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Hullo World!

It seems the spring has brought us not just a wave of good weather, but also a shower of great new changes to the site. On top of our Spring Appreciation and Mothers Day Letters events, which will run through the season, but we also have a number of equally awesome changes and shops for all you lovely folk, from our equally awesome and lovely staff.

It seems a mysterious shot has opened on the edge of town. Specializing in what were once only seasonally available items, the Events Shop will let players exchange their hard earned Event Tokens for magnificent items ranging from magma weapons, to speacity cookbooks, to a fan item representing some of the sites strongest characters. As a special Celebration of the stores opening, all members who post in the celebration thread will receive a special bonus, so make sure you check it out before time runs out!

Within the workings of your roleplay here, make sure you check out the newest section of the Misc. Info section of the rule book, Creative Freedom and You This section outlines the sort of freedom players have here at HxHRPG and the varying types of adventures one might find in a thread.

Saving one of the best for last, the Hunter Exam Hunter Exam system has been fully revamped. What was once a fairly large and very lengthy system, is now a much more direct and streamlined adventure for the characters who want to test their own mettle in becoming some of the select few who call themselves Hunters.

While that’s it for now, there are a few more massive projects coming down the pipeline soon, including the much anticipated Group/Faction System, and some changes to the Nen System!

~ :)Westborn ~

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Locked Topic
[Incomplete]Lucas's Interview; branched from "Initiation"
Topic Started: Sep 13 2017, 06:10 AM (214 Views)
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I'm just here to RP

“I totally understand! I don’t blame ya dude.” Motto nudged him with a knowing grin. “I didn’t tell anyone mine either.” Motto stood and stretched before climbing down from the confines of the tractor. Doc Stike did the same and proceeded to dig a pipe out of his shirt pocket.

“I was gonna try to share my tracking knowledge though..” Motto’s outlook was exceptionally cheerful. Putting his hands on his hips, the Hunter scanned the field and grunted thoughtfully. “Maybe some of the others don’t know about the woods. Heh. I could show ‘em some stuff like that.”

“I doubt anyone will be interested, Motto.” The Doc puffed away at his pipe while leaning against the tractor tire. “Think of it. You got all those folks in there all riled up for action.”

Posted Image

“But…training’s action!” Motto was worried now. Doc was probably right. He’d made being on a team sound cool, and now he had to make sure it WAS. “W-what if we have ..uhh..” Sweat began to drip down the Hunter’s face. Motto started to pace and mutter to himself while the bearded pipe-smoking man looked on. “It’s too soon for missions.. plus we don’t know what we’re up against. I can’t just send people into dangerous situations.. sheesh.. I don’t even know who’s who yet.. and which ones are the strongest. Hnnnn…even getting information can be dangerous. What if something happened?” Motto stopped pacing and squeezed his eyes tight. Runa.

A thin red-headed woman flashed into the young man’s mind. She wore a tattered cloak and carried a staff. Her complexion was mildly pale and she had one gray eye while the other was green. He missed her. Runa the historian. The anthropologist. The Hunter. His girlfriend. She’d know what to do.. but she was dead.

“Doc … Lucas..I’m gonna stick with training. If they don’t like it, that’s too bad.”

“Woah, easy Motto. No one’s saying anything!” Doc chuckled.
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Everyone's always telling you to be humble. When was the last time someone told you to be great?

Motto: 1 SP, 100,000 jenni and 2 RP
Lucas: 1 SP, 100,000 jenni and 2 RP.

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