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[Completed]Diplomat for a Day; Will they start a war, or just have tea?
Topic Started: Jul 30 2016, 01:34 PM (334 Views)
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I'm just here to RP

“...and that’s why you’re ideal Bill..” continued Evans, the C.E.O.’s right hand man. His manicured hand rested on the accountant’s shoulder, an expensive watch visible beneath his cuff. “You’re a man of simple consequences. You already carry yourself with the dignity of a diplomat.. I wouldn’t be surprised if anyone failed to notice you’ve replaced the Kakin Ambassador for the day. Here’s your visa, travel arrangements, some petty cash for whatever you might need.” The stately blonde set down an attractive brown leather ledger with the said items neatly arranged inside. “I even went ahead and had the tailor customize a few suits for you Bill, the same one who handles the Chief’s duds.” This was added in a confidential tone, Evans grinned and straightened up again.

“What do you say Bill?”

Dorn smirked down at the passport she had lifted from the gullible intern. She could pull off that look without any problems. She was thinner and had white hair, but she could always say that she lost weight. The woman was easy for Dorn to get information out of; lonely and insecure … excited about a sudden chance at glamour in her mundane life. Of course this poor intern was probably being framed.. an expendable peon to act as Ambassador in Kakin for a day. Probably some kind of terrorist attack was scheduled. Dorn didn’t really care, as long as she got a good seat, she would be satisfied. She left the train with her new purse filled with money and documents clearing her for the Kakin Embassy. This would be interesting.. much better than the pit fighter she had been eyeing to seduce. Those guys with the hulking muscles and tattoos.. a bunch of softy romantics.
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The answer to all the questions you could possibly have is simple. Mortgage. Why was Bill here? Needed to pay his mortgage. Why would he even consider getting involved with Kakin even for a single day? Needed to pay his mortgage. The world seemed to revolve around currency he didn't have and he needed to get himself paid quickly before the bank would foreclose his home. Bill was not a happy man, but there was one thing he knew how to do for sure, and that was suck it up and get some work done. When he'd accepted the job to fill in a position at a big office like the one he was at, he was rather hoping his experience as an accountant would get him through the day. It was a job made just for him, heck, it was sent to him practically directly via E-Mail.

What he didn't expect was this particular task. Apparently, one of their ambassadors to the Kakin Kingdom was out sick or something of the sort. They needed a person who was just as completely inconspicuous as he was, someone totally not worth noting or questioning. Just a normal guy with normal features. A guy just like Bill. The entire thing was being explained to him like a sales pitch, but Bill was already resigned to the position he was given. Typically hunters were prone to doing wild things like acting like they're above their clients and making ridiculous demands. But not this hunter.

Bill would speak up with a forced smile, practiced to seem as genuine as possible. "Sure thing! Seem's perfectly reasonable!" he would say, in a dutiful and cheery mannerism.

With that he would get into the preparations.


After a while, a few hours at most it seemed to him, Bill would arrive at the Kakin Kingdom by train. He was wearing a suit which was tailored slightly too big, just a spare from the CEO that didn't quite fit the big man. It was just enough to look somewhat inappropriate for the situation, but there wasn't any time to fix the problems at hand, so the Ex-Accountant would look like a total loser all around. Pants were baggy, suit jacket's shoulders were too big, as if designed for a person 3 inches taller. The tie was fresh though, so it was alright in Bill's eyes. The coffee stains on his normal ties were basically the worst.

As he exited the train, something didn't feel right in the area. Another Nen Practitioner was in the area. They weren't actively using it per se, but they clearly had a sustained Ten aura, and he could feel them. He wouldn't have minded so much if they weren't literally surrounded on all sides by them, but it seemed every other ambassador had normal aura around them, that of a person who was just leaking little streams, uncontrolled, unlearned. Not like the lady, who was also pretty far from inconspicuous. White hair was not a common trait, she was practically trying to stand out.

He would shrug after a moment and avert his eyes. That ambassador was none of his business. He would head towards the embassy, briefcase in hand, and formal-wear too large.
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I'm just here to RP

'Oh I see you...' * She mentally purred, and made her way to the Embassy shortly after. Dorn took her time, browsing faces and streets.. taking in the various nuances and quirks of the proud Kakin citizens. A bunch of pretentious fools in her estimation. Boring. Of course, she'd stir things up a little and watch the trendy composed faces fall. Every. Last. One.

The security was tighter than she expected, but the beauty managed to charm her way in without too much effort. Once inside, she felt a rush of energy.. this place was easily the most breath-taking palace she'd ever set foot in. Ahh her dress was barely appropriate. She'd have to drape herself with fucking jewelry to maintain the ruse. It couldn't be helped. Within the hour, Dorn had changed into a dramatic and fashionable Kakin gown, and had twisted her hair up into a jeweled arrangement befitting of a true Kakin higher.

Now.. to find little mister with the big clothes.

"Excuse me Miss?" An attendant bowed low with a clip board in her hands. She wasn't fat, just chubby. Probably a mother of two. She seemed to have a headache by the way her smile didn't quite reach her eyes. That or she just got a dreadful email of some kind.

"The Princes are here."

Dorn blinked. The attendant bit her lip. Dorn watched the other's brow moisten and a very subtle squirm. Good. Very good.

"You were aware that you had royal guests coming, it was in the briefing .. you--"

"Yes yes of course. I'll do my duty and ensure they are properly greeted. Show me to the receiving room."* Dorn didn't have a clue about Princes and briefings, but it was fun to pretend.

"Y-yes Miss, right this way."

Heels clicked in a satisfying way on the marble floors as Dorn entered the lavish reception hall.
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It seemed like nobody in the area was capable of producing a Ten aura. Bill was only taking note because the entire place was really, really confusing. All in all, there was a gown for every lady and a suit for every man, and that was if they weren't mock royalty with flowing cloaks. It was all too high-fantasy for him, because even the suits were something out of a Victorian nobleman's wardrobe. Made him stand out like a sore thumb, which wasn't exactly the plan.

Then again, maybe he was just being a little paranoid due to the fact that in all the people he could actively feel around him, there was just the one Nen User. Single practitioners were loads of trouble. As he would head towards the embassy building, he would pay mind to the culture and mannerisms of the Kakin people. Posh, pomp, ludicrously great at sneaking snakes into their words. Every word held venom, it was as though it was proper manners to subtly insult your conversational partner. Bill knew from that moment that he wasn't going to fit in well if he needed to talk.

Nevertheless, he'd managed to lose track of the lady from before. Suited him far better than the suit he was wearing, since he needed to clear his head. As he made it to the counter, the receptionist would look at him with a look he recognized in the bathroom mirror, resignation. "Papers please." she would speak to him, giving a forced smile.

Bill would set his briefcase on the counter, for a moment and click it open, responding in kind, "Certainly." The way he did it seemed pretty common, but the reinforcement on the mundane-looking locks required a twinge of nen capabilities to open it. Or borderline super strength and very deliberate effort. Like opening metal lunchbox that would normally require a crowbar and a sledgehammer, but instead with your fingers. Nen let him have security measures like that in place, albeit he was pretty much garbage at actually putting them there.

Sitting atop his pile of coffee-stained ties, was the provided leather ledger from the meeting room. He'd remove it from the case and then close the case to a shut-but-still-unlocked position, so that he could keep it in his peripherals without worry of his clipboard or pencil going missing. He'd open the binder, and splay out the necessary paperwork, the money that was inside originally long since having gone into his wallet, which was also in his briefcase, and had similar countermeasures on it.

When the receptionist would finish running the paperwork, which took forever for her to manage compared to a true professional like himself, Bill would gather all his things together, lock his briefcase back up with all its contents, and get himself a guide to the reception room. This room was a lot more lively, he would look around to see many business-looking men. His eyes darted around for the lady from before, but it appeared she hadn't arrived yet. Good. Maybe he could get through the day without some crazy event transpiring, and get his bills paid off.
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I'm just here to RP

She felt him all day, and now here he was...a painfully ordinary man. Amusing even. He had been keeping tabs on her too. It was rather cute. Dorn entered into the dramatically lit hall and didn't bother with the typical games. Blue eyes found his and locked on. She wore a faint smile and prepared her Eye Contact technique, heels clicking, skirt trailing on the polished floor as she approached.

Dorn liked him. This little man with his little aura. A tiny baby thing. An idiot pawn who might have gotten on well with the lonely intern she'd stolen this position from. 'Well now you've got me. What will you do?' * She mused. Perhaps she'd come on to him, watch him sweat and try to cover up his desire. Or maybe she'd ignore him, taste his indignation and self loathing, and then come on to him. Decisions decisions.

Dorn stopped directly in front of the little man, his height not being the actual measure of his smallness. Silence. The faint smile grew wider, and she laughed lightly. Ahh this was entertaining. For now.

"If you must speak to me, you may call me Theresa, or "my darling". I will call you Small Man." *

Lifting her hand, Dorn stroked his tie. It was so awful to be bored, and already she was tired of waiting for things to begin. Nasty thoughts always pounced when she was without amusement.. it was exhausting but Dorn managed to stay occupied most of the time. Today shouldn’t be a problem. Hopefully there would be a massive explosion. Those were always fun. The intense sounds, and sights.. bloodied screaming victims of the blast. The scrambling. The brave first respondents and their own secret pain that they managed..it was like music to Dorn’s soul.

Or perhaps it would be a subtle tragedy. This visit with the Royal nothings.. a small impropriety of some kind.. sparking a ten year war. Dull, but not without it’s place on Dorn’s love list. That sort of thing came with the most gorgeous subtlety and only those with highly refined sensibilities such as herself could properly feast on it. For now, she’d have to make do with Small Man.
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It wouldn't be a long time before he'd sat himself down and made smalltalk with the people around him. Bill was borrowing lines, responding to questions in a businesslike and rational mannerism, adding in a slight hint of pompous superiority complex that seemed to be a cultural requirement for the kingdom. The accountant would be well blended. But that was to everyone who was also a diplomat in the room.

He found himself at the center of attention within seconds of a familiar arrival. The other Nen User, now dressed to impress with loads of jewels and gems. She burst in like a member of the royal family herself, though Bill had reviewed the available information on the nobility he was here to meet, she wasn't literally even remotely reminiscent of a single person he was to be diplomatically engaging. Did not seem to matter though, she seemed quite keen on him.

He could tell by the way she stroked his tie and told him to call her 'darling'.

His thoughts were elsewhere, the job at hand, and how this would affect it. 'What the hell, woman?' he questioned silently within his mind. He could probably file a sexual harassment suit if she was a professional, but he could tell by her utter lack of tact that she was not. There were certain codes to diplomacy she wasn't following, and while he wasn't an expert in that particular field, he knew something for sure: If you are acting noticeably different from the surroundings, you have a different job.

"Sorry, Ms... Theresa, you said? I'm working right now. Perhaps a drink later?" he would counter, not explicitly interested in the woman, but knowing that outright rejection was the wrong choice. A drink later was the best he could think of, it wasn't so much desperation as it was the only real option a diplomat could take in a new land. "After all, the princes are to arrive soon, no?" he added, snatching one of the provided snacks from off to the side, it appeared to be shrimp cocktail by the texture.

With a basic legerdemain trick, he would snatch a second and adjust a third to look like the one he noticeably took was somewhat stuck to another piece. He would bite the original shrimp's meat off of the tail. He figured fishy breath would clear him some personal space. The second piece he took was being reserved, in case the false diplomat got more friendly than she was ready. Nobody expects a piece of shrimp to intercept.

He flicked the tail away to divert eyes away, only for it to land on another familiar face's shoulder.

That familiar face belonged to one of the princes, who slipped into the hall without notice thanks to an outrageous display by the fancily clad... Spy? Assassin? He couldn't read the lady. Probably her signature trait.

But that wasn't the center of his attention anymore. His eyes were locked on the royal shoulder he'd just profaned with the hollowed carapace of a small shellfish. He would sit stunned, an expression of true shock diverting his gaze from his temptress of the eve. He may have just failed his mission.

The prince would blink and look at it for a moment, before shrugging and flicking it away. Probably ready to use it as ammunition soon. Bill only injured his mission this time.
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I'm just here to RP

Small Man’s response was well executed, smooth. Dorn questioned his sexuality for a moment, only to push it aside in favor of how well he’d handled her in general. He was the ideal pawn. Saying just the right things: not too assertive but firm. His tone was neither standoff-ish nor overly pleasant. Small Man had executed his move in perfectly neutral form, giving her something of a treat. The possibility that he might submit to her. But it was his power play, weakness. Dorn knew she had underestimated him. Furthermore, his instincts were either very good or this little fool was lucky; reaching for hors d'oeuvres just as she was about to test her Hatsu on him. Of course Dorn planned to wait for those bland eyes to lift back up to meet hers but royal guests had arrived.

Slightly annoyed she allowed the careless idiot flick seafood and didn’t bother to intercept it. ‘I’ll have you later if I am inclined..’ * Oh she didn’t like being handled. No no.. that wasn’t allowed. She’d make him pay for it with extra pain or humiliation. His time would come one way or another.

Turning, she noticed the closest Prince had quickly stepped into the exterior hall. Most likely to deal with their newest adornment of shrimp bits. Small Man could deal with that mess, the teenager was hers. A young female.. sixteen or so, with white blonde hair and simple clothes. Her expression suggested to Dorn that she was chosen specifically for this visit because of her naturally docile manner. Of course there was always the possibility that the Prince was as shrewd as Dorn herself, but it was yet to be made known. Until then, Dorn would make her the new source of focus and play with her.

“Welcome your Majesty, it is a great honor to please you. I am Theresa of the Seventh Province, and this is Small Man. His name was given to him by natives and it holds importance contrary to it’s implications.” *

Dorn bowed nicely and the Prince brought a nervous finger to her teeth. Again, this was either a cute trick or this Royal child was the submissive one of the pair and most likely concerned about the other’s reaction to the wardrobe crisis. Dorn straightened and smiled.
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Prone to Madness

I really liked the concept behind this thread, and would have liked to see where it went.

  • Gon w/ Dorn:1 SP, 200,000 Jenni, 3 RP
  • TBU w/ 'Small Man':150,000 Jenni, 1 RP

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Prone to Madness

This topic is now completed.
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