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Non-Nen Technique System; Techniques which aren't related to Nen at all.
Topic Started: May 13 2012, 12:53 AM (11,227 Views)
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Posted ImageNon-Nen Technique System
Non-Nen Technique System © Hunter אּ Hunter RPG 2009-2018

What are Non-Nen Techniques?
They are techniques which aren't associated with Nen at all. All non-nen techniques lie under a category (as seen above in the spoiler example). The category being a trait in which one specializes in. The common five being these below (six being a custom one of your choice):

1. Technology Adept (hacking & whatnot)
2. Martial Arts [Specify Style]
3. Weapon Expert [Specify Weapon]
4. Hunting/Tracking
5. Smith/Carpenter
6. Custom (i.e Assassination, Snake Charming, or etcetera.)

These techniques are attained through TP (known as Technique Points). The power of a said technique is determined in ranks. The higher the rank of a said technique, the more TP it costs. See the non-nen technique system below for more in-depth information.

Non-Nen Technique System

Technique Name:
Technique Category:1
Range: 3
Technique Rank:4
Description: 5

1. Technique Category
This area is pretty much self-explanatory. What category is your non-nen technique? i.e Swordsmanship or Assassination

2. Type
There are three broad classes of techniques: Offensive, Defensive and Supportive.

Offensive – These include techniques that are used to directly or indirectly damage the enemy, whether they are melee or ranged.

Defensive – These include techniques that can protect you, whether directly or indirectly, from others’ attacks. They can also be used to prevent hits from landing, either by raising your own evasive capabilities or by lowering the opponent’s accuracy, or to soften the blow of attacks that do land.

Supportive – These are basically techniques that cannot be classified into either of the other two categories. They may affect the offensive or defensive potential of other techniques, but in themselves, are neither directly offensive nor defensive. They can affect the character’s own or someone else’s attacking/defending capabilities, by altering stats or otherwise, or do something entirely miscellaneous. These also cover things like buffs, debuffs and transformations.

3. Range
How far is the reach of your ability? How far away can it start?

4. Technique Rank
A technique’s rank basically determines its power and just what the technique is capable of. More complex, damaging techniques will obviously require a higher rank, and whilst damage can be influenced by stats, the rank of the technique will determine any additional effects the attack may have. In battle, typically the higher ranked technique will have the advantage. However, a one or two rank difference may not be that significant, and it is up to the players to make reasonable judgements on their part. Staff can be consulted if you feel that god-modding is taking place.

Here are some example guidelines that can help you rank your techniques, but note these are just guidelines, and the Character Moderators will let you know whether the rank is appropriate or not.

Technique Rank Description

Technique Rank Cost

5. Description
The description of what your technique does. Self explanatory.

Non Nen Technique Examples:
Non Nen Tech Rank Examples

Stat Altering Techniques
Certain supportive techniques can alter the stats of characters, be they your own, or those of others. The actual technique has to have a logical reason for offering the change in stats. Throwing sand into someone’s eye could result in a drop in accuracy. Stat-altering techniques can be of any rank.

Technique Trees
This is a nifty feature that allows you to save a bit on your TP. Basically, you ‘branch’ techniques out from each other, and get new techniques for a reduced cost. Obviously this can’t be done however you want. Technique Trees should basically serve as an upgrade to an old technique, and instead of replacing it, you keep the old technique. It can also work with variations of techniques, if they are branched from the same roots. Making a follow-up move, such as an aerial attack after launching them into the air with a powerful uppercut, does not constitute a technique tree.

A branched technique will cost the difference between the root technique's rank and its own. If, for example, a rank 8 technique is branched from a rank 4, the cost of the rank 8 branch technique is 4 technique points. Branched techniques need to be reasonably similar to their roots. They can have more advanced effects, or be more powerful, but the basic actions involved should remain quite similar.

How much TP does my Character start with?
Your character starts off with 16 TP upon registry.

Note: The 16 TP is only for the Non-Nen Technique section in the character template. It can't be used on the Nen Technique section for Hatsu. TP that can be used in that section has to be attained via roleplay.
Edited by Dante, Apr 11 2018, 10:59 PM.
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