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Hullo World!

Shiver me timbers! Winter is upon us! Time to bundle up, get yourself a cup of hot cocoa, and saddle up for some winter adventures!

As the season, we have a handful of events for all you lovely lads and lasses to embody the spirit of the season. First is our spirit of giving and appreciation, smashed together with however it is you and your character feel about the going on’s of the winter wonderland (or maybe they see it as a frozen wasteland?) The Winter Appreciation and Solo Event includes our gift to all of you, and a solo event, to help your characters shine both inside and out! Aside from our usual appreciation bonus, the thread will also offer a bonus for solo’s involving each of your characters!

Also, in the spirit of giving we’re opening a second, or third for those of you that noticed I already combined two in one, event for you to help give back to the site. Our Season of Giving event asks that members give back to the site by donating ideas for missions in exchange for feeling good about themselves, and thus, receiving bonuses.

I suppose that’s all for now my friends. We hope you enjoy the seasons events, and the growth your characters may experience during the winter months!

~ הּWestborn ~

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Fall Appreciation 2017
Topic Started: Oct 5 2017, 10:43 AM (670 Views)
Member Avatar
I'm just here to RP

With the passing of the seasons also comes our show of appreciation to everyone here. Fall Appreciation rewards

3 SP, 500,000 Jenni, 7 RP, and 3 Event Tokens

While it's not required to collect your reward,
it would amusing and cool to post
hatsu involving pumpkins.

this applies to each of your characters
Edited by Gon.Pro.Hunter, Oct 5 2017, 11:58 AM.
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I'm just here to RP

Hatsu Name: Dorn's Pumpkin Pie of DEATH
Type: Offensive
Hatsu Category: Manipulator
Hatsu Rank: 1
Description: Dorn bakes a festive confection that will haunt you forever. Once someone eats her treat, their mouth will be tricked into tasting nothing but pumpkin pie for the rest of their lives.
  • The pie must be only 1-2 days old
  • She must watch the target eat it.
  • The target must swallow at least one mouthful.
  • If the target barfs, the hatsu will still work.
  • To Activate: Dorn must say, "So. How does it taste?"
  • Duration: Fucking forever
Range: Dorn's En range
Effect: Once consuming Dorn's Pumpkin Pie, the target will experience it's flavor when eating or DRINKING forever.
Edited by Gon.Pro.Hunter, Oct 5 2017, 10:56 AM.
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the stumbling wizard
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Hatsu Name: Dancing lights
Type: Supportive
Hatsu Category: Manipulator
Hatsu Rank: 2
Description: Bastion Touch's a pumpkin then it floats right behind him, following him like a parade.

  • The pumpkins are slower then he is about two thirds of his speed but are just as strong.
  • He has to come in touch them with fifty percent of his nen on his hand to activate them
  • If he out run them or their moved from their spot behind him, they will float back till their aligned properly.
  • He can only have a total of ten pumpkins following him.

Range: n/a
Effect: He touches up to ten pumpkin with a nen focused hand. Then the pumpkins follow behind him. They are as strong but only 2/3 as fast.
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Hatsu Name: Pumpkin Amor
Type: Defensive
Hatsu Category: Conjurer
Hatsu Rank: 3
Description: The user comes to know pumpkins so well that they can conjure armor made of it.

  • The user must have intimate knowledge of pumpkins, including their taste, smell, and their growing process.
  • The pumpkin armor must be imbued with at least 50% of the user's aura
  • If the armor is destroyed, the user is unable to resummon it for three posts.
  • The user must recite the phrase "It's time to get spooky up in here!" before summoning the amor.
  • The user must continually eat pieces of the inside in order to maintain the armor.

Range: n/a
Effect: The user is protected by hardened pumpkin which is resistant to all physical damage types. If the armor is penetrated, pumpkin guts spill out and the area is flooded with a pumpkin scent. Some may find it irresistable and will be unable to control their urge to eat the pumpkin. If anyone looks directly into the eyes of the pumpkin armor, they will be spooked and will run away screaming until they find a pumpkin to smash.
Edited by S1lverScorp1on5, Oct 5 2017, 03:16 PM.
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Hatsu Name: Clown Party
Type: Offensive
Hatsu Category: Emission
Hatsu Rank: 2
Description: Peter emits a clown car that a number of clowns exit from, each with its own special ability. Zingo the Clown has a horn that he uses to temporarily deafen foes. Bloopsy the Clown has a flower on his shirt that sprays a blast of water as powerful as a firehose. And Tombo the clown has a bubble blower that makes bubbles that can catch people and incapacitate them.
Conditions: 1- Requires Peter to sacrifice 20% of his aura during usage.
2- Peter needs to call up the clowns on his cellphone to order the "deluxe package" which takes two posts to negotiate a price.
3- Once summoned, the clowns must cannot be deactivated until they've finished their gig (6 posts)
4- If any clowns get destroyed, Peter is required to extend the 20% sacrifice until the end of the cooldown, with an extra 5% added for every one that dies.

Range: En range
Effect: Peter emits a group of clowns with various abilities.
Cooldown 4 posts
Edited by fridaynightpizza, Oct 5 2017, 03:34 PM.
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Flame Ingot
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I'm gonna just check in like the lame duck I am.

Anyway, I not only appreciate the Fall season but also you, Gon.Pro.Hunter <3
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Ken's Bitch
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There's drugs to be done, so I gotta run

checkin in :)
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Hatsu Name: Vine vein
Type: Supportive
Hatsu Category: Conjurer
Hatsu Rank: 2
Description: Suzuri plants a pumpkin seed on a person, which triggers the growth of a miniature pumpkin vine along their Nen channels.


  • One post needed for the seed to take root.
  • The vine needs to be infused with at least 1/3rd of Suzuri's aura.
  • 10 posts cooldown.
  • If using more advanced techniques via the vine, the user loses focus and, in extremes, mobility.

Range: one person
Effect: A pumpkin vine grows inside Suzuri's target of choice. It can be used for medical or offensive purposes.

...sorry, I'm sleepy and tired, this is all I could muster.
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Theme Song: Rivers in the Desert

checking in as well, maybe filling out the hatsu later on ^^
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Going to shamelessly check in and claim the rewards.

Thanks Gon, you're awesome!
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