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Nen [念 Mind Force] System; All rules related to Nen and Hatsus.
Topic Started: Oct 6 2011, 02:47 PM (15,886 Views)
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Posted ImageNen
Nen © Hunter אּ Hunter RPG 2009-2018

Nen is the ability of freely manipulating the vital energy that comes out of the human body. It is the most vital subject in the Hunter אּ Hunter world. Nen creation is very lucid when it comes to our role play. Members could use an existing Hatsu(s) which he or she has seen in the manga series of Hunter אּ Hunter or simply create their own upon registry. Nevertheless this is optional as members will have the choice of starting off with Hatsu(s) or not (i.e. for purposes of taking the Hunter Exam). Hatsu will be located in its designated area in our Character Template. Upon registry it will be reviewed by our Hunter אּ Hunter RPG Staff for approval and be given a tier depending how powerful the character's Hatsu ability is.

• Be sure you the Hatsu you select or create for your character is by all means acceptable. For example, if your Hatsu is a wonderful hacktastic ability. Be sure you have a reasonable condition and pledge to meet to its standards.

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Posted ImageNen System
Credit: k1ng, Coreith
Nen System © Hunter אּ Hunter RPG 2009-2018

Hatsu Technique System

To begin, here's the basic template of Nen in the character registration template, and I shall explain each part in turn.
Technique Name:
Technique Category:1
Technique Rank:3
Description: 4
Conditions: 5
Range: 6
Effect: 7
Cooldown: 8

1. Technique Category
This area is pretty much self-explanatory. What Hatsu category does your technique lie under? Reinforcement, Transformation, Materialization, Manipulation, Emission, or Specialization.

2. Type
There are three broad classes of techniques: Offensive, Defensive and Supportive.

Offensive – These include hatsu techniques that are used to directly or indirectly damage the enemy, whether they are melee or ranged.

Defensive – These include hatsu techniques that can protect you, whether directly or indirectly, from others’ attacks. They can also be used to prevent hits from landing, either by raising your own evasive capabilities or by lowering the opponent’s accuracy, or to soften the blow of attacks that do land.

Supportive – These are basically hatsu techniques that cannot be classified into either of the other two categories. They may affect the offensive or defensive potential of other techniques, but in themselves, are neither directly offensive nor defensive. They can affect the character’s own or someone else’s attacking/defending capabilities, by altering stats or otherwise, or do something entirely miscellaneous. These also cover things like buffs, debuffs and transformations.

3. Technique Rank
Technique rank is quite a bit more complex than the Technique category. A technique can fall into 1 of 6 ranks, and only 5 of the 6 ranks are openly available to everyone. The ranks are as follows:
Technique Rank's Description

4. Description
The description of what your ability does. Self explanatory.

5. Conditions
Conditions are limiters that you place on yourself to increase the complexity or power of your abilities and techniques. The number and severity of your conditions are determined by the rank of the ability. Rank 5 techniques are so menial that conditions may not be required whereas rank 1 techniques are so advanced that you need very severe conditions or even a strong oath to use the ability.

Keep in mind that higher ranked hatsu might not require very strong conditions, but (such as with Gon's Jajanken, which is still a simple Ko punch albeit a very powerful one) more potent ones can be applied to increase their basic strength. In contrast, lower-ranked hatsu would outright need the more potent conditions.

6. Range
How far is the reach of your ability? How far away can it start?

7. Effect
How much damage does your technique do? How does it affect your stats? How much does it heal? Basically make a shorter, more concise description that will tell the reader exactly what the hatsu can and cannot do.

8. Cooldown
Cool-down's usually last from anywhere from 2-3 post, or even 3-5 post depending on how strong or weak your ability is. At low ranks cool-downs should usually be from 2-3 but in cases such as creating weapons or creatures of some sorts, cool-downs are usually from 3-5 post. At higher ranks or through the use of TP cool-downs can be lowered. Every 4 TP put into a technique can lower your cool-down for the technique to a minimum of 1 post (there are exceptions as determined on a case by case basis). Cooldowns begin the post after the technique is used or a duration ends, so a 1 post cooldown does not mean that the ability can be used in the user's next post.

Additional Costs and Reduced Effectiveness Based on Affinity:

Depending on the base affinity that one chooses, hatsu of other affinity they might utilize will both become less effective than one of their natural affinity and will have an additional cost.
  • 100% = No Additional Cost, Hatsu at 100% effectiveness
  • 80% = +1 AP, Hatsu at 80% possible effectiveness
  • 60% = +2 AP, Hatsu at 60% possible effectiveness
  • 40% = +3 AP, Hatsu at 40% possible effectiveness
  • 0% = Unusable

Technique Points:
Increasing a hatsu's overall effectiveness or strength in ways other than increasing its rank (such as increasing the number of emitted objects or the amount of a material that can be manipulated) requires investing TP into it. Basically, investing TP into a hatsu would represent the character training themselves in order to go past its initial limits. Not all hatsu, particularly those with static effects that do not change regardless of how strong the character is, require TP investments, but generally it can assumed that most do. For instance, if your character has a hatsu allowing them to manipulate floating swords, you would have to specify how many swords and later on you could not state that the character 'trained' themselves and is now able to manipulate more without a TP cost. Any such improvement would require spending TP to acquire. This can also affect the ability's duration, it's strength, ability to be used rapidly, etc.

Hatsu power and limitations - Hatsu Rank and Effects:

The strength of a hatsu and how much it can do is heavily dependent on conditions and rank. These are the factors that balance each other and determine the result of your hatsu. Generally, the basics of the hatsu system can be simplified down to five rules.

1. Hatsu rank is determined mostly by the effects, not power.

2. Conditions pay for the effect first. Once the conditions are strong enough to warrant the things the things that it can do, any surplus adds onto the power.

3. Lower ranked hatsu are more complex and have a higher base power. Higher ranked hatsu are simple, have a lower base power but more easily creates a surplus.

4. Conditions don't necessarily just pay for intensity of effects, but also the things around it.

5. All variables and numbers of a hatsu must be based off the aura stat.
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Prone to Madness

:Card: Posted ImageHatsu Rules System
Hatsu Rules © Hunter אּ Hunter RPG 2009-2018

These are the rules which all abilities have to abide by in order to be approved for the game (ranking the abilities is a different topic two posts above.) These rules are intended for the person approving the abilities but the players are advised to make sure their abilities fit the rules before presenting them.

1. No ability can grant a permanent benefit or disadvantage to the target

2.The effect of an ability has to be proportional to the amount of energy invested in it.

3.The stronger the ability the stronger its downsides.

4.No matter how big the downsides of an ability it cannot break any of the other rules.

5.There is no immortality.

6.There is no instant-kill ability.

7. Something that poses a threat cannot be indestructible.

8.Abilities can increase all stats except for the amount of aura produced.

9.Unless an ability uses some sort of marker its reach cannot effect anything further away than the users EN could reach.

10. You can emit, materialize and teleport things only within the range of sight and within range of your EN or in places which have been specially marked beforehand.

11. All of the ability's powers or effects must be described in the hatsu description before they can be used in the RP.

12. Abilities cannot increase in strength without having to invest TP.


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