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I Kid You Not!; [D-Rank Mission]
Topic Started: Apr 8 2018, 08:03 PM (22 Views)
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Link to approved mission

One of the most beautiful cities of Fiore stood before her. Caelie sat on the banks of Lake Sciliora, breathing in the fresh air that flowed from the surrounding woods and countryside. It was such a calming experience, but she was afraid she wouldn't be able to relish the serenity of the place for long. She was here on a mission, and it was time bound.

Beside her, Sunbeam sniffed at a verdant leaf and scoffed. "Horses actually eat this; can you imagine?" she asked, a hint of incredulity in her voice. "Is that surprising?" Caelie asked, her eyes still on the city across the lake. "Isn't it?" her equine friend replied. "I mean, look at it! True, it's fresh and... and green, but I don't see myself munching on the stuff. You wouldn't try it either." Caelie chuckled. "I don't suppose so. However, might I point out that I'm also not built to stand on four feet, nor do any of my... near or far anatomical relatives subsist on herbage." Sunbeam sniffed at the leaf again, and recoiled. "Fie! I'm a fairy pony, not your garden variety mule. I believe that says a lot on my behalf." She spread her wings and fluttered into the air. "'Sides, I'd like to see any of my... near or far anatomical relatives do this, then go on to munch on mundane moss."

Caelie stood to her feet. "Hmmm... guess you have a point. Anyway, break time's over. We'd best be moving, so that we don't get late."

She had calculated the time it would take to get to the rendezvous point, and other factors being equal, they were still on time. She wasn't going to be alone doing this funny mission that involved kid goats and spell books. Anyway, there would be a clearer description of the mission when they found the client. Caelie walked, and Sunbeam flew, as they walked into the city of Magnolia, one of the prides of Fiore. As expected, the city bustled with life, and the fact that it had a rather high mage population kind of calmed Caelie's nerves. This was one of the last places where a mage witch hunt would be carried out, unlike some other cities and towns here in Fiore that Caelie had heard of.

As she approached the park where she was expected to wait for her mission partner, she noticed a bunch of wild magnolias growing beautiful pale purple flowers. Stooping to pick one, she then hurried to catch up with Sunbeam, who was humming a Spring tune and enjoying the sights of the city.
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As the train wheeled into Magnolia's train station, the Seveni let out a sigh of relief. The journey was over. While Beryl enjoyed traveling as much as the next migrant Jenny, this particular trip from Kunigi had been annoying, to say the least. She'd been practically holed up with about a dozen and a half of terribly rowdy noisemakers, all related by blood or marriage. As it had stood, she was the only stranger there, and she had been aptly ignored by the hell raisers, who had seemed oblivious to the fact that their noise and frolicking might be inconvenient to the silent young woman who stared quietly outside the window.

Rising brusquely, and pushing past some of the rabble to get to the door of her cabin, the Seveni made a mental note to never ride in a public cabin again if she was taking a train, even if it meant she would have to spend all her savings on the travel expenses. And if she didn't have the money, she would walk, or try to hitch a ride with a kind, or oblivious, transporter. It seemed the noisy people were oblivious to the fact that the train had stopped. Well, that was their problem. Beryl had other matters to attend to.

Making her way out of the train, the Seveni stopped for a moment to stretch her graceful limbs, before looking around. Magnolia seemed to be always lively and bubbly, and that was one of the reasons she liked this city. Maybe it was because a place that housed such a guild as Fairy Tail could not but be rambunctious. Idly, the Seveni wondered whether it was the city that painted the spirit of the guild, or the other way round. Dandelion was quiet, shady, like her guild, Belladonna was like a well-oiled technical component, and Poinsettia was all frills and bubbles. It was more likely that guild founders settled in cities with kindred spirits, and there planted their guilds.

Getting out of the rowdy train station was no easy feat, but it was accomplished after some diligent jostling and wriggling. Once out, Beryl looked up at the sun in the sky. Judging by its angle, morning was beginning to get late. She would get to the park on time. As the Seveni redirected her steps towards the park where she was to meet her fellow mission participator, Beryl thought about the details of the mission. They seemed ludicrous, so it was best to get to the site of the mission, and hear from the horse's mouth exactly what they were up against.

And speaking of horses, Beryl saw the unmistakable butter-colored flying miniature pony, and almost immediately after, the silky mop of white hair that belonged to her friend and guildmate. "Hey, Sunny! Hey, Cae!" Beryl called, waving to get their attentions, as she increased her pace to shorten the distance between them. Beryl was sure they would be her fellows on this mission, and it was good to know that she would be apprehending this exercise with someone she was able to work well with.
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"Well, if it ain't Beryl!" Sunbeam exclaimed with equal excitement, as she more or less tackled Beryl with an "attack hug". Fortunately for both of them, Sunbeam was too small and too light to knock Beryl over, otherwise they would have found themselves in the fountain of the park. Caelie, being the more introspective one, smiled and walked up to them. After Beryl was done delivering herself from Sunbeam, who talked almost non-stop, Caelie hugged her friend warmly. "It is good to see you again, Beryl. How have you been?"

As the pleasantries were being concluded, Caelie looked at the flower in her hands, then offered it to Beryl. "Here. This is for you." She didn't really have any other reason for giving it to Beryl, other than the fact that the blonde was probably her closest human friend, and people gave their friends nice and pretty stuff. For some reason, she felt that the bright color of the Magnolia fit Beryl's personality. Her's, if she wanted a flower for herself, would probably have a darker, subdued shade.

"I'm guessing you're here for the mission, right? It sounds funny, and kind of supernatural, but not really like the ghost hoax one we unraveled not so long ago." Sunbeam, who was flying just beside Caelie's head, made a scoffing sound. "Fake ghosts? Sure would have been more fun if they were actual ghosts. What was their endgame?" Caelie shrugged. "I got kinda bored and didn't really wait to hear all the details. Beryl was the one interviewing them, but I think they wanted the owner of the house to stay away from some particular section or such stuff. Anyway, the business was completely harmless, though that was expected. It was just a D-ranked mission."

"Like this one?"

Caelie nodded. "Like this one."

Sunbeam flitted over to Beryl. "Tell me about the fake ghosties, please?"
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