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Hullo World!

Shiver me timbers! Winter is upon us! Time to bundle up, get yourself a cup of hot cocoa, and saddle up for some winter adventures!

As the season, we have a handful of events for all you lovely lads and lasses to embody the spirit of the season. First is our spirit of giving and appreciation, smashed together with however it is you and your character feel about the going on’s of the winter wonderland (or maybe they see it as a frozen wasteland?) The Winter Appreciation and Solo Event includes our gift to all of you, and a solo event, to help your characters shine both inside and out! Aside from our usual appreciation bonus, the thread will also offer a bonus for solo’s involving each of your characters!

Also, in the spirit of giving we’re opening a second, or third for those of you that noticed I already combined two in one, event for you to help give back to the site. Our Season of Giving event asks that members give back to the site by donating ideas for missions in exchange for feeling good about themselves, and thus, receiving bonuses.

I suppose that’s all for now my friends. We hope you enjoy the seasons events, and the growth your characters may experience during the winter months!

~ הּWestborn ~

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