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Hullo World!

Summer is officially here! Whether you prefer to spend it tucked away indoors, or bathing in the sun, or just enjoying an extra excuse to eat ice cream, have we got a fantastic event for you! The bells for Togashi High ring out, and while you may be out of class for summer, there’s stil one month left to go for stuents there. Sign up by creating a high school aged profile for your characters and enjoy some fun freeform RP!

And, as a regular reminder of how we feel about all you fantastic people, Summer Appreciation is here! Don’t forget to thank you favorite mod or admin for all the fantastic work they do, with an extra bit thank you to Roy for putting together the ultra creative Togashi High!

Stay cool everyone!

~ :)Westborn ~

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Motto could hear the creature’s breath and his sharp eyes detected the brief glimmer of something in the trees. Hairs standing up even moreso on the back of his neck, the Hunter squared his shoulders and tensed. It was probably sizing him up.. ready to go for the kill. He hadn’t faced off against a large beast in a while and his apprehension was growing steadily. Just how intelligent was this thing? Was it a pack hunter?? Maybe this was some kinda set up and the real threat was behind him!!!

Motto spun around protect himself only to go down hard as a shrieking beast struck his back. A mouthful of dirt was the least of his worries as the raven did his best to twist around in order to fend off his attacker. Much to his surprise a petite female was there and panicking somewhat. This cute little thing was the monster? Blinking rapidly as he took in her appearance and non-threatening behavior Motto spit the soil off his lips and felt his heart rate decrease a little.

She was some kind of magical beast… a talking one and.. so light! How the heck did she manage to knock him down? Sheesh he was seriously far from the skilled Hunter he had once been..how embarrassing. But the small insect girl looked so frightened that Motto set aside his own humiliation and grinned.

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The grit in his teeth gave Motto’s smile a comical look. Propping himself up on his elbows he continued,

“You’re lady bug. Haha. I never met one before.”
His expression shifted to one of concern. “How come ya came at me like that? You scared of somethin’?”

Golden eyes quickly scanned the tree line behind the new visitor.
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