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Horundul is an original, fantasy, play-by-post role playing game based around an original world that is developed upon everyday, and has been (forum's age aside) for nearly five years. With a deeply developed story and well thought-out geography and history, Horundul is a world you'll surely want to inhabit.

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1. Forum and Role Play Rules
Topic Started: Mar 20 2010, 10:44:59 AM (623 Views)
Fission &
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We have become our fantasy

  1. Be friendly to other RolePlayers. They're here for the same reason you are: to have fun. Nobody likes a whiner or flamer or troll. Please be respectful!

  2. Having multiple accounts is unacceptable. Anybody caught using multiple accounts to RolePlay will result in BOTH accounts being banned, and the forfeiture of all assets to your characters' inventories.

  3. Please separate game events you are posting from things that are not being said by your character by using "OOC" (out of character), OT (Off topic), etc.

  4. If you see someone disobey the rules, either point them here, help them via Private Messaging, or report the post so we can deal with it. A lot of rule-breakers are either new to the system, or people who trip over the odd obscure rule. In those cases, we'll give you a friendly little prod in the right direction.

  5. Avatars should not be wider than 120 pixels to avoid stretching the board. There is no file size constraint, but they must conform to the ZetaBoards' Terms of Service.

  6. Signatures may not not be excessively tall and can not stretch the forum horizontally.

  7. Finally, if you see something that's interrupting your playing pleasure, then please, please, please, let us know.

Discipline Policies

  1. The first offense almost always constitutes in a warning. Being rude and godmod(d)ing will usually only result in a verbal warning, via PM or IM, but spamming and large arguments usually result in an official board warning. Large spam attacks, trolling, massive godmod(d)ing and the like may result in tier-3 punishments, including multi-day or permanent bans.

  2. The second offense may result in another warning, or being banned for 24 hours.

  3. A third offense usually results in a 48- to 72-hour ban. You will lose access to the board, and the CBox if it becomes a problem. You are welcome back by all means afterwords.


  1. Do not lag unexpectedly. We want this role play to operate as fast as possible. In the event we can't do that, we want to expect obstacles; if you're going somewhere, notify the board in the Welcome/Goodbye forum, we'll keep your character safe and warm. If you're willing, you can temporarily hand control over to someone else. If you don't respond within 72 hours (three days), the people you are playing with may skip over you and continue, and if someone you are waiting to post doesn't do so in 72 hours you may do the same.

  2. It is acceptable (and encouraged) to have multiple characters. With multiple characters, if you're waiting for the story with one character to progress, you can work on your other character(s) elsewhere. However, their inventories are NOT shared, and cannot be transferred unless they meet in person. You are allowed to have up to five characters, which are approved based on normal standards and your amount of activity.

  3. Godmodding is not tolerated. You are responsible for your own character, so don't unfairly control the circumstances of anyone else's character (without their prior permission).

  4. Do not godmode (AKA powergame), either. Having a unnaturally strong character will result in the suspension of your character's actions while you weaken or restrain your character to a more tolerable level. Godmoding is usually attributed to super strength, speed, defense and charisma. This may also apply to instances of in character combat in which your character constantly avoids even the most absolute of hits.

  5. Due to the terms of service set by Zetaboards, we can have no obscene or detailed sex scenes. Romantic scenes beyond kissing and hugging (that is, sexual romance) should be RPed with a fade to black, or a simple "they made love." Do not flesh out the entire event.

  6. While just a guideline and not a strictly enforced rule, we really want all posts to be one to two paragraphs in length, or about 200-300 words, minimum. Horundul is considered an intermediate to advanced role play.

Getting Started...

  • With your character, post a new topic in a forum representing one of the games many areas. The first post in this topic will describe your character's dialogue and actions.
    If you're moving to a new location, it is prudent to make a new topic elsewhere, and link the two together with a hyperlink. That way, people playing with you will know to follow too.

  • If a RPing topic already exists, you may have your character join in by responding to the other player's topic.

  • Gameplay is achieved through repeated replies between two or more players. This could be a friendly chat, all-out combat, etc.

  • There will also be times when characters will have to solve puzzles, find objects/people, that kind of thing. Exactly WHAT you do in an RPing topic can be almost anything.

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