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Hullo World!

Summer is officially here! Whether you prefer to spend it tucked away indoors, or bathing in the sun, or just enjoying an extra excuse to eat ice cream, have we got a fantastic event for you! The bells for Togashi High ring out, and while you may be out of class for summer, there’s stil one month left to go for stuents there. Sign up by creating a high school aged profile for your characters and enjoy some fun freeform RP!

And, as a regular reminder of how we feel about all you fantastic people, Summer Appreciation is here! Don’t forget to thank you favorite mod or admin for all the fantastic work they do, with an extra bit thank you to Roy for putting together the ultra creative Togashi High!

Stay cool everyone!

~ :)Westborn ~

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Posted ImageCreative freedom and you
Creative freedom and you © Hunter אּ Hunter RPG 2009-2018

Creative freedom and you

The way that roleplaying in this forum works, allows for everyone to have a lot of freedom over their personal storyline. Supporting everyone to craft the greatest narratives without, for the most part, being too limited by your character profile situation.

Concrete Manifestation

That means that for your personal storyline, you can customize your character and storyline almost freely. As long as the standing institutions and places remain mostly unchanged. More on that in the ‘Arcs, saga’s and groups’ section.

If your character’s hometown is Cinema Town, and came from a notorious mafia running the majority of the town, sure why not. You can do that. If you want your character to have a ship but he doesn’t have the credentials for it in his profile. Sure, for your storyline, he can have his ship. If you want your character to own a bar, he can have his bar.


There are three solid situations where you’re more directly limited to your character.

Missions, events and other official situations

When roleplaying in missions and events, it is important to keep it fair and sticking to what the character profile actually has, regardless of what is added in their personal storyline besides cosmetics.

That means that if, for example, in their personal storyline they have a tank, they can only use it in unofficial roleplaying contexts.

Permission from other members

When roleplaying with other members and using things that have a concrete impact but are an effect of your creative freedom, it is important to have permission of your roleplay partner.

If your partner says he isn’t comfortable with you having that ship for example, then you’re also not allowed to have that ship.

Effect on locations

Another limitation is that you can’t permanently have enormous impacts on our known locations without asking for permission. Something could happen in your storyline that might have Yorkshin in ruins, as long as it is reversed so that it doesn’t interfere other peoples storyline.

Arcs, saga’s and groups

In the context of a large, multi-thread arc or saga, a lot more leeway is given with mod permission. In these cases, a moderator can be asked for permission to have more drastic consequences on the environment.

Groups can also be given permission to have more significant institutions, like an island as a home base, or military weaponry.
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