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A hearty greeting to all that roam our halls here at HxH RPG! To anyone walking into the madness, welcome! To those who are called back by the siren song of the manga running once more, welcome back! And to those who never left, you're beautiful <3

Summer is upon us! Which for those of you who have had an ear to the underground here, know that also means the release of the MASSIVE event – Legacy of Akinzu ! With many chances for new adventures, rare treasures, and interesting and amazing foes, make sure to check in. Not to mention, this season our Summer Appreciation Bonus is also claimed through the Legacy thread, so hip hop on it! There are a few spots left for those who were late to the party, but try to jump in as soon as you're able. For those uninterested, we will be hosting a few more light-hearted summer events for any and all, which will be announced here, so make sure you check in often.

Beyond the fun side of things, as a bit of a PSA, Photobucket has started being a butt. So, if you have any images hosted on Photobucket, make sure you migrate them over to a new site and link things up properly!

~ Westborn ~

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