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Hullo World!

It seems the spring has brought us not just a wave of good weather, but also a shower of great new changes to the site. On top of our Spring Appreciation and Mothers Day Letters events, which will run through the season, but we also have a number of equally awesome changes and shops for all you lovely folk, from our equally awesome and lovely staff.

It seems a mysterious shot has opened on the edge of town. Specializing in what were once only seasonally available items, the Events Shop will let players exchange their hard earned Event Tokens for magnificent items ranging from magma weapons, to speacity cookbooks, to a fan item representing some of the sites strongest characters. As a special Celebration of the stores opening, all members who post in the celebration thread will receive a special bonus, so make sure you check it out before time runs out!

Within the workings of your roleplay here, make sure you check out the newest section of the Misc. Info section of the rule book, Creative Freedom and You This section outlines the sort of freedom players have here at HxHRPG and the varying types of adventures one might find in a thread.

Saving one of the best for last, the Hunter Exam Hunter Exam system has been fully revamped. What was once a fairly large and very lengthy system, is now a much more direct and streamlined adventure for the characters who want to test their own mettle in becoming some of the select few who call themselves Hunters.

While that’s it for now, there are a few more massive projects coming down the pipeline soon, including the much anticipated Group/Faction System, and some changes to the Nen System!

~ :)Westborn ~

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As the sun sets on our arctic battlefield, WE HAVE A NEW KING OF COLD! Untouched by a single frosted orb, MtheHunter has taken the Icicle Crown for himself, basting his way to an unblemished victory! Congratulations MtheHunter, and to all our participants! For his victory he will receive 7 SP, 14 RP, 1,000,000 Jenni, 6 Event Tokens, the Icicle Crown, a snowball, and a cup of hot cocoa.

For the rest of the Frosted Five: Prowler, Hisoka, stumblingwizard, and Gothmer, you will all receive 5 SP, 10 RP, 650,000 Jenni, 3 event tokens.

The rest of our participants all receive 3 SP, 6 RP, and 3 Event Tokens.

Now, onto our individual awards...

Our Hardest to Kill Award goes to Gon.Pro.Hunter! For surviving the longest with a single hit remaining you receive… 2 extra SP, 4 RP, and A CUP OF COCOA!

And to our Assassin Award, those with the most eliminations, Dunn and thestumblingwizard, you both receive a 2 extra SP, 4 RP, and snowball.

Thanks to everyone that joined the event and consistently threw snowballs despite my often tardiness in updating this event. Rewards can only be applied to a single character, so choose wisely.

Reward Items

3 SP and 6 RP, with extra rewards going to those who take the top spots, get the most eliminations, and survive the longest with 1 hit left
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