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Blasted Bandits!; Jaxus/Actaeon Mission
Topic Started: May 13 2018, 06:39 AM (59 Views)
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I don't even know.
Jaxus laid back in a tall tree, surrounded by thick foliage, calmly looking upwards in a lazy daze, waiting for Persies to return. Some time before this, Jaxus' accepted a mission from the knights to re-capture supplies, armor, and weapons from an errant bandit camp. Though perhaps one of the more dangerous missions he had taken, he had little worry, not only due to his own strength, but the assurance that the knights dispatched Actaeon along with him. Even with the large difference in numbers, surely a talented knight and a mage like himself would be enough to assure some level of safety. All the while, in the distance, Persies slowly circled around the bandit camp, scouting the area, and attempting to determine where their stash was.

"Oi, Actaeon, how ya' wanna' do this when we figure out where the stuff they took is? I'm kinda' just hopin' they'll surrender, but I doubt'll work..." Sighing slightly, bringing a hand over his head and rubbing his temples, Jaxus pondered over the situation and how best to attack or fight if that wasn't an option, a minor headache forming, hoping he wouldn't need to bloody his hands here like he did in the war. A minor tremor starting to begin around his hands, Jaxus reached into his coat, pulling out a silver flask, that just slightly gleamed in the evening light, popping off the top and taking a few deep swigs.

"Aaaah..." Pulling the flask away and popping the cork back on, Jaxus cringed slightly, shaking his head before his gaze turned to Actaeon. "Oh, you a fan of Scotch by the way?~" Without really waiting for an answer, Jaxus would lightly toss the flask towards the green haired knight, offering a drink in good nature. "Catch!~" After all, they were probably going to have a busy evening.
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