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Hullo World!

Summer is officially here! Whether you prefer to spend it tucked away indoors, or bathing in the sun, or just enjoying an extra excuse to eat ice cream, have we got a fantastic event for you! The bells for Togashi High ring out, and while you may be out of class for summer, there’s stil one month left to go for stuents there. Sign up by creating a high school aged profile for your characters and enjoy some fun freeform RP!

And, as a regular reminder of how we feel about all you fantastic people, Summer Appreciation is here! Don’t forget to thank you favorite mod or admin for all the fantastic work they do, with an extra bit thank you to Roy for putting together the ultra creative Togashi High!

Stay cool everyone!

~ :)Westborn ~

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The creature stared blankly at Motto for several seconds, apparently taking a moment to actually recognise the pun that had been made. Even when she did process it, it was more with disregard and a somehow complicated expression of uneasiness. It passed quickly, her focus once again shifting back to defending herself from potential retaliation of the individual she had rather weakly assaulted. That weakness was also why her defence came mostly in the form of words, which she hoped might persuade the person against hitting her back. As he had no doubt already noticed, she was very light and just as fragile, so it wouldn't take much effort to swat her away if he so desired.

"That is... I..." A red tinge crept across her cheeks after she began to realise that she did not appear to be under any threat of attack, her thoughts going back to why exactly she had jumped forward in the first place - because a nearby bird had startled her. She wasn't about to just admit she had been scared because of something like that! "I-It's nothing! I, uh... I was scaring off a... a wolf! No, a bear!"

Even if she did not appear human, surely claiming to scare off a bear was a bit too much? She cleared her throat, somewhat awkwardly standing up and consequently showing off her lack of significant height. It seemed she had expected herself to be much closer to eye-level with Motto, her gaze climbing up from his chest and showing a hint of irritation once it finally reached his eyes. "W...what are you doing all the way out here at this time, anyway?"
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