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Hullo World!

Spring has sprung! Flowers begin to poke their heads through once frozen grounds we can finally shed our thick coats as we leave our caves!

With the changing of seasons we have a brand new batch of lovely events for our equally lovely members. Based on the most infamous of pranking holidays, the April Fools Event is just what it sounds like. A non-cannonical way to play pranks on any participating character, all in the spirit of good fun! On the flip side, is the emotionally charged . Here players will be asked to tap into their characters inner mommas boy to write a heartfelt letter to their mothers, or perhaps a character who has filled the role of mother in the absence of their own birth mother. All together it should be a great combination of silliness and character growth! Speaking of growth, make sure you check in with the Spring Appreciation 2018 to see this seasons appreciation rewards!

Lastly, a huge shout-out to Gon.Pro.Hunter, S1lverScorp1on5, and the fantastic Virevolte for putting together these great events. Make sure you give them your thanks and tell them West sent ya!

That's all for this update my friends! Enjoy the fresh spring breeze, warming sunshine, and some fantastic roleplay!

~ הּWestborn ~

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