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Horundul is an original, fantasy, play-by-post role playing game based around an original world that is developed upon everyday, and has been (forum's age aside) for nearly five years. With a deeply developed story and well thought-out geography and history, Horundul is a world you'll surely want to inhabit.

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News & Discussion

Redirect Forum Horundul News Box
Time Period: The 4th month, 2583 Season: Breze'ern, ends 12th of the 6th month.

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Regular Forum Announcements & News
Find the latest information about the board here.
The Rapture Mar 29 2010, 11:24:25 AM, By Ayothes
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Regular Forum Rules
These are the rules that govern this forum.
1. Forum and Role Play Rules Mar 20 2010, 10:44:59 AM, By Fission
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Redirect Forum Horundul Wiki
The official guide to the world of Horundul.
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Redirect Forum World Map
View the world map of Horundul. Made in Photoshop by Fission.
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Out of Character

Regular Forum (No New Posts) Hellos and Goodbyes
New? Come say hi! Or if, unfortunately, you must leave us, bid us farewell.
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Regular Forum General Discussion
Talk about whatever you like!
Nike Lunar Ladies operates embodies simpli… Jun 26 2014, 12:00:59 AM, By hanshiyan
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Subforums: OoC RP Arena of Doom
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Character Resources

Regular Forum Character Applications
Post your character application here. Be absolutely sure to read the rules, the central back story references, and to use the character template!
Cut Price Kitchen Sale London. Jun 7 2014, 10:26:04 AM, By alimah99
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Subforums: Approved Characters
Regular Forum Journals
Sometimes, it's just you and the road. Post solo adventures here, but remember, one thread per character. Double posts allowed, but please keep the post length as long as possible.
Diary of the Immortal Spectator Mar 31 2010, 02:27:57 PM, By Fission
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Regular Forum Quest Board
A board where jobs for mercenaries are placed. If you are bored, take on a quest.
[S] BOUNTY: Karl Bern May 12 2010, 07:19:08 PM, By Evergod41
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Regular Forum Gralden
Serving as the central hub of Aragna, Gralden is home to Unione and the Grand Forum. Its diverse geography allows it to serve as both an important agricultural and industrial era. Its craftsman are famous for their gaudy jewelry, and the slums of the capital are famous for their gaudy whores and ill-tempered ne'er-do-wells.
[M] A Bout of the Brave Jul 12 2010, 03:36:25 PM, By Avernale
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Subforums: Unione, Radiant Stadium, Seilven Brotherhood
Regular Forum Sogen
A rural and mountainous nation-state, Sogen lies in the northwest corner of Aragna. It is known for its large number of ranchers and rural villages, all of which serve in its national militia; it has the strongest military forces of all of Aragna by far. It is almost responsible for a large number of the produce and meats that are distributed throughout Aragna. It is led by the Lord General Manil'en, who rules from the fortress city of Terra.
I've Lost my Mind! May 28 2010, 06:13:58 PM, By Evergod41
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Subforums: Terra, Gal
Regular Forum Hydric
A vast plain heavily divided by streams, rivers, and lakes, Hydric is home to many fisherman and would-be seafarers. Its population of Aga'ryu are said to be the last in all of Horundul.
A Calm Day Apr 16 2010, 09:09:48 PM, By Avernale
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Subforums: Lake Wan, Ren'crossick
Regular Forum Kaijeten
Entirely contained within the Drag'hoon Mountains, Kaijeten is home to many experts of arcane magics, especially those specializing in clockwork technology. Its people are incredibly rural, living in a few select cities; a large percentage of the population are almost hermit-like, living on the mountain slops and in the narrow valleys famous to the Drah'hoons.
[A] Steep Hill Apr 25 2010, 10:43:30 PM, By Spades
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Subforums: Hegren
Regular Forum Raejen
The most densely populated nation-state of the Union, Raejen is vastly growing and mostly self-dependent. Its capital, Aether, is to runist magic as Hegren is to arcane, an absolute hot spot where even children learn how to play with the forces of light and darkness (and, rarely, fire). As the towns and villages expand, more ruins from the Falls and ancient civilizations are unearthed, including the aptly-named lake Mirror.
[S] Foul Daemons May 4 2010, 10:36:59 AM, By Pien
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Subforums: Aether, Telry
Regular Forum (No New Posts) Vulken
Encompassing most of the plateau Vulkani, Vulken contains a loose association of various elemental tribes, worshiping the fire and lava that spews forth from the geologically unstable area. Being so disorganized, it, like Eboni, is prone to housing large herds of daemons and other vile creatures.
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Regular Forum Eboni
Lying in the southeast corner of Aragna, Eboni is hardly a nation-state at all, its founding tribes disappearing into the black trees. It is represented in the High Council by wealthy merchants who made deals along the trade-routes that go through it to the western and southern plains. It lies within the dangerous forest Balk, home to many daemons and odd creatures who devour children and vagabonds as they sleep.
Necromancer's Woods [Part 2] Apr 15 2010, 03:30:33 PM, By Ars Sentientia
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Province Capellic
Run directly by Dra'ron in the south cntral portion of Arche, this province boasts cloudy red skies and acres upon acres of dead grass. The people here live as puppets, are but zombies. The military practices around Dra'ron and the outlying cities are constant. It is also a hot spot of military activity, having borders with both Hydric and Raejen.
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Province Telkic
Surrounding the city of Mola, this western province is Arche's largest, covering part of the Drag'hoon and the large rural expanses up until the river Black flows from the north. There are few military exercises here (publicly, at least) but is considered the most likely place for Arche to use to attack Aragna.
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Province Balthazel
This odd-shaped province covers Arche's entire eastern border and juts in north of Dra'ron.
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The Rest of the World

Regular Forum Drag'hoon Mountains
This massive mountain range runs from the far south (almost the Belts of Sola) to the far north (almost to the sea Draconic). Its valleys and peaks are filled with Second Fall daemons and titanic animals, even small herds of dragons. Other strange creatures, such as the airborne sirens, nest and live on the summits and within the caves.
A Thievely Bunch [QUEST] Apr 27 2010, 06:44:29 PM, By Revus Harkings
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Subforums: Kalora'kawl
Regular Forum (No New Posts) Western Plains
Lying outside the forest Balk, the western plains are home to a large population of humans, mostly farmers and ranchers. Ruins of castles and cities dot the landscape, all wiped out during the wars daemonic after the Second Fall of Man. They trade well with Aragna, though have no nationality themselves. If not for the focus on relationships with Arche, the people here would be key to become annexed into the confederacy.
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Subforums: Tolen
Regular Forum The Forest Balk
The forest Balk is a vast, dark forest, most of which lies within Eboni. Its dark creatures and mysterious human populations are a constant danger for travelers along its very important trade routes.
The road less travelled Apr 9 2010, 07:48:34 PM, By Evergod41
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