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Hullo World!

Summer is officially here! Whether you prefer to spend it tucked away indoors, or bathing in the sun, or just enjoying an extra excuse to eat ice cream, have we got a fantastic event for you! The bells for Togashi High ring out, and while you may be out of class for summer, there’s stil one month left to go for stuents there. Sign up by creating a high school aged profile for your characters and enjoy some fun freeform RP!

And, as a regular reminder of how we feel about all you fantastic people, Summer Appreciation is here! Don’t forget to thank you favorite mod or admin for all the fantastic work they do, with an extra bit thank you to Roy for putting together the ultra creative Togashi High!

Stay cool everyone!

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I'm just here to RP

The soft stammering voice brought Motto’s attention back to the small visitor. She was blushing and spouting off some kinda lie…for reasons the Hunter could only guess. He got to his feet after the lady bug stood and looked down at her red eyes.

“Well. I..” Motto blinked a few times. The female’s expression and tone suggested that she might be angry with him. The Hunter wondered if perhaps she really had attacked him only to realize he was too big or maybe she was gauging her strength. The raven slipped his hands into the back pockets of the denim pants he typically wore and relaxed. Motto’s body would send a message that he was no threat, so that maybe she would feel more at ease. It was best to communicate without words in these kinds of situations, but since she was a speaking creature he could do both. “…I’m just enjoying this forest. I uh… spent some time in the city and now I’m taking a little break.” Motto’s smile was a bashful one. Truthfully he was less social in his adulthood and preferred the company of animals over people. Motto had yet to come to terms with his loss of strength and ability he treasured as a teen. The wilderness soothed the former Pro Hunter’s troubled heart and he continued to find his way back to the woods every three months or so.

The lady bug’s anxiety was clear, and maybe there was a way he could help.

“I’m Motto.” He smiled warmly and cocked his head to the side. “It’s ok to tell me…whatever it is you’re worried about. I’m a Hunter.” The raven’s expression faltered. “But not the Hunting kind! Well I do hunt but not you. I hunt for… well .. creatures and animals.. but I also help humanity.” Motto’s stance widened as he awkwardly continued to explain.

“I’m a nice Hunter. You know? A good one. Do you know anything about Hunters?” Oh man he was rambling. Probably confusing the poor thing. Biting his lip, Motto made another attempt to lighten the mood.

“So you have wings. Can ya fly?”

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