their eyes shortly met and she let out a whimper. As soon as his eyes met hers he quickly looked away. after a second of looking at the floor Alphonse shifted his gaze up but didn't look at her. with a deep sigh he regained his composure and put on a serious expression, he shouldn't judge an opponent by their appearance. He had no idea why a girl that looked like that would participate in a fighting tournament, but he had to assume that her looks and behavior were decieving, he had to remain focussed.

The referee had almost finished his explaination when Alphonse took a defensive stance, his right leg placed slightly in front of the other and both of his forearms held below his head. “Combatant number two seven four seven and …....you. FIGHT!”. The referee had given the signal to start, but Alphonse didn't move. His plan was to see how she would act once the battle got started. A quick nod was given towards the girl combined with a gesture of sportsmanship. "Good luck, may one of us move to a higher floor."
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“Congratulations Combatant 2746! You are the one millionth fighter!!”

'2746? I am 2746! Oh god no. No. No. Noooooooooooo...' Haru thought as he cried a little inside. He regretted every decision he had made that led to this moment. As Haru was approached by the well dressed men he shouted "There has to be some mistake, i am not him he is 2746!" he pointed to Alphonse, though despite his attempts the men tried to pose with him while the cameras were constantly taking pictures of them. He was shoved down a path made by a bunch of bimbos. Haru could feel everyone's gaze on him.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please direct your attention to ring A and watch a truly momentous fight here at HEAVEN'S ARENA!!! The millionth combatant verses the great great grandson of our VERY FIRST COMBATANT!! THAT’S RIGHT! YOU’RE WATCHING HISTORY IN THE MAKING, PEOPLE. On this momentous occasion Heaven’s Arena watches the past and present collide IIIIN THE RIIIIIING!!”

After being forcefully placed on the ring, while listening to what had to be the most annoying announcer he had ever heard, he clapped as hard as he could and said sarcastically:
"Nicely done Mr letterman, but what do i gain as the millionth fighter? Just a fight with a guy who's name i can't even pronounce? I mean you put this special performance for me but i would just prefer a gift instead of all of this."

He was rather annoyed by the events that had just occurred. He looked around
to find Alphonse, he was probably having a better time than him. His mentality soon changed when he saw Alphonse's opponent. This made his day, who would have thought Al would lose on his first match from a 12-year old looking girl nonetheless. Though what was an innocent looking girl like her here?

Before he could continue thinking about it the announcer started the fight. Haru decided to give the first action to Jake and act from there
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I'm just here to RP

Booing started up after Haru’s comments, and once he climbed into the ring the size difference between the two was evident. Although many in the crowd laughed openly at his opponent’s weak and tiny appearance, Jake remained silent. He knew better than to underestimate another based on looks alone. It was one of the top three ways to lose a fight: hasty judgment, carelessness, and hesitation. It was the last one that fueled that famed descendant into action. As soon as the referee announced the match’s start, he sprang forward with a right hook-left uppercut combo. His movements were solid and without any flair; Jake had a reputation to uphold. Other fighters could be pretty in the ring. He was there to win.


Alphonse’s remark was cut short by a tiny gloved hand. The slap stung a little and there had been enough force to move his head a full centimeter. Her eyes welling up with tears, Mary Sue backed away. Her movements were girlish and cutesy…so much so that she tripped over her own dainty feet. She squeaked and curled up while staring up at Alphonse in fear. The sickening display of kawaii made the referee gag but he held it together and pointed towards her end of the ring.

“One point.”

The few spectators in that lonely corner of Heaven’s Arena cried out with enthusiasm, “YEAAAAAHHHHH GET HIM BITCH!”

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Haru dismissed the crowd's reply to his words. Who cares what a bunch of people he did not know or was unlikely to ever meet think about him or his actions. Surprisingly, Haru's opponent did not join the other's judgement towards Haru's words. Haru realized Jake was a man of morals, possibly because of his great great grandfather's status in the heaven's arena.

"Seems like you are serious about this fight; wish i cared half as much as you right now. Haha." Haru tried to lighten up the atmosphere but Jake ignored him and stayed quiet. Soon the announcer started the match and Jake launched towards Haru. Haru jumped towards the right effectively dodging his opponent's first attack and rendering the uppercut useless because of his positioning. Haru twisted his body throwing a punch to his opponent's ribs following up with a swift push kick.
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Alphonse had not been able to finish his sentence before Mary Sue's gloved hand slapped him on his cheek. the place where she had hit him stung a little, but it had not been a effective attack. He had yet to move from his spot, but Mary Sue was already on the floor, curled up with tears in her eyes. as she stared up at Alphonse in fear he couldn't help but wonder if she could really be a threat to him. He had barely finished his thought before the referee pointed towards Mary Sue's side of the arena "One Point"
The point for Mary Sue had come as a surprise at first, but he quickly remembered that a clean hit was worth a single point.

The point system was clear, Alphonse would need to either get 10 points, keep her outside of the arena for a 10 count or make sure she would be unable to fight anymore. Deep down Alphonse still held a small sliver of hope that her behavior till this point had still been just an act. He found it incredibly difficult to fight her, so he did his best to find some sort of method to win without having to fight her too much.

Alphonse faced Mary sue and looked down,keeping his distance as to not be in reach. His facial expression changed from calm into an angry glare as he looked her right in the eyes. maintaining eye contact and trying to make the angry expression believable were not easy since it was out of character for him, but he had to try something. without moving his gaze he once again took a defensive stance, ready to try and counter if she attempted to attack him again.
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I'm just here to RP

More boos followed Haru’s comment on not caring. A strange contrast to the announcer’s excited play by play.


Jake had stumbled back from the force of Haru's kick but used the momentum and twisted his body to deliver a high kick to the other's head. It was an interesting pairing, the man with over a decade of training passed down through generations of successful fighters verses the fifteen year old boy with what looked like a handful of years with self driven methods.


“Girl you got this!”

“He’s waitin’ for you Mami!”


“Mary Sue! Mary Sue! MARY SUE! MARY SUE!” The spectators’ chanting drew more attention to ring D and a few more people began to watch the strange fight.

In the ring’s center stood Alphonse, a trim young man glaring underneath his fedora at a puff of lace and blonde curls on the floor. The terrified girl’s inhales were shaky and her lips remained parted in a cutesy way as she stared up at her opponent. Upon hearing her name, Mary Sue’s extreme terror seemed to dissipate. They were cheering for her. She’d come here to prove she was brave and able and it was happening. It was all coming true. This wasn’t merely a fantasy anymore that she dared to dream while looking at herself in the mirror; her freakishly adolescent/pornographic physical features in an unnatural and quirky pose. As she lay there on the mat with her panties partially exposed, Mary Sue felt her heart begin to beat with purpose. Dainty hands pressed themselves onto the floor and the frilly maiden rose to her feet. It was time for another girlish sound..only now it was a soft hum of determination. Her impossibly cute features settled into a serious expression as the girl rallied. She could do this. The crowd believed in her and SHE BELIEVED TOO.

Letting out an adorable war cry, Mary Sue rushed Alphonse. In less than two seconds she was on him; pounding on his chest with her fists. Beating him with all her might. Alphonse would feel the contact her hits made, not enough to disturb his balance, but definitely wrinkling his shirt. After seven seconds of non-stop violence, Mary Sue began to tire. Her blows lost momentum and her strength waned. Panting, she let her head rest against the man for a moment, only to realize her error. He was an opponent! With a feminine sound, she raised her eyes. She could discern his form somewhat by the feeling of his body and the way his shirt rested on his chest. Upwards Mary Sue gazed, her eyes taking in the other’s appealing jaw line and mouth. A pinkish tint was visible on her own face as the girl met Alphonse’s eyes. It was definitely meant to be. He was the one. Her true love. Mary Sue could feel it in her heart.

“Seven points.”

The audience went berserk.
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Haru didn't know what he hated more the fact that this guy blocked his attack or the fact that he had to listen to the announcer's stupid voice while he fought. Ubetts quickly followed the block up with a spinning roundhouse kick.

Haru probably could have blocked the roundhouse kick but chose not to. Instead, he chose to receive face on and use this chance to get a clean hit in, he raised his arms and extended his right hand in an uppercut. He could afford to be risky after all he had yet to use his trap card. His hand hit just as his opponent's foot hit the side of his head. The kick hurt more than he thought it would but still smirked and just disengaged. While the setting was more than obnoxious he was enjoying the fight.
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The battle up to this point had been both confusing and uncomfortable. Throughout it Alphonse had tried to maintain the mentality that Mary Sue was just waiting for the opportunity to show her true personality, her dangerous side. She was now in the lead with 7 points and Alphonse had realized this was probably all there was to her. The fact that she wasn't a thread at all made it difficult for him to fight back, but he had to find a way to end the fight.

Mary Sue's head lifted from Alphonse's chest after leaning against him for just second. As she looked up their eyes met and her face gained a slight pinkish tint. Alphonse held eye contact with her as neither of them did anything. A few moment later he spoke to her in a calm voice. "I don't want to fight you." His words were followed by a small pause and a sigh. “I’m sorry, but if I let you go to a higher floor you are going to get hurt.”

Alphonse moves behind her tries to hold her right arm behind her back in a way that restrains her, but isn’t meant to harm her. If his works he will attempt to walk her to the edge of the arena, keeping her outside while staying inside himself.
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