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[Completed]#aiflowers; training thread, Jake and Fia.
Topic Started: Mar 23 2015, 01:43 AM (1,102 Views)
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Fia answered her phone which displayed an anonymous number, to her surprise it was Sahara, the terrifying woman from the Celestial Tower - one of her mum's close friends. The woman said that her and Fia needed to meet up at some point and gave her a place in time, then abruptly hung up.

The café was one that Fia was familiar with, it was one of her mother's favourites and they all knew Fia by name there, giving her a special booth in the back. Sahara showed up 7 minutes late, and started the conversation even before sitting down, not acknowledging the waiter about to ask for her order. "I'm sure you are wondering why I directly disobeyed your mother and allowed you to get to the 70th floor of the celestial tower." To be honest, Fia hadn't gave much thought to it, she was too busy moving on to bigger and better things, but she feigned interest. "I'm currently a one-star hunter" Sahara continued, with her penetrating gaze, "and I could have probably moved up to the rank of a three star hunter, if I could only become a two-star hunter. Which doesn't seem to make sense at first, but let me explain...

"In order to become a successful one-star hunter, you need to have made a significant contribution in the world of a specific field, which I have. And to become a three-star hunter, you need to have made a VERY significant contribution to the world across multiple fields of study, which I have. But in order to become a two-star hunter, you need to have one of your students become a one-star hunter, and I have never taken on a student before, I have been two busy doing my job and making money. It's an unfortunate little step they put in the middle of the three star system, but a necessary one. Now, I'm not about to volunteer my precious time to somebody who isn't willing to put in the work to become a one-star hunter, because otherwise I can find somebody else, but based one what you showed me at the celestial tower, I feel like you could do it."

Fia's heart raced. She had never been taught by a real trainer before. Her sensei at home was always holding back but she knew that Sahara's goal was to move Fia up in the world of Hunters, even if it was for semi-selfish reasons. "Yes!" Fia exclaimed (a little too loudly for this quaint café) "I would love to." (she readjusted her volume after receiving multiple dirty looks. "But I promised that I would train with a friend of mine, Jake, after we had a mission out in the desert. I couldn't just leave her"

"Bring him along" Sahara said as she was packing up her things. "If he's as dedicated as you then I wouldn't mind having two one-star students"

"It's a her..." Fia corrected, but Sahara was looking off in the distance, thinking about having two one-star hunters as students, and how badass she would look rolling into her three-star hunter application looking with that on her resumé.

"You and your friend meet me in Jappon in about a week and a half, I need to get some things ready before we leave." She packed her things and left Fia at the booth. The waiter came back confused, and with an extra coffee which would remain untouched.

Fia's excitement was running through her veins. She didn't stop to think for a minute if Jake would be into it or not, but who wouldn't be. A world-renown hunter asking to privately train you?!?! What an opportunity, you would have to be daft to pass it up. She immediately called Jake...
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an eternally busy little mango

"Alright, thanks for your patronage" Jake beamed at the customers she had just delivered a couple of bottles of ice-cold pop to. Hugging the tray to her chest, she walks away back to the bar area of the resort she was currently employed to. It's been a few months since the big job in the desert so now she's back to feeding herself via the various temp. jobs she could find in the cities she passes on her random journey.

This time, she had found herself at the luxurious beaches on the west coast of the Yorubian Continent. The day was warm and the sun glittered off the cerulean waves. The seaside was teeming with life. The scene was littered with many vacationers from the city. Jake sighed as she walked the warm white sands to her destination. She too couldn't help but be tempted to join the beach goers in their fun. But she had work to do so she shrugged off the thought and walked straighter and with more purpose though sometimes she wanted to march straight into the locker room instead of to her post at the poolside bar. She was deeply conscious of herself because her employment required her to wear scanty pieces of swimwear that was barely covered by the thin piece of clothing the hotel dared to call a shirt. It was cut in a razor back that showed off her tanned and toned arms and only long enough to slightly cover her midriff. Across the chest of the shirt was emblazoned the fiery red emblem of the hotel, attracting too much attention to that part of her anatomy which was often hidden behind loose shirts and/or jackets. Beneath that she wore a bright lemon bikini with turquoise strings that made a good contrast and brought attention to her long toned legs. Jake wanted to melt. She wasn't used to this and felt awkward but the pay was too good to pass up. So with a fake smile plastered on her face, she carried no.

"Hey, Jake!" called the head waitress from behind the bar. Jake liked the her a lot. She was a sweet petite woman who had been working for the hotel with her husband for 30 years. She had lost her husband a few years ago but she still kept her job there in memory of all the hard work they had been through in that place. They had met each other there and built their small family from what they earned there so it was a very special place for her. Jake beamed at her as she approached from the other side of the pool. "Thanks for the hard work." the sweet lady began. "When Linda comes back you can begin your break."

"Thanks, Dianne." she replied, depositing the tray she was carrying and leaning her elbows on the counter.

"Find any cute boys on your rounds?" Jake was surprised to hear the woman say.

"D, what~" she stammered, red quickly staining her face.

The old lady chuckled. "You may package yourself like a man but I can tell otherwise." She finished with another round of giggles at Jake's highly embarrassed face.

Jake was saved from further embarrassment by the arrival of the other waitress, Linda. She thankfully grabbed the opportunity to retreat to the safety of their locker room at the back.

She was cooling her face with a soaked clean cloth when she heard a ringing coming from within the lockers. It took a second more for her mind to register that the tone was hers. Sure she received mail notices for jobs via her phone's messaging service but a call was a rarity so much so that when one does come, it takes her a moment to recognize. She quickly puts down the cloth on the sink and rummages through her stuff, locates the phone and answers it.

The call turned out to be from her friend, Fia. She had met the girl in her previous big gig at the desert. She was a spirited young martial artist and Jake grew to like her a lot. They became friends in no time and even exchanged contact details after everything. Fia called to tell her of an opportunity to train with a world-renowned hunter.

All manner of curses ran through Jake's mind from her disbelief at such a good opportunity. She started wondering who her friend really was that she was able to have such high connections. Nevertheless, she was thrilled and did not pass up the rare opportunity. She was told that they were to meet at a certain dojo in the country of Jappon a week and a half later. Wow! To be trained by a star hunter. Jake was starry-eyed and almost drifted off daydreaming. She thanked Fia and excitedly promised to see her sooner if not soonest. Once she got off the phone, she tucked her phone back into her bag and skipped all the way back to her post with a smile as bright as the sun. "Star Hunter" kept echoing in her mind for the days till then.

[OOC: And there we go. I was exploring how to give depth to Jake by exposing a weakness or two. The manly man, it turns out, has insecurities with her femininity. Yep. Slowly but surely she's growing. It was a good choice that we're being trained by a female too.]
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Fia and Jake found themselves in a dark room, their ears rang from the white noise emanating from the screen in front of them, and they squinted their eyes at the harsh white.

* * *

Weeks before she traveled to Jappon, Fia spent time with her family. She didn't realize how much she would miss her mum and dad and town until after she had left. She had quickly realized in the months after she left how different the world was outside of the 10,000 person town her parents governed. When she arrived she was warmly greeted by her family and butlers. She had missed playing Go until the wee hours of the morning with her mother. She missed cooking suppers with her father. She missed trying to convince the butlers to fight her to little avail. But she was especially surprised at how much home made her feel like a fourteen year old girl again. After leaving home she had began to take on so much responsibility: making her own money, paying her own rent, making her own food, buying her own groceries, cleaning, fighting evil people. The works. Now that she was home and under the protection of her parents she wanted to say she felt stuffed and isolated, but truly she felt a huge weight off of her shoulders - she could finally just be a kid again, even if it was just for a few days.

But she knew that she wasn't on vacation. She had to prepare in order to be trained by Sahara. Her mother warned her how intense Sahara could be, in fact Fia's mother refused to let Fia be trained by Sahara until Fia threatened to just run away again, but she gave Fia a word of caution...

"Understand that Sahara is not training you because she likes you, if she could have her way she would never train anybody, but that isn't the case. The reason Sahara doesn't want to train you is because she doesn't like to make new relationships, and she knows that training somebody is one of the most intimate things you can do, it builds a strong bond. Now Sahara works as a crime hunter, and is one of the most recognized in the business, meaning she is one of the most hated people in the crime world, if not THE most hated person in the crime world. So the more relationships she builds, the more danger she puts those people in because of her standing. On the other hand, Fia, she has decided to train you because she believes that you can do it. She believes that you and Jake could become the one-star hunters she needs to make it as a three-star hunter, but also she wants to train you because she thinks that you could be great, and that you can make a difference in the world." Fia's eyes beamed, "but that is a double-edged sword Fia," Anjou continued, "if you dissapoint her, or if she believes that you are not giving it your 100%... well, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned..."

Fia immediately understood, if she was going to go into this training, she had to be prepared to be pushed like she has never been before. She would wake up at 5:30am everyday at the mansion and do physical excercises until breakfast. After breakfast came her Ryu training, where she would move percentages of her nen into different parts of her body while meditating. Her parents hated that. They were okay when Fia's progress as a hunter was "out of sight, out of mind" but seeing her develop her nen skills right in their backyard was hard for them to swallow. They had made a promise that they would keep her safe, but the stronger Fia got, the more danger she would put herself in,and the more dangerous her missions would get; their greatest fear was burying their own daughter at her funeral, but they sat back in silence and watched their daughter grow. They were both shocked at her progression even within just the week that she was staying with them. They could already tell that her aura transfer was more precise and fast, transferring from one area of the body to the next with fluidity which they took months to develop.

At the end of her stay, Fia waved to her family and they exchanged teary goodbyes, not knowing when they would see each other next, but after her sadness over leaving her family again, Fia immediately felt great excitement over going to Jappon, and working with Sahara. When she got to the airport, she was escorted onto her parents' private plane heading toward the Arukan Continent. The flight was not that long, but Fia could barely sit still, she was so excited and nervous. She kept replaying her mother's words of encouragement/warning over and over in her head, wondering what she had gotten herself into.

* * *

Fia couldn't believe her eyes when she saw what their meeting place was. She had just assumed that since they were going to Jappon that they would be training in like some cool-ass dojo with a kick-ass sensei and like tatami mats and the whole business but when her taxi parked in front of a tanning salon she was utterly confused. Alas, when she entered the salon, there Sahara was, sitting in the waiting room and reading a magazine on breast augmentation. "We'll wait for your friend here." Sahara said, not even looking up or smiling at Fia - she wasn't cold per se, but it sure as hell wasn't a warm greeting. Fia silently sat beside her and picked up a magazine on self-tanners. "Why would you read that? you're black..." Sahara took the time away from her magazine to shoot Fia a confused look. Fia, ashamed, slowly put the magazine back on the pile. It was three minutes later that Jake burst through the door of the salon. Fia and her immediately locked eyes and exchanged a friendly hug and greeting, which was cut short by Sahara's blunt, "upstairs.", a command meant for the two of them.

As they climbed the stairs, Jake and Fia kept looking at each other and smiling, they could both tell that they were giddy. But also Fia couldn't help but wonder what the hell kind of training they were going to do in a tanning salon. That was when they walked into the dark room, lit only by a TV, blasting white noise into the two girls ears.

Sahara turned down the volume to the TV. "Fia, I believe you might be familiar with the game Greed Island."

Fia's heart skipped a beat.
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an eternally busy little mango

Jake was wide-eyed as she drank in the scene. She was walking on a road towards a town in the country of Jappon. Two different yet equally awe-inspiring vistas were before her on either side. To her left stretching all the way behind her were fields of green rice paddies and other various vegetable plantations. In the mid distance, trees lined the place that eventually gave way to majestic snow-capped mountain ranges reaching all the way up to the cloudy blue sky in the far distance. Peaceful and serene it was with only occasional disturbances of people working in the fields or migratory birds hovering about the skies swooping down to feast on the creatures that flourished on the grain. A stark contrast to that was to her right unfolding all the way in-front of her. Across a wide river was the cityscape of tall glass buildings glinting in the sun. It was the typical urban jungle that rivalled York Shin and Zaban in modernity though not quite yet in size. Over this city was a constant haze of gray from all the vehicles and other machineries that built this thriving metropolis. Even at this distance, Jake could see that the streets were constantly full of motion, tides of people going about their daily personal businesses.

A while later, Jake found herself in-front of some crossroads that eventually converged into a large highway that crossed the water into the city. She whistled as she beheld the multitude of cars that entered and exited the place. Continuing on foot would prove to be a challenge unless she would risk bodily injury from a negligent driver speeding to reach his quota for the day. Not only that, but she also surmised that finding a specific address in that unfamiliar concrete forest would pose quite a challenge for a first timer to the city like her. She took that opportunity to get on a bus. She got down at the terminal and immediately hailed a cab. Two stopped in front of her. Both drivers then started shouting out of their windows to each other probably fighting over her. This she just conjectured because both were shouting in the local language which she was still not very familiar with. She rolled her eyes and looked heavenward cursing lady luck for the inconvenient delay. It definitely did not do for her to be late to her first meeting with the prestigious hunter. She took matters into her own hands. She walked up to the taxi on the right, got in and banged the door shut loud enough for the driver to notice that he had won the argument. When the driver got back in, she immediately handed him the slip of paper the address to the meeting spot was written on. The driver took it, glanced at it, and nodded in affirmation handing the paper back to her. He zipped away past the other cab with the driver still looking daggers at them and made a turn on the next intersection.

Thirty minutes later, Jake became suspicious. She was sure that they had passed a certain street twice and a certain monument thrice. She had deep suspicions that the driver was taking her around in circles. Not to mention that the meter was starting to measure some pretty exorbitant price. Jake voiced her opinion but before she could warm up her argument, the taxi came to a screeching halt. The sudden stop launched her forward but she was able to hold herself steady. The driver looked at her, glanced at her and made a non-verbal gesture to say that they were there. Conspiracy! But Jake really didn’t want to deal with it so she paid her fare and left the cab.

Staring at the place she was dropped off to, she again tried to turn back around to complain to the driver. There was no way that a respectable Hunter would hold training sessions in a tanning salon. But just as she was twisting to turn, the taxi screeched off. Jake yelled for it to comeback but of course she was not heard.

She once again stared at the salon. She took out the paper with the address. Apparently it was correct. Despite being confused, she took her bag, flung it to one shoulder and entered the premises. Apparently, she did get to the right place because there was Fia sitting in one corner. They locked eyes and Jake burst into a warm smile for her friend. They exchanged hugs and greetings but before they could do more, a woman (whom Jake could only assume to be THE Sahara) directed them upstairs.

The way was dark and cramped and Jake could not help but wonder what kind of training they could possibly pull off in this place. Nevertheless, the excitement was palpable between the two. They could not suppress their smiles as they communicated their excitement. Then Sahara opened the door to a room lit only by the light from a lone tv screen. There was nothing on it but static. Attached to it, however, was something that Jake recognized as a game console. The mystery forming in Jake’s head thickened but was only slightly dissipated by Sahara’s next words. Turning to Fia while lowering the volume she said, “Fia, I believe you might be familiar with the game Greed Island."
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Fia's mother was right, they hadn't even begun training and Sahara was already giving ultimatums. After giving a brief overview of the mechanics and goal of the game, Sahara laid down her list of rules: "If you go outside of Soufrabi without me you will be expelled from the game", "If you put any cards into slots 00-99 you will be expelled from the game and our training will be over." She immediately made it very clear that they were not going to Greed Island to play the game.

Sahara went on to explain how because of her line of work, she had made many enemies, and that Soufrabi was the safest place to reside for her and her husband, especially since her husband was one of the game moderators and had stock of everybody who went in and out of the game...

"... Although it is safe for me, I must say it is probably one of the least safe places for you two." Sahara continued, "Greed Island is a game meant for established hunters, not those who don't even have enough experience to take the exam. Not only is the environment dangerous (many of the 99 restricted cards requiring you to risk your life to obtain), but also the people of Greed Island are dangerous. Like I was saying, the people who are playing Greed Island are established hunters, like Anjou and I, many of these established hunters keep track of who is carrying which slotted cards. One of the main reasons I have made a very clear rule of, 'no getting restricted cards' is because as soon as you acquire one of those restricted cards, there would be a hunter up your ass and beating you half to death for it... I will not have either of you injured during your time in Greed Island unless it is inflicted by me."

Fia and Jake got a kick out of that, but Sahara shot them a look that said it was no laughing matter.

Jake was the first to step into the game, Sahara's only send off being, "Skip the tutorial." and off Fia went, after holding onto the Joystation for what seemed a moment, she disappeared into thin air. Fia waited in pallid breath for her green light into the game as her and Sahara stood there in silence, until the screen read "Now Playing".

Fia's heart raced as she approached the Joystation, and after just a little shot of nen she was blinded by white.

"Hello! And welcome to Greed Island." A figure slowly came into focus. Fia found herself in a cylindrical room covered in what looked to be halfway between white hospital walls and the inside of a memory chip. "It looks like you are a new player to Greed Island, would you like the tutorial?" The robotic voice came from a woman wearing what looked to be a strange football helmet and had piercing blue eyes.

"No, thank you" Fia replied.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm fine"

Rather than replying, the floor opened up around the figure into a spiral staircase exiting the room. "Have fun and be safe!" and with that Fia was bounding down the staircase in excitement. When she stepped outside her eyes took a moment to adjust to the bright sun and prairie spanning all around her. She was then caught off guard because Jake leaped at her from around a pillar, startling her. The two girls laughed, but only for a moment, because Sahara appeared from what seemed like nowhere. "Lets go girls, this is no time to be fooling around, the starting gate is where hunters prey on new players to the game, we should get going."

"Accompany, Soufurabi!"

And with that the three were off.

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an eternally busy little mango

“Greed Island” Sahara said was the name of the game. It must’ve been some famous game because Fia seemed to know what it was. Jake on the other hand, had never heard of it until then. Sure, she has heard of the famous Joy Station and all the fun it brings but she has never in her life played it. On the little island where she grew up, electricity was not even available to everyone. It only existed for those who could afford it and that basically meant no one but the government installed buildings which there aren’t many of in the island. There was a health center where a doctor came to receive patients once or twice a month depending on the weather and a community hall where the government tried to keep records of the births, deaths, and marriages of the people. This building also housed the islands only means of communication to the outside world—a radio. Jake recalled the mild summer nights when the villagers would gather round the outside of the hall to listen to radio dramas or important news from the device. She remembered how she and her siblings would then try to imitate the heroes they heard on the radio drama. They would run around the mangrove forest near the beach pretending to be hunters in search of weird and wonderful nen-beasts or climb the tallest trees pretending to be scaling the walls of an ancient structure looking for the secret entrance. Jake couldn’t help but smile a little in remembrance.

“Mother, I’ll be just like those heroes soon. I promise you that.”

Jake was then startled out of her musings into the pass when Sahara began her litanies of do’s and do not’s. They were reminded that although they were entering a game, they were not there to play it. Jake was a little disappointed to hear this because the game sounded fun despite being life threateningly dangerous. After all the reminders, Sahara instructed Jake to step up in front of the console. She was to be the first one to enter the game. She was told that being in the game feels a lot like being in real life but you will know the difference because she will appear in a room with a lady in it that will ask her if she wanted to hear the tutorial. She was then instructed to skip this and to wait near the starting point making sure not to go into the meadow. Jake nodded to confirm that she understood the instructions. She was then told to place both her hands above the console and to concentrate her aura. A bright light envelope her and the next thing she notices is that she is in the room described by Sahara. She chooses to skip the tutorial and is directed to a staircase that leads her into a meadow that Sahara also described. All around her, the meadow was empty. Not a soul could be seen yet she had a feeling that someone was watching. She did not know if the watchers intentions were bad or good but she decided that it was best that she not find out. She decided to wait for her companions behind one of the pillars that supported the building with the briefing room. A few minutes later, Fia came out and Jake could not resist startling her for the fun of it. The two laughed but it was cut short by Sahara who commanded them to come closer to her. Then she took out a card and said the words, “Accompany on. Soufurabi.” Another light enveloped them and they were shot into the sky towards a city in the distance. Jake’s eyes grew larger with amazement over the power. Her heartbeat sped both with shock and excitement. It was just the start of their training and already Jake was experiencing so many cool things. She wondered what other surprises awaited her on this island.
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Despite its small size Greed island held many towns each more unique than the last, offering rare and powerful card for players to collect. Unfortunately if either girl were caught trying to get a card the only thing they would collect would be an ass kicking of a life time, though this town selected was one frequently visited by players due to two reasons. One reason was due to the town's low amount of winnable cards, true stealing from other players in the city was possible but very frowned upon. As they had no cards other players “shouldn't” be a problem to them, however the other reason could be problematic. The town was notorious for being a haven for pirates, thieves and other scum of life, and while many believe a super powerful card was a reward for taking out said scum no one has been able to completely clean Soufrabi of its stained past..

“All right follow me and take in the scenery, because once we starting training the only thing you two are going to see is blood sweat and tears.” Walking through the town seemed harmless enough though the nearby NPC's might weird them out a bit. Some asked for food, money or even spare clothing, it seemed these were the victims of the various thieves and burglars from the surrounding areas and within the town itself. They eventually reached their destination a small, dinky and all around unimpressive apartment “all right here we are and before you say anything smart its looks better from the inside.”

As she walked the girls to their room she added “just as a note I won't be here to escort you all day every day, you can explore the town if you want but there will be some ground rules. Number one no talking to any npc save for the food vendors, Number 2 avoid the other players at all cost and most importantly do not leave the town.” It was obvious that any violation of these rules would result in the end of the training and of course ass kicking of a life time is something most people would prefer to avoid all together.

After a good night rest...the little hell known as training shall begin.
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an eternally busy little mango

Jake settled her belongings in the small room afforded them. She glanced behind her and saw Fia do the same on her chosen side of the room.

“That was some trip, huh, Fia?” she asked her friend. “How cool was it to be able to fly through the sky like that? It would definitely save a lot of money if we could travel like that even in real life.” Jake mused. “What if I develop a hatsu similar to that one, huh?” she considered for a moment. Fia just shook her head. Jake did not need mental powers to know that her friend was probably thinking she was being a dunce again with her crazy half-thought out ideas. Jake smiled at that. Simply because the Fia dialogue she was picturing in her mind was so like her. She glanced at the real Fia and she couldn't help but chuckle. Fia glanced at her and raised an inquisitive eyebrow. Jake laughed even louder. Fia pursed her lip and tossed a rolled up sock at her which Jake caught accidentally with her mouth. It was now Fia’s turn to laugh out loud. In the end, both girls erupted in laughter and collapsed in a heap of giggles on their beds.

“Hey, wanna go explore the town?” Jake suggested a few minutes later after they had more-or-less put their things away. Her friend thought for a moment, started an argument about the cons of venturing outside but quickly negated herself and acquiesced to her idea. Jake beamed at that and linked her arm with Fia’s. Together, they marched out the door, down the stairs to the lobby of the apartment building, and out the front door into the bustling main street of Sofurabi.

Jake looked left and right and found a wide street lined on one side with open-air shops that sold various goods. This stretched all the way to the left towards the small harbor where the town’s fishing boats and other vessels were anchored, and to the right towards the grand arc that greeted travellers upon their arrival. Both girls’ eyes grew huge at the variety of common to rare goods they could see on display at the various shops and the fascinating and enticing smells that wafted through the air. Despite that the sun had gone down, the street was still heavily saturated with peoples of all walks of life; mothers of various ages haggled with the different food vendors with a child or two in tow to help carry the ingredients for their evening meal; varied male and female personas inspecting and transacting business with the many weapon, armour, item, and card vendors; and a myriad of others that may just be out and about for a leisurely stroll or chat.

Fia must’ve seen something that caught her fancy because the next moment, she was dragging Jake towards a stall on the opposite side of the street. The vendor was selling garments and bolts of cloth from soft silks, to comfortable cottons, to heavy-duty cloths for outdoor wear. What caught Fia’s eye was a very traditional looking turquoise gown with intricate designs made from gold thread and small beads. Fia picked it up with reverence and traced the patterns on the cloth with gentle fingers then turned to Jake and shared with her with a smile that the dress was from her country and it was the kind that her mother had to force her to wear for certain celebrations. Both girls giggled at that. Fia replaced the garment on its spot on the display and nodded at the shop owner for thanks.

It was now Jake’s turn to direct Fia’s attention to a performance she saw was forming in the middle of the street. Both girls excitedly came closer to the group of people that were already surrounding the performers. An exotic-looking tall lady garbed in clothes that reminded Jake of the desert inhabitants of the Aijen Continent was addressing the crowd. She informed the eagerly awaiting crowd that her troupe was going to be performing a short play about a princess who ran away from the palace in order to disguise herself as a man to save her country. It was an interesting premise and Jake hoped that they could watch the entire performance. She glanced at her companion and found her soaking in the bustling about of the crew as they prepared for their street performance. Fia’s absorption looked like a good sign so Jake was glad.

Then a hand drum began to tap a rhythm and soon some sort of traditional wind instrument or two joined in signaling the start of the performance. The large cloth they had spread out in front like some sort of curtain was parted which revealed a beautiful woman in fine clothes that could not be mistaken for anything but those belonging to royalty. She was in some sort of pose, arms above her head, back to the audience, face turned sideways while a few women that one can imply to be her servants are seated all around her on the ground proffering various luxurious items towards her. The music changed a little and the women sprang into life. It was a very graceful dance that told of the pampered palace life the princess lived. At the end of it, however, the joyous scene was interrupted by a messenger. The music stopped, and the King demanded the cause of the interruption. The messenger then informs of an army heading straight for their borders. The King is enraged and calls for a war council and exits the stage. The princess is now left alone center-stage. She mimics what looks to be a stroll in the garden when she is startled by a man in the shadows. It was a very typical scene of boy-meets-girl, one where they immediately fall in-love. Nevertheless, Jake was drawn into the whole story. But just as the couple were about to express their feelings for each other in spectacularly exaggerated theatre fashion, a loud boom was heard that startled all the people in the street.

That explosion was definitely not part of the production. Despite the meager light of the lamps hanging on posts along the streets, Jake could tell smoke rising above the direction at which she was sure their apartment was. Fia must’ve seen it too because she sprinted towards that direction and Jake followed suit.

As they feared, a smoking, gaping hole was now the main feature on one side of the building. Both girls raced up the stairs, weaving their way through the counterflow of fearful bodies running out to safety. When they got to the landing on the floor of their apartment, they found a thin man with sandy blond hair slumped on one corner pressing hard on his arm, trying to suppress his blood from leaking out. He was covered in bruises and cuts, half his face had began to swell into a horrid state but somehow he was still conscious. Both girls ran to his side.Jake helped applying pressure and started to ask him questions while Fia ducked into the nearest room possibly for something to help the man.

“They got her.” he began, eyes beginning to become wet with tears. “They got my wife” he now exclaimed with a weak panic. “They got Sahara”.

Jake’s heart lodged itself to her throat at the news and knew Fia had heard too when she came out of the room with some clean cloth and other medical supplies and dropped them all.
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((OOC this post takes place at the same time as marg's previous in case anyone is wondering))

Originally the plan was for the trio to get some good night's rest so they could work their hearts and bodies to the point of breaking, thought the girls themselves seemed to have other plans in mind has the went in arm and arm into the town. Sahara had half a mind to drag their sorry selves back to the apartment, but that soon changed when she received a phone call one glance and the caller idea and she instantly answered it “not the best time to be calling...I’m kind of in the middle of something.”She may have been annoyed with her new students ignoring her rules but the edge in her voice seemed like there was more to her growing anger than that. A figure stepped into her room though unlike most people the man didn't use the door, or even like strange people who have a habit of jumping in via an open window, No the “man” in question had simply phased through the wall as if it was nothing.

“A shame because we have much to talk about young lady.” the man wore a crimson coat and hate it was impossible to see his face do to a featureless metal mask, however judging by his large stature and muscle mass taking him on a fight would end badly. Sahara on the other wanted to hear none of it “i told you I’m done deal with thugs like you, if you wanna keep testing what little patience I have by all means try.” The man for a moment said nothing on the other hand Sahara had her hand up ready for a fight, “looks like I’m going to have to teach you a lesson again.” he said in a methodical if not out right uninterested voice.
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Morning came, and another after that. The man they had found was Sahara’s husband. He was in dire straights from fighting the band of men that took his wife. He was sent to the hospital in the mainland but before that, he was able to tell them that he did not know who those men were and where they’ve taken his wife. He still held hope, though, that Sahara was still alive. Fia was sure too, having high respect for her chosen master. Jake comforted her allthewhile. It was now time, however, to leave the island. They were non-players and since Sahara and her husband were not here to supervise them anymore, the other game mods thought it best for them to return to “the real world”.

Jake and Fia packed their things in silence. They ate their last meal together at the game master's palace where they were relocated after the incident. They chatted a bit though the atmosphere was tense and thick of sadness. Jake practically skirted around the topic of Sahara. She knew her friend had grown attached to the woman despite having been with her only a handful of times. Nevertheless, it was a handful of times more than her. She was sad at the loss of a potential master and sad for how her friend felt about all of it. She wasn't that greatly affected though so she took it upon herself to be a pillar for the little while that they will be together. She talked about the adventures they would have in the future as they both walked with one of the mods to the courtyard of the palace where they will be sent off. Fia weakly smiled at that but promised that those plans will one day come true.

Jake and Fia stared at each other one final time and shook hands. Fia was to return home according to the behest of her frantic mother. They had made the decision to go their separate ways and each look for a new master. Someday, they will meet again and both looked forward to their reunion. They smiled and hugged and Fia nodded to the game mod that was to send them back to the real world. The mod said a few words and both were aglow then off into the sky in separate directions. Jake looked towards the direction of Fia’s disappearing figure and thanked heaven for giving her a friend like her.

The End
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