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Hullo World!

Summer is officially here! Whether you prefer to spend it tucked away indoors, or bathing in the sun, or just enjoying an extra excuse to eat ice cream, have we got a fantastic event for you! The bells for Togashi High ring out, and while you may be out of class for summer, there’s stil one month left to go for stuents there. Sign up by creating a high school aged profile for your characters and enjoy some fun freeform RP!

And, as a regular reminder of how we feel about all you fantastic people, Summer Appreciation is here! Don’t forget to thank you favorite mod or admin for all the fantastic work they do, with an extra bit thank you to Roy for putting together the ultra creative Togashi High!

Stay cool everyone!

~ :)Westborn ~

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Cleopatra D. Regalis

Posted by EeveeLOP (Member) at Jul 12 2018, 06:26 PM. One comment

× General Information

Name: Cleopatra D. Regalis
Age: Appears to be in her mid 20's
Height: 5'8
Weight: 156 lbs
Species: Chimera Ant
Appearance: A Fairy chimera ant which has an appearance like the rose, which is called the queen of flowers. It has the appearance of a beautiful woman


Reputation: 0 (Rank H)


× Physical Statistics


Aura: 15
Might: 8
Agility: 10
Endurance: 8
Accuracy: 9

× Nen Techniques

Basic Nen Techniques

Hatsu Affinity: Specialization


Hatsu Theme: Dream Weaver and Dream Eater
General Hatsu Description: Dream Weaver' enables Cleopatra to, if you are unconscious, and she is touching your body(usually head but anywhere will do), can go inside your mind, read and create new memories, and alter your existing memories anyway she wants. Your old memories are there, but surrounded by a thick fog that only trained nen-users can break through. Though the realism of the memories will directly affect how difficult it is to break through the mental barriers.
'Dream Eater', allows Cleopatra while inside their mind she can learn of your power and the motivations behind it, enabling me to effectively copy their power. She can use it as effectively as they can, but cannot further develop said power beyond its initial theft. The person the power is taken from has no side effects, though she can alter your memories to the point they don't remember having a power, or what nen even is, by making it seem like a dream to make sure the memory was believable and strong. Though she can only have 1 stolen power at a time and must give up the use of the last stole power and thusly forgets entirely how to use it unless she reacquires it.
General Hatsu Conditions: 1) While I can still enter the mind of unconscious people without the use of the chemical, their mind is more capable and thus increases the difficulty of 'Dream Weaver' and 'Dream Eater' significantly.

2) Similar to the bomber, I must tell them what his power does, and how to break the mental barriers, even so, most non-nen users can't ever get free unless he chooses to release them, and even nen users have difficulty.

3) I can copy the same power twice with no side effects, but each time I alter their memories it becomes significantly easier for the person to break free until eventually it has no effect.

4) when I'm inside someone's mind, I'm completely defenseless until I'm done, a capable st nen infused hit could severely injure me, causing me to come back to my body. Looking through and re-writing a few memories would take maybe 2-3 minutes if I'm erasing your mind/changing many things and learning your power he can be there for almost a half hour.

Hatsu Abilities

× Non-Nen Techniques


Beginner's Directory

Posted by Tenken (Advanced Member) at Jun 7 2012, 04:14 PM. 0 comments

Hello, You are new. Welcome to The wonderful world of Hunter X Hunter RPG We hope that you will enjoy your time with us in any and every way possible within the rules which you should read before doing anything. To help you do so quickly and efficiently here is a beginners directory to help you get through them in an order that should be most helpful in getting started.

Do take care to read them all as some of the most important rules are scattered about each topic just to ensure that all of them are read thoroughly.

Creating A Character

Nen System

Non-Nen Technique System

Weapon and Item Pricing

General Storyline Information

Getting Stronger

Physical Statistics

Miscellaneous Information

Credit to: Dante

Character Template

Posted by k1ng (Member) at Oct 10 2011, 12:41 PM. 0 comments

Posted ImageCharacter Template
Character Template © Hunter אּ Hunter RPG 2009-2016

× General Information

Name: What's your characters name?
Gender: Is your character male of female?
Age: How old is your character?
Height: How big is your character?
Weight: What does your character weigh?
Species: If Majyuu only. Include a concise description of the species here and a more detailed one under background.
Appearance: What does the character look like?


Profession: Whats your characters job?
Reputation: 0 (Rank H)


× Physical Statistics

[Unused SP/Total SP earned (0 at Start)]
[Unused SP/Total SP (50 at Start)]

Aura: How much Nen your character can generate. This affects many of the Standard techniques below such as Ten, Gyo and En, and also acts like an armor in and out of nen combat.
Might: Your character's physical strength. How much they can lift, how hard they can push or physically attack. It also has a strong influence on how offensive Ryuu attacks.
Agility: How fast is your character? This includes how fast they can move, how fast they can change directions and how many attacks the character can perform in a short time period.
Endurance: This includes how much damage your character can withstand, similar to a HP bar, how long they can physically exert their body or aura before tiring.
Accuracy: Your character's dexterity and perception abilities. This includes how precise your character can attack, how much information they can get out of what they perceive and effects how often the character hits and blocks succesfully.

× Nen Techniques
Basic Nen Techniques

Hatsu Affinity: Which is your character's Hatsu affinity?
(i.e.Reinforcement, Transformation, Materialization, Manipulation, Emission, or Specialization)

[Amount of AP spent/Total AP (6 at start)]
[Amount of TP Spent on Hatsu/Total TP (0 at start)]

Hatsu Theme: Optional.The name of your character's overall hatsu theme if applicable.
General Hatsu Description: Optional. A description of your characters overall hatsu theme if applicable. Note that this does NOT grant any abilities or effects on its own; any powers involved in your hatsu theme must be described in one of the ability templates below.
General Hatsu Conditions: Optional.Any conditions which apply to all of your character's hatsu if applicable.

Hatsu Abilities

× Non-Nen Techniques
Note: See this topic for more info on non-nen techniques.

[Amount of TP Spent on Non-nen Techs/Total TP + 16]



Clean Template for copying

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