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[Incomplete]Operation: Circus Shutdown (Rank G) - nekokun/Lejinoss Taibug
Topic Started: Nov 15 2017, 08:22 PM (277 Views)
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If I were to encounter such a monster, I would likely be eaten by it. Because in truth, I am that monster.

Mission Details

The whip cracked through the air with the intensity of a madman, and a laborer cried out in agony, nearly dropping the box he was carrying. He managed to right himself, and braced for another strike. The whip came down again, but he managed to contain his noise and shuffled forward. All around him, similar men were carrying out manual labor under the supervision of armed thugs. They all wore clown masks, complete with bright red hair and an unsettling grin.


The Tribeca Circus has a less than stellar reputation, and for good reason. The performances are sub-par, and the performers are frequently injured while doing so. Couple that with poor management and service quality, and their ticket sales have been declining for years. It was quite a happy coincidence for Morvar, the owner of Tribeca Circus.

Morvar deals in weapons, drugs, anything that will bring in money. Over the years, he'd attracted a ruthless gang of criminals and contacts, and translated that into a successful criminal business. That came with its share of new challenges, however. The government had started to take notice of Morvar's operations, and had put him under increased scrutiny. Most would have quieted their business and done as little as possible to attract attention. Morvar opted for a different approach. He started training his gang to fight better, in preparation for any authorities that came knocking.

Two detectives had already come to investigate Tribeca Circus. They had mysteriously disappeared while doing so, and Morvar's crime ring had only grown more busy. He'd taken his gang and raided several small villages, taking the men as slave labor. As a result, his profits had nearly tripled, and Morvar's gang only grew stronger over time. G5 convened and decided that the circus must be shut down. As such, they sent a priority message to the Hunter Association requesting a Hunter to lead their squad of officers.

When Kealan Rovias would check his messages, he would find one from the Association requesting his services in Aruka. Technically he could refuse, but the Hunter Association would not take kindly to the slight. As such, they awaited his inevitable acceptance of the job.

Message to Kealan Rovias
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Lejinoss Taibug
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Empires rise as quickly as they fall. That theorem applied equally for ancient civilization and organised crime. It started to crumble, yet, Tribeca Circus was a hell of an idea in its time of glory. Every criminal anywhere in the world heard of Tribeca's bunch. Drugs, stolen goods, heavy weaponery, you could name it, they were selling it. They had that little plus every other mafias didn't have : their storefront to hide their criminal activities was simply perfect.

A circus. Who would have though jugglers and lions tamers could be behind the most prohibited activities ? However, when one were to think about it, it was brilliant. A circus was the best justification to hire shady characters ; but the most interesting part was from far the nomadic aspect of their entreprise. Changing town every week was the perfect way to escape police when some local inspectors happened to be too curious.
From a place to an another, roaming through the whole world, they were sowing drugs and war everywhere they went.

Unfortunately, or rather fortunately, Tribeca's era came to an end. They became to greedy, too impatient. No one could stop them, they felt invincible, that behaviour was the first step to their demise. Unpunished for too long, they had no limits. From murder to slavery, their misdeeds were only accuentuating day after day. They grew too large to be unnoticed.
Police was after them. It sure wasn't easy to kill the beast, but cops anywhere on the planet wouldn't stop until it would be dead and buried deep down into the ground.

Wounded animals in that ruthless environment that was the mafia's underworld didn't live very long. The exquisite smell of distress only attracted jackals. Soon, Tribeca Circus would be history, many men sent by different mafias wanted to prey on the beast before only bones would remain. Among these jackals, the craftier of them came early to get his piece of the cake.

Hidden in a rental car for two weeks now, only feeding on sandwiches and spending his time observing the circus whereabouts, Lejinoss Taibug was lurking, waiting for his turn. There were definately no honor among thieves.
In two weeks, he had plenty of time to spot each and every member of Tribeca's circus, the place they were hiding their merchandises, but above all, locate all the other jackals that were patiently watching their prey before feeding on it.
Even though their presence was predictible, it was bothersome. The sneaky thief didn't have the muscles to confront them, if he wanted to get his hand on his prize, he'd have to be highly clever. Except in Goruto East, no one could find any D2, one of the the most brutal acid junkies were treating themselves with. There only was one organisation that could provide it outside of the place it was produced : Tribeca Circus. Only one pound of these pills could significantly contribute to the wealth of its holder.

Police was here of course. After spying on them for so long, Leji knew them by name. He knew which brand of coffee each of them prefered and even which of them cheated on their wife. But it seemed like one newbie joined the team.

- Say Captain Lazarus, who's the new guy ? He wondered outloud while eating one of his last sandwiches, still observing them from far away with his binoculars.

Judging from the way the young man was greeted, he apparently seemed like an asset for the police's team. The said asset took out his wallet and showed some I.D to Lazarus, the man in charge of the investigation. Lejinoss zoomed to get a full grasp of what was written on it and grinded his teeth. What he read was bad news.

Hunter huh ?...

After he sighted, the malicious thief threw his binoculars on the backseats and put his forearm on the wheel. He'd have to act soon if he wanted to steal something valuable now the Hunter Association invited itself to the party.

At least ten mafia's gunthugs, Tribeca's bunch, tens of cops, one Hunter and inbetween : some treacherous but harmless thief. Stars were slowly merging, soon, the Supernova would explode and devastation would occur with no doubt.

Spoiler: click to toggle
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Kealan Roivas
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Kealan spent most if his time on the way to the circus researching the group. He knew every bit of information would be useful.

“First I have find out what I can about who is running this place, then what crime groups they mostly work with”. He thought to himself, as he turned through the pages of information he got from the police.

It was past noon before Kealan finished researching the circus. Going through his outfits he got together a clown outfit.

“It’s not much but it will do for an interview”.

Kealan looked over his hobo clown outfit he made from extra clothes and some face paint. He made sure his knife was hidden in it.

Upon arrival at the circus Kealan looked at the area. The Tent was set up and people were helping get everything ready. At first glance it did look just like a normal circus with people moving things around, and practicing their routines.

“Now All I have to do is get hired” Kealan said as he got out of the car.

Kealan was nervous as he saw how many people were here. Sure he had a police squad backing him up, but a single nen user could take them down.

Kealan had told the officer in charge that there should be about 4 under cover officer in the audience and the rest should be outside. That way if anybody ran out or they need more police to show up they could.

“Lets hope this place gets busted in just a few shows, have to travel with them across the country”. The young hunter knew he should take them out fast but if he did take that long he was prepared for the long haul.

“Hey I heard you could use a new clown”, he ask the first person he saw who looked like he was in charge.
Edited by Kealan Roivas, Nov 19 2017, 06:59 PM.
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If I were to encounter such a monster, I would likely be eaten by it. Because in truth, I am that monster.

The Tribeca Circus was currently camped just outside of the medium-sized town Saraleo. Morvar knew they'd been attracting a lot of attention lately, and decided to put some effort into this next show. With any luck it would help throw the authorities off, even just a little. As such, some of his men had been advertising throughout the town, putting up posters and acting as heralds. The crowd that was currently gathering at the circus was larger than normal, and might even earn the group a nice profit.

Kealan had ordered Captain Lazarus to station 4 officers undercover in the audience, and have the rest hiding outside. The Captain had readily agreed, seeing the sense in caution. He himself opted to stay with the main force outside, so that there would be a person of authority both inside and outside the circus. Before Kealan left, Lazarus handed him a packet containing all of their information on the Tribeca Circus.


One of the supervisors was directing the slaves out front when a man dressed in a somewhat tattered clown costume walked up to him. “Hey I heard you could use a new clown.” The supervisor carefully surveyed the man, then grunted in approval. It just so happened the circus was looking for an extra clown to sell snacks and drinks to the audience. The supervisor nodded at two of the grunts, and they grabbed Kealan, escorting him inside.

They walked Kealan slightly backstage, careful to avoid the illegal operations in the second tent in the back. They were behind the curtain, where it was more or less a large open area filled with different acrobatic equipment and performers. All of the men back here were bandits, and there were at least twenty of them milling around. There were two paths around the side of the curtain, leading to the audience seating.

The grunts presented Kealan to the "quartermaster", and the man shoved a box of food and drinks into Kealan's arms. "Go sell these to the crowd. If you do well, we'll pay you." He turned away, already forgetting the newcomer.
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Lejinoss Taibug
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2 P.M. That was usually the time when performance began in Tribeca Circus. Usually. Everything was so lazy in here. Starting late, not putting their heart into the show, it was even painful to assist to it. No one ever told that a storefront in charge of hiding criminal activities had to be perfect, but the least they could have done was making it a bit credible.
People came anyway. Since they were moving from place to place every week, there always were some curious locals expecting to discover something new and refreshing. A few of them were leaving before the end, the remaining were simply waiting for the most impressive part of the show.

Tribeca was known as a lousy Circus, but one of their performance was saving the day every time. Keeping the best part for the end in order to impress when everything would be over, the audience always went home satisfied.
Clowns were sad, trapezists clumsy and contortionists obese, but spectators came anyway. People even came several time to witness again and again one of the most impressive things their eyes could ever see.

- Now ladies and gentlemen, we'll have a ten minute break before the show stopper arrives. If you need a refill on snacks and drinks, ask our clowns who're gonna walk down in the stages.

The announcer sounded like someone who was in a hurry to leave the place, which he did as soon as he was done with his message, quickly heading for the second tent. Among the audience, sipping the few drops of coffee remaining in his cup, Lejinoss was silently lurking. A wicked smile appeared when he saw the direction taken by the announcer.

- Way to go moron.

If he wasn't perfectly sure of the drug's location until now, the perceptive thief got his confirmation from the ringmaster's behaviour. The man was probably making sure his goods were safe from the scavengers they probably noticed by now.
The coffee was awful. Unless it was real coffee – and Leji could talk for hours about what was real coffee – he couldn't bear it. Yet, he asked for one more cup. Firstly because he was an addict, but especially because he managed to recognize the face of one of the sellers. It was that Hunter he saw earlier.

From what he could understand, the malicious thief knew now the man was infiltrating the Tribeca's bunch. That was a way to do it if he wanted to get rid of them. A long way.
Stretching his arm and snapping his fingers to get noticed by the man, Taibug asked for more of that disgusting coffee they had and a soda. He was never drinking any soda.

- Say.

Before the boy left, he snapped his fingers in a rude and cavalier manner. He seemed like he didn't have any respect for anyone. Truth was he didn't.

- You work here don't you ?

The answer was as obvious as the question was stupid. Hidden between his thighs, he slowly shook his can of soda.

- You wouldn't happen to know if they're hiring performers ?

Kealan was on the job for barely a few hours. He didn't know anything about that and he didn't want to. His job was to dismantel Tribeca's band by discovering Morvar's misdeeds, he didn't have time to waste with their storefront's Circus.

- Waitwaitwait, don't go. Said Leji as if he was ordering him not to. You should tell them I really have a gift, I can make things disappear. For real.

And then he sneered in a suspicious way, foreshadowing his robbery outloud couldn't help but make him laugh. He then brandished the can of soda, tossing it between his hands at an insane speed before showing his empty palms to the clown. In one moment, the can disappeared. The nimble thief then took it out from his vest and put it under Kealan's nose. It was one of the oldest trick in the book.

- You saw that ? Rather, you didn't saw that ri~ght ? And I can play that kind of tricks with a lot of stuffs. Cups, balls, cards....

« Drugs » he thought while internally gloating. Lejinoss then started to open his can towards the clown that sold it to him a few minutes ago, still talking.

- So, you'll talk to your boss ? I mean it's... oooh, OOOh, shit I'm re~ally sorry.

In an indolent and fake tone, he apologized for spilling his soda on the man's vest, which he intended to do for the beginning of their meeting. Then, Leji helped him to wipe it and waited for him to go on his way.
Earlier, with his binoclars, he couldn't tell what was the name written on that Hunter licence he saw. Now he stole the clown's wallet from the inside of his vest thanks to the « spill and wipe » trick, he knew Kealan Rovias was the name of the man in charge. This, he learned it from his I.D and not his hunter license.

- A cautious asshole as I see, not putting his eggs in the same basket.

Kealan wasn't some newbie. Carefully hiding his licence on him, some petty pickpocket couldn't just take it from him as he pleased. Somehow, Leji was happy about that. Stealing a Hunter licence meant a lot of trouble, Kealan's cautiousness spared him the temptation. Now he stole the wallet, the pickpocket had to give it back to its owner, that was part of the scheme he was starting to build in his sly and crafty mind.
Taking advantage of the fact Kealan wasn't too far away, Taibug discreetly made the wallet slide on the floor until it ended its course between the Hunter's feet. A kind lady asked him if the wallet on the floor was his, assuming it fell from his vest.

The ringmaster suddenly came back. Judging by the smile he had on his face, he probably just got rid of one of the mafia members roaming around.

- Now, ladies and gentlemen, you all came here to see him.

At least they were aware of that.

- The majesti~c, the mi~ghty Fauvar is in the place and he didn't came alone !

When Leji entered the tent, he though the only interesting things he had to investigate were the drugs's location and the Hunter's identity. At no point after these lazy performances he could have expected anything like that.
The silent crowd went almost crazy, cheering for the man. There was something about him. A presence, an atmosphere. An aura.
The blond man asked someone to join him. At that moment, a lion jumped inside the tent, making everyone startle, Leji included. But that was only the beginning. A tiger joined them, then a gorilla and finally an elephant. Every order Fauvar was giving them, even the most complex ones were accomplished in the moment. It was more than taming, it rather felt like manipulation.
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Kealan Roivas
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The circus was rather desperate to get more people to help out. After all with how unsafe the place was and actors contently getting hurt. The ringmaster was the only one Kealan needed to impress to get the job. The ringmaster was a middle aged man currently yelling at the people around him.

“Hey boss we a got kid that wants to be a clown”.

The ringmaster yelled out a few more orders before he turned to see the Kealan. The young hunter showed off his ability to tumble and fall. He pulled out a few balls and showed off juggling.

“OK kid you got some skill and we could use the help” the ringmaster said. “But you not going to get a lot of stage time at first”.

Kealan tried to smile as he got the job. “OK great” he thought to himself. “Now I got in the show”.

One of the other workers spent the next few hours going over what Kealan would need to do and where every thing was. He made mental notes of the lay out. One main entrance in the big top for the audience and one for the crew. So when the shot hots the fan there is only two ways out for them. Also he noticed that for a small circus there was only people all over. It made it hard to pin down where the guns or drugs would be.
After his orientation he got to a dressing room area and had a few minutes to think before he would have to start passing out drinks. After that he would go on after an animal act.
“OK not a lot of time to pick s place to search”.

Kealan picked a trailer in the back to search and he figured he would have time right when the animal show was starting up.

The show started up on time, and the crows gave a lackluster cheer as it started up. Once he had moment he slipped out. It was all going to plan but some guy spilled a drink on him.

Kealan was not impressed with his magic trick, at first but then he got his wallet back.
“That asshole was a pick pocket”. Before Lejinoss got to far away Kealan used gyo to see if he could use nen.
“Some one that fast with their hands, could a problem”. After he checked out the guy he headed off to the trailer.
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If I were to encounter such a monster, I would likely be eaten by it. Because in truth, I am that monster.


In order to reach the trailer, Kealan would have to exit the tent without being seen by any of the gang members inside. The back employee entrance has around twenty of the gang members milling about at any given time. Slipping out of there unseen is quite simply impossible. If the back entrance is attempted anyway, Kealan would doubtless be stopped and questioned by the gang members. The ringmaster is more suspicious than he let on, and is carefully watching Kealan to make sure he's not a spy. The front entrance is somewhat easier to slip out of, as there are no guards on the outside, and only a few in the audience seating. However, if Kealan does slip out the front entrance, it will be very difficult to reach the back without being seen. Both sides of the tent are guarded by three guards each to keep civilians from reaching the back. Slipping by unseen, while not impossible, would be fairly difficult. All of the guards are well trained, and don't have the characteristic stupidity expected from grunts. The ringmaster is one of four nen users in the circus. Each nen user has average stats in all categories, with the exception of one or two in which they are particularly skilled. The ringmaster uses basic enhancement hatsu in conjunction with his bulky frame, and has extra strength and endurance. The second nen user is the slave master. He oversees the operations in the back tent (which only gang members are allowed inside) and keeps the slaves working. The slave master uses conjuration to create a poisonous whip, and has extra accuracy. The third nen user is Morvar's second in command. This man is rarely seen, and prefers to lurk in the shadows. He keeps an eye on everything going on in the circus, but always tries to stay close enough to Morvar to protect him. The second-in-command uses transmutation to give his aura the property of bounciness (think portal 2 repulsion gel). Anything that touches his aura is propelled away from it, given that it is not too large. The second-in-command has average stats across the board. Finally, the last nen user is Morvar. Morvar uses manipulation to control his circus animals. By embedding a microchip in each animal, Morvar has a very fine degree of control. Currently, Morvar has control over a lion, a tiger, a gorilla, an elephant, a hippo, and an eagle. Morvar has above average stats in all categories.

Should Kealan choose to instead return to the ringmaster to report a job well done, the ringmaster would likely be less suspicious. It is doubtful that he would permit Kealan access to the back, even the parts that have no criminal activity, but he may give Kealan a chance to slip away in his next job. The undercover cops are still waiting in the audience, but revealing them now would likely only result in them getting killed and the circus leaving. The squad of cops outside under Captain Lazarus' command could attempt to storm the circus, but they are outnumbered by the gangs. Furthermore, Kealan is the only nen user among the cops, meaning that if even one of the four nen users made it to Kealan's main force, they would probably be wiped out to a man.

Should Kealan attempt to go over the tent, the second-in-command would notice. He is hidden in the rafters of the circus, but has a flap with which he exits onto the top of the tent. Morvar's eagle, typically used for surveillance, is currently sleeping while Morvar puts on a show with his other animals. This means that it is somewhat easier to sneak about the outside of the circus, though there are still the guards to deal with.

Even if Kealan knows Leji is a pickpocket, he has already determined that Leji cannot use nen. Nobody else sees Leji as anything more than a civilian, so he is in the best position. However, he faces the same challenges as Kealan in being unable to slip past the guards without being seen. This does not mean he could not slip past them, only that he must think of a way to get past them that does not involve remaining unseen.
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Lejinoss Taibug
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Nothing was easier to spot than a cop in a crowd. In the first place, two weeks was more than enough to remember every faces of Lazarus's team, but they really looked suspicious enough to be flagged by any criminal. Scanning around him with his sly eyes while everyone was simply stunned by the show, Leji managed to notice at least five men working with the police, Kealan included.
Speaking of Kealan, he seemed oddly suspicious, trying to leave the tent whereas the other clowns were still around, waiting for the show to end. Before the Hunter were to disappear, the crafty thief had to act and quick. From what he saw – and he was far from knowing everything that was happening here – there were no way for him to grasp - should it be only one pill - from their stock just by himself. Working with the police seemed even more unlikely, it would have been a perfect way to end up in the same jail as the one he was trying to rob. His only hope rested on the Hunter's shoulders.

Trying to work with him, or at least, trying to make him work for his scheme was a bold move, but that was the only card he could play for the moment if he ever wanted to get that D2. Lejinoss had to be subtle to lure him in his plans, but above all, he had to make sure Kealan could stay alive long enough to help him in his aims.

- Is he... heading for the trailer ?

This, wasn't a bold move, but a suicidal one. Before leaving the tent, the young Hunter prefered to talk to the ringmaster. Leji wiped the sweat that suddenly started leaking from his forehead. He almost lost his only asset in the upcoming war again Tribeca's bunch.

- That guy seems in a hurry. Better act soon.

If Taibug wanted to be sure that Kealan wouldn't make any rash decision, he had to rise and reveal himself to the man as an inescapable ally that would advise him wisely. Taking advantage of the fact everyone was so focused on the tamed animals, the cunning thief approached his prey from behind after leaving his seat.

- Mister Rovias I assume ?

The voice was familiar, Kealan immediatly recognized that annoying man that bothered him earlier in the audience.

- Sorry for our first meeting, I needed to make sure we were working on the same team without revealing for whom I was working.

And incidentally steal Kealan's I.D to learn his identity.

- My name is Lojiness Baitug, I'm working for the Kukanyu's secret police to dismantel Tribeca's Circus. Nice to meet you.

Despite his imaginative schemes, Lejinoss wasn't that ressourceful when it came to invent a fake name.

- After noticing your presence, I discussed with my superiors and they agreed on letting me supporting the Hunter Association in its investigation. Considering the fact I'm working for a foreign country, it'd be best to not mention my existence to the local police. You know, diplomatic incidents and all...

Then, he talked nervously to flood the Hunter under detailed reports on Tribeca Circus to make sure he looked realistic as a special agent in charge of gathering informations.

- Anyway, I'm at your disposal. Order and I'll make sure the magic happens. I know how to be stealthy when it becomes necessary.
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Kealan Roivas
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Occ: the name is Kealan not keaVan

Occ: the name is Kealan not keaVan

Kealan listen to the thief and nodded“well if you want give back anything you took first, and then talk to me after the show”.

If the man was telling the truth now was not the time to talk to him, and if was going to be any help the man would have to be able to sneak around.

Kealan ran through plan after plan of how to infiltrate the circus.
“Dam I’m going in mostly blind here”.

He knew that as the new guy he would have to be careful, the leaders here would would be keeping a close eye on him. Even with the noise and lights of the show he would not have alone time.
“Well I cant at least learn a little bit” he thought as he stated looking at the performers with gyo. At lest this way he could find who could use nen.

He did not want to show off his nen use yet so he wanted to make sure he new what he was up against first.
Edited by Kealan Roivas, Nov 27 2017, 11:31 PM.
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If I were to encounter such a monster, I would likely be eaten by it. Because in truth, I am that monster.

The ringmaster narrowed his eyes at the new employee, his suspicious mind fermenting with possibilities. He hadn't noticed Kealan's use of Gyo, so as of right now, he doesn't know that Kealan can use nen. However, finding the nen users won't be as easy as Kealan anticipated. The ringmaster maintains zetsu at all times so as to maintain the element of surprise. The second-in-command and the slave master have no need, as they are never seen by anyone outside of the gang. The slave master is always in the back tent, seeing to the organizing and dealing of drugs and weapons. The second-in-command is always hidden from sight, usually up in the rafters, and if located by anyone outside of the gang, will kill and dispose of their body.

Morvar keeps himself shrouded in ten at all times, considering that he needs his nen to perform in the shows. He doesn't see any point in hiding it, and prefers the extra protection. From here on out, Kealan's choices are limited. Should he continue to work in the circus, the ringmaster would gradually lose suspicion. However, if Kealan is caught using nen by any of the four users, they will immediately move to eliminate him. In addition, while the undercover cops have gone unnoticed by the gang, if they repeatedly attempt to infiltrate the audience, they will be discovered sooner rather than later. The main police force is fine, as no guards patrol away from the circus.

Leji has attracted no suspicion as a regular civilian. He can continue to work with Kealan if he so wishes.

The ringmaster eyed the new recruit again, before striding forward with purpose. "Hey, newbie." He stands at 6'2", and weighs at least 250 pounds. "Empty your pockets. Can't have you walking around here without checking for weapons." If he was being honest to himself, he should've vetted the kid earlier, but they were desperate for short term workers, and he was too short on time.
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