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Hullo World!

It seems the spring has brought us not just a wave of good weather, but also a shower of great new changes to the site. On top of our Spring Appreciation and Mothers Day Letters events, which will run through the season, but we also have a number of equally awesome changes and shops for all you lovely folk, from our equally awesome and lovely staff.

It seems a mysterious shot has opened on the edge of town. Specializing in what were once only seasonally available items, the Events Shop will let players exchange their hard earned Event Tokens for magnificent items ranging from magma weapons, to speacity cookbooks, to a fan item representing some of the sites strongest characters. As a special Celebration of the stores opening, all members who post in the celebration thread will receive a special bonus, so make sure you check it out before time runs out!

Within the workings of your roleplay here, make sure you check out the newest section of the Misc. Info section of the rule book, Creative Freedom and You This section outlines the sort of freedom players have here at HxHRPG and the varying types of adventures one might find in a thread.

Saving one of the best for last, the Hunter Exam Hunter Exam system has been fully revamped. What was once a fairly large and very lengthy system, is now a much more direct and streamlined adventure for the characters who want to test their own mettle in becoming some of the select few who call themselves Hunters.

While that’s it for now, there are a few more massive projects coming down the pipeline soon, including the much anticipated Group/Faction System, and some changes to the Nen System!

~ :)Westborn ~

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Cogito ergo doleo

Gon.Pro.Hunter with Dorn
Standard Reward: 1 SP, 3 RP, 300,000 JenniTotal Reward: 2 SP, 6 RP, 540,000 Jenni
--IC Notes--
Dorn is now a wanted criminal in Moluse. The Molusian police are actively searching for a tall, slender, and white-haired woman they believe to be guilty of murder and aggravated robbery. Although the bank's CCTV were mysteriously de-activated prior to the heist, based on the testimony of the bank's manager, they concluded she turned on the robbers, murdering one of them, and afterwards shooting an unarmed teenaged bank employee. If found guilty of these alleged crimes, Dorn would be sentenced to life imprisionment without parole and may incur the death penalty, which is there subject of presidential approval. Moluse has formal extradiction agreements with Sverth and the Ayran Union, and has in the past made ad-hoc deals with other nations.

Although this incident was featured in national television and press, after forty-eight hours and without any leads on the woman's whereabouts, interest on the case died down. A week later, the Molusian Police offered 300,000 Jenni as a reward for any information leading to her capture.
--Comments to the Roleplayer--
I absolutely loved the voice acting. It was brilliantly executed, and conveyed Dorn's thoughts very well, allowing the reader/listener to immerse himself/herself in the story and character. I greatly enjoyed the unexpected turn the thread at the end, culminating with Greg's death.

Onomotopi with Greg
Standard Reward: 1 SP, 3 RP, 300,000 JenniTotal Reward: 2 SP, 4 RP, 420,000 Jenni
--IC Notes--
Greg was found dead by the Molusian police. His mother was distraught, but besides some family members, only two of his school friends attended his funeral.
--Comments to the Roleplayer--
You did a very good job fleshing out Greg, and managed to go beyond a bidimensional stereotype. I also enjoyed your writing, and you actively contributed to the story. I would like to provide further input, but I am a little short on time. In short, good job!
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[Completed]The Trouble With Credit Unions · Central Esania