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Locked Topic
[Completed][OPEN] To castaway a shadow
Topic Started: Jul 21 2017, 08:19 PM (570 Views)
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Theme Song: Rivers in the Desert

Stella stares at the picture that slid across the desk, and slowly picked up the folder, she flipped the cover open and quickly skim through the contents.

In the background, the man is still explaining away at his own pace, but at this point, he is more about complaining and ranting then to provide anything of substance. He have given out all the useful information on the file about 10 minutes ago, but appears to be enjoying hearing his own voice. Not that Stella has any issue with it, one does need time to read through the pages and she was not supposed to take this file away from this office it seems.

Her eye glances across the page at the words, but the pictures, the guy sitting in front of her and this entire background story, really doesn't help with uncovering the cause of this entire situation at all. Stella slowly narrows her eyes a little and finally looks up from the papers, she doesn't want to appear to be unconfident, but this might actually go beyond her ability at the moment.

"Sir...If I may..." Stella said solemnly, surprisingly, the man stopped and gesture her to go on with what she has to say.

"Not that I am not grateful for this opportunity, but I work mostly as an Archaeological Hunter right now. I explore ruins and read through tomes...this...whatever did this..." she gestures at the pictures of the patients and the various destruction of the construction site, and the pieces of broken machines. "Unless you believe in curses of an ancient ruins, this look more like an encounter with new viruses or the activities of unidentified beasts. " She frowns a bit. "Maybe a medical hunter or a beast hunter can better help you...?"

The man made a sound of annoyance. "Do you think that I don't know that?! You hunters are so expensive these days, do you know how much a medical hunter cost? Since you are looking at the site anyway, what did you say that you want to do? Record it before I tear it down? Did you pay me for an entrance fee? You did not. So, shut up and just do this at the same time alright? You don't want to see this site be destroyed too right? Let me know if you find anything, and I will boost up the security at the same time, whatever caused this, find out and stop it!!"

Just look at the site at the same time, he says.... Stella rolled her eyes in her mind, well....he does have a point.

"Alright Mister...I will see what I can do..." Stella signed quietly, and with a gentle nod she gets up from her chair and finally finished this weird and extremely awkward first meeting.

It must be around lunch time when Stella exited from the building complex, and looking at the construction site way ahead against the heavy sunlight. In all honesty, this...detective work? She really has no clue on how to proceed, but the first rule of being a hunter is always to know what you are up against, and that means research, investigation and planning ahead before action.

Right....let's look at the site first...

With that, Stella walks towards the distant site covered in dust.
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Bug in a Bag
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Spike had to wince a few times during the conversation between Mr.Yellsalot and apparently his opposite number for this particular assignment, and gave up using Gyo to boost his hearing he fully realized how thin walls between offices were. In the darkened one next to the head honcho the hunter really only had to lean against the dividing drywall to pick up on what he really needed. Unfortunately, it wasn't much different from what the family that owned the site had told the insurance company when they filed their claim on the destroyed equipment. This wouldn't be the first time someone tried to get hundreds of millions of jenny in payouts after 'mysterious circumstances'.

At the very least it looked like the miners were buying into this enough to shell out cash for a legit hunter, so there might be a kernel of truth to this story.

Spiked waited several minutes after the meeting next door came to an end to discreetly exit the adjacent temporarily empty office himself. Sporting an armband emblazoned with the logo of the family that owned this complex he calmly exited like he belonged there, and nobody batted so much as an eye in his direction. Besides his substantial fee for this assignment the insurance company was kind enough to cover the travel expenses for their temp agents, so the extensive screening process had been a little less painful getting into this dump, if only just.

The hunter had been observing the real looker the family had hired since before she entered the complex, so it was easy enough to spot her in the distance. Compared to the poor wretches skittering about she stuck out like a sore thumb, not that he was any different honestly, even in his everyday street clothes. Given the homeless population of York Shin City seeing this many poor, hopeless people around wasn't surprising, but still more than a little unfortunate to witness.

Supporting a local business was a better investment to Spike than giving handouts, so he paused his tailing of the girl for a moment to visit a nearby food stall to address his growing hunger. He walked away with a flask of some sort of tea and a few tasty looking kebabs of unknown origin, eating as he ran to catch up to the girl. The meat's texture made it impossible to guess even what kinda of animal it came from, other than not fish obviously. The tea he wasn't a hundred percent wasn't brewed with piss instead of water, but at least it was cold.

After downing the last terrible drop he tossed his garbage aside and let out a loud whistle with his fingers as he closed the distance between him and the other hunter. "Yo!" Spike shouted as he got closer, putting up his palms in an unthreatening manner for this first meeting. "Afternoon, I'll cut to the chase: we're both after the same thing here, just getting our paychecks from different sources." After that declaration lowered his arms and put on a more relaxed expression.

"I'm Spike, I'm not a medical or beast hunter, but I think we're the only two professionals in the immediate area, so I'd like to team up on this." Instead of whipping out his license to a stranger, the hunter instead punctuated this offer with a quick burst of Ren as at least circumstantial evidence that he was what he claimed to be.
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Theme Song: Rivers in the Desert


Stella was just walking away from the group of people sitting at the bottom of the stairs, resting in the shadow cast beneath the rundown rooftop, when she heard a voice calling out behind her and she paused, before turning around to face the incomer.

A young man possibly in his early twenties walked up to her, what caught her eyes were the armband that he wore, with the icon of the family that owns the site...her eyes darken slightly as she considers this, but otherwise show no other indication.

"Afternoon, I'll cut to the chase: we're both after the same thing here, just getting our paychecks from different sources." After that declaration lowered his arms and put on a more relaxed expression.

"I'm Spike, I'm not a medical or beast hunter, but I think we're the only two professionals in the immediate area, so I'd like to team up on this."

Stella blinks at that and lit up a faint smile, "I see, Spike is it? My name is Stella Marnath, please to make your acquaintance." she replies. Getting paychecks from different sources could mean many different things, but at least he was being honest. Besides, getting an opinion from different angles sometimes reveals hidden truth that otherwise would not be uncovered, assuming he really was telling the truth though.

In the hunter's world, one can never take anything on its face value, but that has never stopped hunters from exchanging information and work together before. Acting according to the flow just since to be the everyday occurrence now.

Stella pulls out her phone and quickly went to the local news site, she glanced at the group still chatting away at the bottom of the stairs. "I have just gotten to see the file today, and I was not allowed to take anything away from the office. But rumors have been floating around for weeks now. Some said what happened at the construction site was a curse, some said that it was beasts, some even suggest that a group is actually behind this. Apparently the owner was not a very popular man among his workers. The locals, his ex-employees or even his competitors, a lot of people are waiting to see his fall." Stella smirk a bit and pulls her phone up to his eye level so he can see as well. "Despite all that, nothing has made to the local news, you would think a cave collapsing on top of people would at least inspire some human rights protest and blogs, but the net is quiet. The information...seems to not get out..."

With that, she puts her phone back into her jacket pocket. "I have only been talking to a few locals, but opinions are all over the place right now, people don't seem to know what is going on." She shrugs, well she is a newbie detective, that's about all the information she could gather at the moment.

"I think, I would actually need to visit the site now. Unless you have a better suggestion. Do you want to come along?"
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Bug in a Bag
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A wide smile spread across Spike's face after Stella introduced herself in a very cordial manner, but for a different reason than she probably thought. Refreshing does not do justice to the feeling he was getting from not having to start an uphill battle trying to get cooperation out of someone. This temporary alliance had been reached without any of the bargaining or bribery that he was used to engaging in to get stuff done. Although, in the back of his head the hunter suspected the ease was partly brought about because money wasn't in the equation, with their separate employers and all, but he'd take what he could get.

When Stella produced a phone Spike closed the distance further to get a better view, nodding his agreement with her hypothesis and possible leads. The insurance company's dossier had been nearly bare bones besides the serial numbers of the destroyed equipment and the price tag for the whole lot. He was still deep in thought processing everything she said when she asked him a question, but he snapped back to reality in moments. "Yeah, of course." Spike replied, still sporting a smile. "I have as much reason to go there as you."

Falling in step with his new partner for this assignment, the hunter waited until they had traveled hopefully far enough from prying ears for this next exchange to stay between them. "Ok, figure I should give you a bit more detail on why i'm here before we get to the site." Spike rambled off next, doing another sweep with his eyes for people within ear shot before continuing. "I was hired by the insurance company responsible for compensating the family owning the site for all this destroyed equipment. All in all, they stand to gain hundreds of millions of jenny from this little incident, more than enough to replace what was lost and still pocket a fortune. The company wants to make sure this wasn't an inside job for the cash, it wouldn't be the first time in cases like this."

"You mentioned a lot of interesting theories on what could've happened, but I need to collect some solid evidence before they pay one jenny. Some tracks or teeth from the beast or get the group involved to confess, something like that. I have no idea what to do if this actually happens to be a curse of some sort, hope the organization can put us through to a powerful enough nen exorcist I guess." At the end of saying all that Spike raised his head and let out an annoyed groan just thinking about the potential headache this could all be.

"Honestly, the only way I could see this being worst is if the damage was caused by someone, or several people, using nen. I doubt another professional hunter would do a job like that, but I wouldn't put it past some real criminal heavy hitters. Either way, If we find ourselves outnumbered by other competent nen users I suggest we withdraw with our findings. No reason to die over this, right?"

As cowardly as that might seem to some, Spike thought it perfectly sensible to live to fight another day in situations of being simply outgunned. He really hoped that by the end things wouldn't come down to a choice between saving himself and staying to battle with Stella, because he was starting to like her, but the choice was extremely clear.

He was not dying out here in the desert.
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Theme Song: Rivers in the Desert

Spoiler: click to toggle

Stella nods silently at that. So he is with the insurance company, make sense, then it would also be in the owner's best interest to show him the extent and uncover the cause to the incidents.

Although, from what she heard from the grumbling workers, apparently the owner hasn't been paying wages regularly, there was also this issue of whether certain part of the site is kept up to the safety standard, the thoughts of self directed incidents for insurance fraud briefly cross her mind as well. When she first saw Spike with the armband she honestly thought he might be instructed by the owner to keep on eye on her to make sure she doesn't find anything that she was not supposed to find, the suspicion has been eased for a bit.

"Don't be alarmed. We are just here to investigate the cause, and report it to the appropriate authority. Although I don't expect to encounter Hunters, but if it comes to that...willful destruction of personal property, I'm sure the Association's Crime Hunter's group would love to hear about it." She replies evenly.

Approaching the site now, Stella raises up a hand to block the heavy dust that was carried this way by the wind. After a minute, the sand settles down and the two proceed to descend onto the actual site.

Starting from the entrance, Stella activated her Nen to start scanning the site region by region. Although she did not expect to find Hunters' involvement, she can't exactly ignore a valid warning either, a standard scan would pick up most of the items used by a Nen user.

A shadow moves crossed in the background, Stella caught a glimpse with her preferential vision. She turns to look, only managing to catch the group of scaled wolf-like beasts vanishing away into the distance. "...That was the Markillborn Blacktail right...? I thought they only hunt at night, and this is why the nature is so fascinating." Stella smiles a bit, she was very close to become a beast hunter, she does find them interesting.

Soon they are approaching the first equipment, a large structure that appears to have crumpled under its own weight. So far the Nen scan has come up with nothing. Stella moves around the structure, eyes looking at each of the joints carefully, and even jumping up onto the base and onto the side of the structure that was sticking out of the ground. Beside normal wears and tears, and the occasional claw marks, nothing stands out to her. This far out into the field, she already knew that any number of different species might visit this site at night, but from the size of the scratches, whatever animal did it shouldn't be able to collapse a structure this size.

The sky darkens suddenly, as heavy rain clouds move across the sky and cover the sun. Stella looks up and briefly consider whether it was going to rain, she have forgot to check the weather before coming out today. But her worries are not founded as the cloud moved away showing the sun once more.

Stella turns to look at Spike, shaking her head, indicating that she didn't find anything. She wants to ask him whether he found anything, so she jumped down and walks around toward his location.

"Careful here."
She points to the ground. Somehow she didn't notice it when she came up here, maybe it was obscured by the structure. The patch of ground seems to be fresh, as if someone recently turns the soil, she didn't sense any Nen, it might be the work of a civilian, not sure what good a patch of that size could be use for. It was not large enough to be associated with the destruction. Stella puts it in the back of her mind and walked to join the other hunter. "Find anything?"
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an eternally busy little mango


Geanna and the middle-aged priestess in white robes bowed towards the altar to signal the end of the religious ceremony. She didn’t really belong to this religion but went along with the ceremony for politeness’ sake. Closing the altar, the priestess now turned to her and spoke. “And what brings you to our little town, my sister.”

“A small business, sister”. She replied. The lady was not really her sister but apparently that’s how this lot of nature worshippers addressed each other. From the short ceremony a while ago, she got that these people believed in the almighty power of Mother Nature and that all living creatures are related as brothers and sisters under her—animals included. As such, the sect has always been against the mining operations in the town but was able to do little. Money had more power these days. But when strange accidents started happening in the site, the lot became a little more restless and loud. ‘It was Mother Nature’s revenge for raping the earth’ they had said. They believe that Mother Nature has sent a spirit to destroy the abomination that threatens her creation and bring it back to the way it was. Many believers had sworn seeing the spirit roam the site. Strangely enough, some non-believers too had seen some sort of ghostly apparition before an accident occurred. And it was those people who had called on Geanna to investigate through a mutual acquaintance. She was apparently getting a little more famous now.

“And could that business have something to do with what has been happening in that sacrilegious place?” the woman asked.

Geanna could only give a tight smile in reply.

“I figured one of you lot would come by here eventually.” She said, as a servant came in and served them both some tea. “I understand how our stance in the entire thing makes us look like the prime suspects in what you think is mere sabotage but let me say this once and for all. I do not feel sorry for what has been happening to them but they are getting what they deserve, Mother Nature is seeing to that.”

“And the spirit that some have seen? Do you mean to say that it is the work of Mother Nature?”

“Ofcourse..” she sipped her tea.

Geanna did the same as she pondered her next move. Was the woman telling the truth? If not, could she be the source of what could be a nen-beast wreaking havoc on the site? And if she was telling the truth and this is in-fact a real spirit, is it even from the so-called ‘Mother Nature’ or is all this just a simple case of a poltergeist? She would love it if it were but she had to make sure that all angles are investigated before concluding that it was.

“Tell me more about the occurrences though.”

“From what I’ve heard, the one that happened the day before was the thirteenth one. There was a run-away machine… a digger I think they called it. It crashed into a mine entrance causing a cave-in. I hear they’re still digging bodies out until now.” She took another sip.

“And the apparition?”

“You’ll have to talk to the folks that actually saw it. If you stroll right into town, the local pub probably has a few of the miners hanging about right about sundown.”

“I see.” She replied and taking that as dismissal, she stood. “Thank you for your time and for the delicious tea.” Bowing, “I shall take my leave now.”

Geanna decided she got out all that she can from that source for now. The next thing to do was go talk to someone from the company itself. Someone official, or not so official. Either way she's seeing a long walk back to the town center.
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Spoiler: click to toggle

Spike's opinion of Stella shot up another few points when she reinforced that they were thankfully on the same page with the danger in this situation. For the rest of journey to the site he remained silent, not really having anything to further say at the moment. They'd gotten the important stuff out-of-the-way already, and striking up small right then seemed like a new way to get a mouthful of sand from the gusts blowing by. The hunter shielded his eyes from the flying particles, waiting until they'd descended into the site proper before shaking his head to clear the sand clinging to numerous dreads.

Stella's use of Nen prompted Spike to do the same, expanded his En to its maximum range, but not finding anything, even as he split from her to cover more ground. "Huh, I'll take your word for it." He calmly stated, after his partner pointed out something he was too slow turning around to see. "My expertise is more in treasure, antiques and wealthy governments than wildlife, I'm afraid." With that admission out-of-the-way, the hunter decided to fully split off for a moment as they approached a large structure.

A staging area further down another incline seemed as good as place as any to look about. It wasn't too impressive at first, mostly just scattered with garbage from hasty meals and broken hand tools, until he panned around saw a bright yellow loader laying on its side. This could've easily been chalked up operator if the cabin didn't look like a crushed soda can. Bits of Plexiglas and twisted steel crunched under Spike's shoes as he approached, Feeling a pit in his stomach as he surveyed the carnage. The seat was thankfully devoid of a victim, but the huge claw marks nearly bisecting it wasn't comforting either.

Spike turned to leave and report back his findings, post-haste, when he brushed against something he hadn't paid attention to: an absolutely flattened metal hard hat. The safety device resembled a cymbal off a drum kit now more than a helmet at this point, but it was easy enough to tell what it was, the equally smashed light on the front helped out. Spike only paused another minute or so to snap a few photos of the devastation with his phone for the company, then scooped up the helmet and sprinted back up the ramp towards where he'd left Stella.

"Found several things, none of them good." He fired back with a shaky smirk, as he approached and held up the ruined helmet. "Something stomped the hell out of this thing. Don't know how much force it'd take to get it like this, but seems like it'd be a lot without Nen, or being a big predator..." At the conclusion the hunter dropped the useless headgear without any fanfare, not picking up a trail with Gyo on the object before doing so.

"Where I found it was much worse. The owner was most likely driving this smashed loader down that incline over there. The cabinet was crushed in like this building's roof, but I found a claw mark of a larger size than these. " Spike went on, already having second thoughts on really wanting to solve this mystery, reigned in by thinking on the paycheck awaiting his return. "The odd thing was the lack of tracks for a creature that large or any gore from presumably from dragging the poor operator away. The plot thickens."

Kneeling at the patch of dirt Stella had pointed out, Spike reached out to grab a handful and run it through his fingers. He had no idea what this oddity's significance was at the moment, but it was definitely worth remembering for the mystery on a whole, if they lived to solve it.

"Think I saw more branching paths down the incline with the loader, I suggest we head that way next."
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Theme Song: Rivers in the Desert

Stella listens and nods as Spike was explaining his findings.

To kept her own head clear, although it is helpful to remember the rumors which sometimes held truth, at the moment it is more simple to separate the rumors from the facts that she knows.

Closing her eyes as she tries to remember everything she saw on the site, the Blacktails, the claw marks, the helmet stomped by creatures much larger or by Nen, and the patched soil.... The weather in this local region is just a lot of blowing sand, and any marks left on the ground will likely be covered by more fresh sand in or after a day. The workers worked during the day and return to the Town at night, due to the recent and escalating incidents, the site has been temporarily shut down for a few days, most workers are hanging around in the local pub. So it is doubtful that the workers made this. On the other hand, if a human or an animal were to turn soil, why?

"Think I saw more branching paths down the incline with the loader, I suggest we head that way next."

Stella was bring out of her thoughts as when Spike spoke of something that he saw along the way, and Stella nods in agreement.

The two starts to headed towards the incline, with the wind blowing by, when Stella spoke.

"Em. Let's also keep track of the time, I think the Blacktails visit this site at night-time, and we might not want to be here then. We can visit the local pub and speak to the miners, see if they know anything." Stella speaks as she walks beside him, walking on the dry ground when she suddenly blinks as she remembers something.

"If the soil is fresh, that means something visit there recently, it might come back again tonight. If you have a camera we could try to set up surveillance somewhere, if we catches anything it might solve the mystery..." But then again, shouldn't the owner of the site had surveillance set up already? How come that never came out during the conversation...?
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an eternally busy little mango

The night wind blew with it howls from the east and Geanna’s side began to warm in warning of the danger that was present. She turned to face the sound in hopes that whatever was making them was nowhere near her in the deserted country road. So far, nothing was out of the ordinary but she knew something was there.

“I don’t like it either.” She whispered to her brother as she adjusted the cloak that she wore to shield her from both the cold desert night air and the dust that danced in the breeze. Another howl answered the first, this time a little more to the southeast and a searing pain erupted from her side followed by a more adjacent growl coming from a large wolf-like silhouette that appeared beside her. The shadow bared its fangs at the direction from which the latest howls came from. Geanna took this a warning and began to notch an arrow from her back unto her bow. This she did just in time as a pack of five scaled wolves crept into view from the darkness of the shrubbery beyond. Her wolf brother began barking at the newcomers but this did not dissuade them. Slowly they stalked, one moving deliberately towards her right and a couple moving towards her left. Alarion snapped at the two closes to her but they were undaunted. Somehow they knew that although larger the white wolf might be, he posed no threat to them. Which sadly was true for he was merely a shadow, a ghost created by nen.

Geanna poised the arrow at the nearest creature, strengthened it with shuu and let it fly when it pounced. She hit it on its side and it fell to the ground in a whimper. Another wolf to her right ran straight towards her and Alarion too pounced on it only to sail right through it. This, however, mislead the wolf and it stopped in its tracks long enough for Geanna to notch another arrow and hit it right in the eye. That was when the three other wolves at the back attacked. She shot another arrow at them but missed. They were now close enough to try to bite her but she strengthened her bow with shuu and knocked one wolf on its side. She raised her bow for another blow when suddenly a pair of headlights illuminated the scene and the honk honk of a horn interrupted the ensuing fight. At the appearance of the vehicle, the wolves stopped and ran for cover.

Panting, Geanna put down her raised arms and shielded her eyes with one hand as she tried to make out whoever was in the vehicle. The car stopped beside her and she heard the door open, slam shut, and a pair of feet sounding in the sand coming towards her.
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Theme Song: Rivers in the Desert

Spoiler: click to toggle

Upon hearing the suggestion, Spike considers this carefully before eventually decided to place the camera on top of the fallen digger. Although it was not the highest point in the entire site, it was still conveniently placed so that its surveillance range covers the front entrance of the site. Due to the fact that the camera itself was a regular camera and not the surveillance type, it does not have that wide of a coverage, and furthermore, under this dusty weather condition and specially considering that it is likely that the most activity will be during the night time. He cannot hide the camera by placing it further away, doing so further limits the visual coverage. The end result was an attempt to cover the camera with straps, and hoping that it would look like that some bird species made a nest on top of the fallen digger.

In making this decision, the two have assumed that whatever was the cause will be made its way pass the entrance again, and that conclusion was made due to the track between the entrance and further away to the incline. But there was no guarantee that just because the loader moved between the entrance and the incline once that they will do it again tonight. However, not came prepared before-hand means that tonight will be more or less a gamble, if tonight's surveillance yield nothing, the two would come back tomorrow with better equipment, and it would also give them the opportunity to talk to the owner again.

Having said that, after examining the site, debating about where and how to set up the only camera, and finally setting up the camera, that took a lot more time than what was anticipated. When everything is set up and covered away, and erasing their own tracks, it was almost nightfall. To Stella, it would not make sense for them to travel back the town at this hour, since at nightfall is when some of the beasts are the most activated, they could get ambushed by beasts when traveling on the road, and it may be helpful if they hid away via Zetsu and remain close to the site and further act as surveillance themselves.

But she is not interested in persuading Spike to remain close to the site along with her. Stella's hatsu abilities allow her to instantly gets out of the battle as long as she is conscious, so she has no worries about getting trapped in the middle of a man-eating beasts, but Spike might not have a convenient way to get out from a battle and he did say that he would rather not engage in combat before. Knowing so, Stella told him that she will remain closer to the site and parted away from Spike, but not before telling him about the night fall activities and encourage him to hitch a ride back to town if possible. The local beast species are less likely to attack vehicles, they do not like the mechanical noise and electricity. Where he goes from here, she does not know.

The two parted away, and Stella uses her Zetsu to withdraw her aura within, keeping her harder to be detected. Stella chose to hid herself in a group of boulders, there wasn't that much to chose from in the desert area, and hid herself inside the sand. She peeks up at the sky above as it becomes darker and darker, with each hour passing by, she can sense the changes in the air. Something...has become excited, it felted like....anticipation, something is looking forward to the nightfall... it wants to come out....

The sun, slowly set down from the horizon, casting a redish ray over the entire site. The burning yellow of the sun slowly being swallowed away by the darkness bit by bit as it struggles to provide every last bit of light, before finally given away to complete darkness. The last ray of light, shine bloody red as darkness surrounds it from all sides, eating it away. Soon the site was completely dark.

Stella narrows her eyes as her sense picker up on something, someone...a Nen user, approaches the site from the road. Stella activated her night vision and let her eyes follow her senses, trying to locate the Nen user, before finally finding them and lock them in her sight.

The Nen user was at a distant, with some kind of animal following them and their figures were blurry in the dark, and further away from her. Is that the culprit...? Stella asks herself. Carefully, without being noticed, she remove herself from the sand and inches closer.

A howling sound suddenly pierce the night air. Stella stopped in her track to try to locate the direction of the sound. Have I being noticed by beasts while in stealth mode? What an amateur mistake lol, and I once called myself a beast hunter lol

But her questions were answered shortly as it becomes apparent that the figures, not Stella, were the ones who are noticed by the Blacktails. A group of five or six attempts to surround the figures and from here, it appears that the figures started to engaged the group in combat.

That cannot be the culprit if they are being attacked by beasts....the thoughts of baiting came briefly across her mind but Stella discarded the idea, if this is some innocent by-stander then she has to help them.

When she first came to the site, she scatter some of her hatsu seeds across the site, using her aura she locates the one nearest to the figures and instantly teleport herself to that location. Still quiet far away from the figures' actual location, she covers the rest of the distance by foot.

But before she can actually reach them, a truck that was once farther away down the road suddenly speed up above the speed limits and actually run over one of the Blacktail, spook the remaining group members and scared them away.

Stella arrives at the scene just as someone step out of the truck. Taking a second to catch her breath as she finally got a chance to look at the scene "Are you alright?" she asks while taking a look at the scene.
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