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The Caverns; Dietrich Baasch ¦ Magicite
Topic Started: Jun 30 2017, 07:58 PM (457 Views)
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Legacy of Akinzu: The Caverns
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An extremely deformed and skewed cave network, leading toward the hard to access east-wing of the Inner Temple. Rumour has it that a priceless treasure was once housed in this region of the Ziggurat.

The Caverns. A vast network of caves and tunnels, gnarled and distorted by the hands of time. A pair of hunters might opt to check their notes as they neared one of the many rocky maws that lead directly into the heart of the underground.

"Now whilst I'm not entirely sure what could have possibly caused these formations, I was never much of a geographer after all, I can tell you that it wasn't a natural occurrence." Read the first line of Buster Filigree's notes on the caverns. "Though I highly doubt that the caverns were created by the creatures of the desert, they appear to have tied the Wurmway tunnels into the area fairly seamlessly. Because of this, I suggest you remain wary whilst inside. Before you write it off however, there is one thing I have to say. Now I could be wrong, but these caverns should lead directly toward the East Wing. My research indicates that many ceremonies and trials were held in the section of the Inner Temple. I imagine there will be all manner of treasures held there, though you'll need to be aware of traps. Whilst I scoff at the notion that it'll be as well defended as the Vault, or the Catacombs, the Yehgua were no slouches when it came to their engineering!"

Dietrich Baasch

As Dietrich enters his side of The Caverns he would immediately be confronted with a wide cave, maintaining strange formation of the warped, skewed and jagged environment. It was littered with all manner of death and rot, from various animals, large and small, to even the remains of man. In the center of the cave the mess was piled almost as high as Dietrich was tall. The putrid stench of rotting flesh and ancient feces permeated the air; a foul scent that might even prompt the strong-stomached to relieve themselves of their last meal. Three distinct exits appeared to be the most obvious ways to progress: One sat high atop a ledge, almost directly to Dietrich's right; another was on the opposite side of the cave, leading straight ahead; and the final exit lay on the left, appearing to coil further downwards into the depths of the caverns.


Dark, damp, and lined with jagged protrusions, it was likely that one wrong move through the twisted tunnels could lead Magicite to be skewered. A strange atmosphere seemed to hang in the air, growing ever present as he progressed. The sound of movement seemed to reverberate around the Majyuu. Movement that was not his own... It wouldn't take long for him to come to a crossroads of sorts. A sudden drop, which seemed to lead towards the strange noises, or perhaps the better option was the quieter path directly ahead...?

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Magicite sat in the damp jagged cave pondering how it was that he had come to be at this place. In truth he had been alive a little over a month and had already found himself on a adventure traveling to the Aegis to learn how to become a hunter when he walked in on a speech conveying the findings of a person named Filigree. It appeared to him that this person found a place called The Lost Ziggurat of Akinzu. While many had obvious distaste and distrust of the proclamation, Magicite had no such reservations. Sure people lie all the time from what he had learned, but something like this didn't seem like such a lie.

Scratching his claws on the cave floor he felt for the vibrations.. "Why?" What a foolish creature he thought to himself. He knew that he shouldn’t be there, he knew that it was dangerous from the start yet he still ended up there. If it hadn't been for several making jest that if he wanted to be a hunter he should prove his worth in the caves. Little did he know that this wouldn't make him a hunter, that it could server to act as a gateway to the exams but wouldn't count as the exam...an exam he hadn't learned about yet.

Getting up on his knees he further surveyed the area. His Dragon Sight wasn't picking up any movement near him, at least not within 20 meters but he could tell that the sudden drop, which seemed to lead towards the strange noises, would pose to be the most adventurous path. With the idea of challenge sparking his interest he'd proceed down and head deeper into the cave.
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They say love makes people do crazy things in life.

Dietrich Baasch, the man who had come to terms to his priestly identity and was getting too used to referring to himself as Nietzsche, would agree with the statement; though he would argue that sometimes they may interpret it way too literally.

While they speak of love as in affection for at least one other existence present near them, Nietzsche believed that the more accurate form of love as per described in the statement would be the kind of concern that is fueled by overwhelming worldly desires as opposed to something based on emotional sentiments. He speaks, of course, of the love of money.

Of wealth, of fame, of vanity.

The selfish need to satisfy one's curiosity.

And such was the reason for him being here, in this particular ziggurat discovered by a dead man whose name Nietzsche had not bothered to commit to memory. He had, after all, came across the information in one of his personal excursions involving some of his lost little lambs and offering them solace in deliverance.

Supposedly, there were mountains of undiscovered treasure buried somewhere within the architecture just waiting for someone to grab a handful of them. Since Nietzsche wasn't going to get his money back from those lambs he had guided down the righteous path, he thought this would make for a good opportunity to offset that loss. He came into the structure through one of the entrances provided in the information with his own set of expectations, though what he experienced had most certainly exceeded them.

"Jesus Christ..."

He hissed, stopping himself before he could utter more blasphemous profanities even in breath. Not necessarily because he is a man of god, but because the stench of death and waste polluting the air surrounding him was so disagreeable that just being in there and respiring to a bare minimum of what was required for survival felt like coating his own throat in a layer of flavored novelty sauce he would never be a fan of. Nietzsche knew his way around the scent and taste profiles of raw meat, so he was perhaps more able to withstand the odor in comparison to others who weren't as familiar to it if he put in the extra effort. Still, he had to admit that he would never get used to this level of unacceptable. At least for now.

He coughed once, then twice as a gesture of coping to the environment before giving the interior of the cave he had arrived at a more careful observation. Aside from the obvious pile of hell ingredients in the center of the spacious cave, there were three exits he spotted from which he could proceed with his business. Nietzsche made his way to observe them closer from each of the entrance, weighing his options against one another as he entertained the passing thoughts of caution that crossed his mind which served as constant reminders for him to remain alert at all times. After all, a lot of people had gathered here in the ziggurat right about now; all creatures with desires, ego and capabilities to put their needs above others.

He couldn't walk around comfortably knowing that he wasn't the only man after the treasure, and he knew he didn't have the luxury of time to leisurely decide on where to proceed next. Plus, he figured that if he were to stay in here for a more extended period of time, he would hurl sooner or later.

With that, he made up his mind and cautiously went straight ahead toward the opposite side of the area and past the entrance. He had no particular reason to pick that over the other two except for the thought that it was simply too early in the stage to be fretting over choices. Though he was aware that he needed to proceed carefully, there were neither clues discovered nor hints shown anywhere within the vicinity that would contribute to him making a more informed decision at the moment.
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There's drugs to be done, so I gotta run

(OOC: I'll be taking over narration for Zack, at his request. My style of narrating is a bit different then his, so bear with me)

Although the Caverns of the Inner Temple were plentiful, and many lead to nowhere, there is a place where a plethora connect. Near the center of the Caverns, a dome of sorts laid. With paths running through in every direction, it is unclear which are entrances and which are exits. Littering the walls of the dome were vertical tombs, most of which had fallen to crumbling pieces. The few intact ones were still sealed. The stalactites above dripped water onto the floor, creating puddles on the ground. Carcasses were scattered throughout, most decomposed beyond identifying. The rest of the hub was relatively empty, with light peering in from small crevices. Broken tablets and grave markers were the only clue as to what the hub was.

Two travelers approached, and soon they'd learn it's purpose. Above one of the tombs was a ledge, with a path leading straight up and out of the Caverns. A lone mayjuu made his way down the path with adventure on his mind. Similarly, another traveler walked towards the hub. The holy man had his own intent on entering, and delved into the Ziggurat in hopes of satisfying his desires. Although the two's motivations were separate, their path would become one in the same.
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Magicites's hopes were fulfilled much earlier than he had expected. He had already reached what seemed to be a central nexus for the caverns, though It was one of despair and death; littered with unmarked graves and broken tablets.


He was of course making an educated guess as to this being a grave-site but he was comfortable with his analysis. Looking around the dome it was clear he was trying to understand its meaning, dimension, depth for he had heard some stories, some happy and others sad of funeral sites. The happy ones said that the inhabitants of such a site were in a better place; a heaven were they were always joyful, as if the celebration would last forever. But he had also heard that like heaven there was a polar opposite; a place of fiery hell and punishment that some, if not most would end up at.

Taking a moment to think before fully descending down he'd cross his arms and place one fist under his chin.

Is heaven just for humans or is it a place for anyone or anything? Is there even a heaven or do we simply just return to the karmic wheel and become reborn in a new body as the monks say? One would think these humans would have a general common theory but they don't. From area to area their beliefs change....I wonder why this is the case? While I do not wish to die I suppose one day I will learn the secret. I will know what is behind the veil of life, whether it is happiness or fantasy.

Finishing his thoughts Magicite descended at a comfortable and safe pace down to the center of the dome before he noticed he wasn't alone. Having come from a height advantage he'd notice there was someone else approaching from elsewhere into the same room. Figuring it for a hunter sent to investigate as well Magicite would stop his approach before casual leaning up against a rock to wave.

"Greetings. I see you were sent down here with me as well."

Not wanting to divulge to much of his own intentions he'd leave the greeting at that. In his experience it was hit or miss how people reacted to him given his appearance.
Edited by Magicite, Jul 11 2017, 05:07 AM.
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Nietzsche had hoped that the air in the caverns would carry a tame scent once he had proceeded further, but all hope was diminished as soon as he arrived on the other side of the path he followed. The same pungent odor of rot and death colored his surroundings with many levels of discomfort, and it wasn't difficult to figure out that he needed to be more cautious from now on.

True, he had only walked a path once and was not well-equipped to make predictions of the events of the near future, but the amount of 'accidents' that spelled the end to these creatures' lives sufficiently served enough as a warning. There must have been something that these creatures couldn't fight, or there must be a complex secret to the winding of the paths in this ziggurat. Both were patterns he could only deduce; not confirm.

As such, there was only one thing that he could do now if he didn't plan to turn back and quit, and that was to proceed. So he did, treading on narrow spaces and dodging well-formed stalactites and stalagmites on his way to the treasure buried in this structure.

Nietzsche was quite taken aback that upon his arrival in a space larger in comparison from the ones he had to go through to reach it, it wasn't just a combination of mysterious ancient architecture and undesirable odor of rotting flesh that welcomed him. An entity, horned and tailed yet spoke like a man though was clearly not of human origins, greeted him briefly. A monster? He carefully reached for his weapon strapped to his back, but didn't allow himself to be rash and point it at the other immediately.

But he spoke. Not a monster?

Nietzsche observed the taller presence in the room, scanning for other information that might serve as clues. He had known of such entities' presence in the world, a presence that mimicked 'monsters' in appearance and might or might not think like one, but he never imagined he would see one with his own eyes. He didn't quite expect to bump into someone else so quickly, either, so it was double the surprise there. It just meant that there were that many people hunting for the same loot in one enclosed space - human or not.

"Well, well; look at what we have here. Good day, sir,"
he replied, practicing careful approaches on how to interact with the majyuu. With a being he had never had the opportunity to foster any kind of relationship with. He didn't want to divulge anything important about himself and to continue the current topic of conversation would be dangerous for Nietzsche who gained his right of entry into the ziggurat by force, so he decided to divert it into something seemingly light-hearted.

"Are you wearing a costume, by the way? Or are you not wearing one? I know some people have quirky tastes, but I've never seen one this quirky up until now. Nice horns, too."
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(OOC: I had been waiting on a mod post but I guess I"ll add a convo post instead to keep the thread moving)

IC: Having someone reach for their weapon wasn't something Magicite wasn't unfamiliar with. Being a Majyuu, a magical beast, he hadn't always had the best of reactions when meeting new people. From his experience the smaller towns would shy away from him where as the larger cities seemed to more or less expect him. One thing Magicite always wondered is if this was the case with all towns and villages. The brief thought would come and go as fast it came that he'd need to test his theory and visit a town that is known to have Majyuu nearby to see how they'd react to a new breed showing up.

Keeping himself on guard but showing no signs of threatening behavior he'd make sure not to provoke the armed but so far kind adventure speaking to him. Lighting laughing he'd reply.

"No no. Not a costume I'm afraid. I'm a Majyuu from what I gather. That's a good thought though. Maybe saying it's a costume would make it so I don't scare children in towns so much!.....So it would appear we are the only two down here send by the hunter association and it's quite the scene don't you think? I get we are here to explore and race to treasures hidden down here but from what I can gather from the smell and appearance of the place there is something dangerous down here.

Let me start off by saying my name is Magicite. I think it would be advantageous to group up and explore this place together and split any treasure we find. Heck depending on what the treasure is I may just let you have it without fuss since my wants and needs for being here aren't motivated by money. As a show of good faith I'll let you in on why I'm here. I wish to prove myself to the hunters association so I may join it. I also wish to find ancient armor and swords to use or collect for personal reasons.

So what do you say sir? Would you be willing to provide your name and work together? At least for a bit?"

Magicite knew the offer was a risky gambit. More the likely the man would lie about his name, motives and could even turn around and stab him in the back when he's not expecting it; leaving him a corpse to add to the smell of the place. It was natural for Magicite to think this way. After all, through his experiences, he has come to believe that many follow the adage Mundus Vult Decipi, Ergo Decipiatur, a phrase meaning “The world wants to be deceived, so let it be deceived.” This has caused him to adopt the belief that everyone lies. Because of this he is distrusting but he doesn't show it or state it, he's just well aware that there aren't a lot of people out there in the world that are truly always honest and for the most part everyone lies sometimes.

Edited by Magicite, Jul 19 2017, 06:23 AM.
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Nietzsche stood with his hands folded on his back, listening to whatever the Majyuu had to say about their current predicament. He was hardly shocked to hear that Magicite wasn't donning a costume - he had half-expected that. The majyuu's statement, however, sounded surprisingly sincere that it was hard to doubt him, but at the same time the false priest also had no reason to believe him. A Majyuu seeking acceptance to live alongside mankind and be a part of a highly prestigious organization sounded too much like an ideal, but he supposed everyone was allowed to have a dream to work toward.

Should he doubt, or should he play along in this honest little game?

"Now, now; that makes it so much easier for me, then,"
he replied, then took a noticeable pause before he resumed his sentence. At this point Nietzsche had determined his choice to place a little faith on Magicite, and he intended to see it through till the end. After all, being partially convinced by Magicite's words was not equal to being completely convinced by whatever he had said. Nietzsche didn't have to be honest, but he didn't need to string words of lies all the way through his explanation, too.

"You see, Magicite, my ultimate goal for even bothering to come here in the first place is the potential monetary value of the treasure. I'm interested in the pursuit of money; not so much by the thrill of the race, the collecting thing or the killing, but if those are what I need to do to get my share, then so be it," Nietzsche explained, his voice calm and quiet. "But since you're not interested in money, I have no reason to harm you. And I don't care if you were to harm me, either; I believe I can defend myself just fine, though I would prefer to save the effort."

He kept quiet once again, taking the advantage of the little time he got to phrase his next statement. "So, what I'm saying is... I find your statements acceptable, and would henceforth agree to work together. I don't have sharpened senses like you may have, counting your blessings at birth, so I'm concerned about whatever dangerous thing is somewhere down this maze."

Nietzsche kept his interaction with Magicite casual, with nothing too much to share and reveal but his thoughts and opinions at this very moment. How to ensure his survival, how to keep himself safe, and how to get what he wanted out of this deal.

"Now that that's been established, shall we move on?"
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Flame Ingot
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For the time being, the Majyuu and False Priest stood outside the strange dome centered within The Caverns. Was the treasure inside this insurmountably large half sphere? Was this really just a central hub from which offshoot paths lead deeper into The Caverns? Too many questions unable to be answered at the moment. The Majyuu and Priest would need to make up their mind; attempt to climb the outside of the dome or enter though the path upon which the two adventurers' journey's connected.

Their conversation hinted at entering the dome rather than scaling the more than mammoth dome; being so immeasurably high at it's peak in such a seemingly cramped cave would make climbing difficult, to say the least, but at least the two adventurers were able to see some of outside unlike the inside. Not only was the outside of the dome visible, but other paths connected into and out of the dome. Perhaps one of these paths lead deeper into the mysteriously connected caverns? Again, too many questions. For now, the choice would be up to the adventurers.

Unfortunately, the decision needed to be made quickly; many strange, animal-like sounds littered The Caverns. Sticking around to find out what these sounds originated from would likely not be a great idea. The Dragon and Shark would need to come to a consensus quickly if they valued their lives or stick around to gamble their lives. Regardless of their decision, danger awaited them within and around the dome.
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While it was true he had sharpened senses it's not like they reach a massive distance. That and from the looks of it he might be more durable than this man given his scales, so taking up a vanguard type position might be the smarter thing.

"Just remember Magicite. Looks can be deceiving. Sensei was small and frail looking but even with your best attack you couldn't scratch him."

"Very well. I shall lead. It's true my birth has given me some advantages and there is no sense in hiding that. However if we are going to be working together effectively maybe you could tell me a little more about what you can do. I myself have protective scales given my draconic nature, which admittedly is obvious, and the enhanced senses. Outside that I think the logical thing would be to move deeper and take the central path. If we need to backtrack "

While talking Magicite would begin to move in the most logical direction he'd take a determinant step forward unless his new partner objected. He'd also use Gyou on his eyes for a moment to scan the area around them and into the path of where every they were about to enter.
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