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Earth Alliance -
An international coalition formed by the PLANT sponsor nations and their terrestrial allies to battle the forces of ZAFT. The Earth Alliance is not a single political entity, but rather a collaboration between several individual nations, which regard each other as potential adversaries even though they are currently united against a common foe. The dominant powers within the Earth Alliance are the Atlantic Federation, the Eurasian Federation, and the Republic of East Asia, all three of which invested heavily in the construction of the PLANTs. The South African Union and the United States of South America are junior partners in the Alliance, with the latter having been forcibly annexed by the Atlantic Federation at the start of the war.

Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty
The military forces of the PLANTs. ZAFT is a militia made up of civilian volunteers, and the organization has no formal rank structure, so its members are instead addressed by descriptive titles like "commander" and "captain." The ZAFT forces are organized into independent teams named after their commanders, and much like the modern-day U.S. Marines these teams can operate equally well on land, at sea, in air, or in outer space. Since ZAFT's membership is made up of genetically enhanced Coordinators, its forces are more than a match for the numerically superior Earth Alliance.

ZAFT was originally a political organization called the Zodiac Alliance, which was founded in C.E. 50 by Siegel Clyne and Patrick Zala. The Zodiac Alliance took on its present name in C.E. 65, and three years later it was reorganized to become an explicitly military organization equipped with the revolutionary new weapons known as mobile suits. The ZAFT forces are currently subject to the authority of the PLANT Supreme Council, and report directly to the chairman of the National Defense Committee.

Orb Union -
An island nation in the southern Pacific Ocean, which possesses considerable industrial and military power despite its small size and lack of natural resources. Its assets include high technology, an abundant supply of geothermal energy thanks to its numerous active volcanoes, and a policy of nondiscrimination against Coordinators which has enriched Orb's talent pool. The Orb Union also has its own mass driver and controls its own space colony, the resource satellite Heliopolis.

In Orb's complex political system, power is shared between an elected assembly and representatives of the five noble families who originally ruled over the islands. Its chief representative, Uzumi Nara Athha, declared the nation neutral at the beginning of the current conflict. However, there are policy disagreements among the noble families, and some of them are secretly assisting the Atlantic Federation with its Gundam development project in order to borrow its technology for Orb's own armed forces.

After the end of the first war, Cagalli Yula Athha succeeds her father as chief representative and seeks to continue his policy of neutrality. Nonetheless, many powerful figures within the Orb government continue to favor the Earth Alliance, among them Prime Minister Unato Ema Seiran.

Profile Template
Faction: (The faction of your choice.)
Name: (Real first and last names for your character.)
Callsign/Alias: (Could be a codename, an alias, or a traditional callsign... whatever.)
Age/Date of birth: (Or specify a date of birth.)
Eye Color:
Hair type/style/colour:
Birthplace: Unkown
Genetic Status:
Appearance: (Optional; you can decribe with words or use a picture.)
Biography: (You must at least have some kind of an introduction that explains your character's presense in the role-play universe.)
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