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I'm not strong enough to dig very deep into our clay

April. Here's a trick for breaking up the soil. It takes pre-planning and a little time, but well worth it in the end.

Whenever I plan a new garden, I begin dumping the rabbit manure there. This works best during winter. I spread it around so it's several inches thick. By the time spring comes, the cover of manure has killed off the grass, and the worms have been working on it. The soil is much easier to dig.

I also don't always dig up the entire area if it's for perennials (which it usually is). I just dig where a plant will go.

I've got sand, clay, and rock here. I can't dig anywhere without hitting a stone. I'm not strong enough to dig this with a regular shovel while standing. My most valuable garden tool is a big 18" flathead screwdriver. I get down on my knees and loosen the dirt and stones with the driver and then scoop it out with the shovel.
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