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Forgotten Kingdom

Regular Forum (No New Posts) Folk Tavern
Here's where the songs are sung and jokes are made; where the shoes are hung and lores, created!
The Death of living lactobaciles Jan 28 2011, 09:05 AM, By Indigo
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Other Games!
If you enjoy playing other games beside Naruto Arena, feel free to try and recruit us to play it as well! ^^
Lord of the Rings Online! Apr 21 2011, 09:22 AM, By Amatsuka
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Regular Forum Echoing Halls
Hiryuu Indou Chat Box
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Redirect Forum Hiryuu Indou's WoN Thread
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Lost Souls

Regular Forum (No New Posts) The Wandering Ones...
Oh' thou who seek the old wisdom! Towards your innest self you'll be throwed, and many new dimensions will you be able to explore, but if you give a single step ahead...
Darkness Pit Selection Area Jan 31 2011, 12:00 PM, By Les
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Inner Sanctum

Regular Forum (No New Posts) Elder Circle
Here ancient Dragons come to rest and recover every thousand of years. Together with the Sage, they discuss the development of mankind and influence their future.
Gathering Rules Aug 14 2009, 05:43 PM, By Indigo
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Draconic Chambers

Regular Forum Sky Plains
Hidden among thousands of clouds filling the Air, this is the Secret Place the Flying Dragons that control the Environment use to have meetings. The most clever and fast of all dragons, these creatures are the most often seen by childs and people who still believe in their existence. Along the ages, these dragons have fused themselves with the deepest powers of the weather, and thus were always revered and feared.
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Sea Depths
At the unknown bottom of the neverending Ocean, this is the Hidden Cave the Dragons who controls the breeze, the waves and all forms of Life upon the Sea use to speak between themselves. Always prayed by sailors, these powers are the bringers of calmness and reflection to all beings, as they live in the edge of the start and end of the lands. They are famous for having short temper. The most known and revered of them is the Dragon of the Waves.
Sea Depths? Mar 27 2011, 07:36 AM, By Guest
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Regular Forum Swamp Maze
The travelers of the Swamps are always aware of the dragon powers that sleeps within. Called by many names, those creatures hold immense knowledge of the ways of Surviving and enduring far beyond normal lifespan. Normally kept at a distance of the other Dragons due to their uninteresting odour, they are the Rulers of the Swamp Mazes, and only by their Will anyone finds their way there…
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Regular Forum Fiery Mountains
The Rage of the Earth's blood, so are called the volcanos' magma. At the open Sea, there is a chain of mountains with everlasting Fire, magically concealed from the sights of Mortals. There lies the primordial source of the Dragon's Fires and Magic. Accordingly, strong and unbeatable Dragons were called to guard the mountains with their lives. Their superior is called the Searess Dragon of Flames.
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Regular Forum Jewel Caves
Around all the Earth, there are protected caves, where live the Dragons that are the source of all of the beautiful Gemstones. They are the Heart of the Colors and Shining, and the whoever is gifted to see one of them is required to stay dozens of days preparing their eyes. Their splendour is so high that it blinds at an instant. Therefore, they rarely leave their caves unless something really important occurs in the outside. The most rare and sacred of all them is called the Great Tourmaline Wyrm.
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Regular Forum Frozen Fields
This is called one of the most wild faces of Nature; there is the power that permanently seeks to stop all movement from every living body. Ocult by a desert of glaciers, there is a place only known by few, where they meet. Dragons who live in such Harsh environment are said to be extremely dangerous. They rarely go out, for their wings brings cold, snow and death everywhere. The Gelyd Wyrm of Blizzards seems to be the most dangerous of them all.
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Regular Forum Darkness Pit
At the very bottom of the undergrounds, there is a World of no seeing, of no feeling, of no hearing. Where the darkness embraces even the souls, a group of Dragons still endures, crafting their kind of power as strong as the nothingness where they remain. There, the ones who have power to incantate and elude the most are always the Leader and the Guide.
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War of Ninjas

Regular Forum Current Major Tournaments
A place to discuss tactics and odds; glory and failure.
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Indigo's Tournaments
Here you'll get the exact coordinates as to when one of these will be hosted at NB.
Next Dream Tournaments Aug 15 2009, 08:17 PM, By Indigo
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) War lists and Statistics
All heroes and defeated comrades shall be honored in this place. If you've won some tournament, dont hesitate to make a topic about it.
War Template Feb 6 2011, 12:53 PM, By dawidek
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Character Discussion
Discuss here balances, Team-Formation, Strategies, New Characters and all these sort of things.
WoN out-of-beta Info Dec 7 2010, 10:45 AM, By Indigo
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Anime/Manga Discussion
Spread your hopes for the future and explore the meanings of the past! - This forums allows you to discuss any Anime, not only Naruto.
Naruto Manga Jan 28 2011, 03:26 PM, By mphdragon
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