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[Approved]Mantle of Cuilan V.2
Topic Started: Mar 30 2018, 03:10 AM (96 Views)
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Swordsman & Swordsmith as One!

Account Name: Jossle

Item(s) Being Purchased: Adding 6 Different additional rank 5 effects to my cloak. Why? Why not! (the near death mentioned in the description will occur in a thread i am doing with moonlit)

AP Being Spent: 5 + 6 AP for Upgrades
Characters AP is Being Drawn From: http://s1.zetaboards.com/Fairy_Tail_Guild/topic/8045548/1
Original Item: http://s1.zetaboards.com/Fairy_Tail_Guild/topic/8045580/1/

Name: Mantle of Cuilian
Rank: A
Price: 11 AP
Description: One of the holy relics of Wuji said to have belonged to Cuilan herself, that was bestowed by Qitan Monks to Izayoi. This mantle is made of an unknown textile that keeps it warm but aside its powers it’s pretty much looks like just a white mantle of thick cloth.

However, after Izayoi's escape from the Yomotsu and attaining greater enlightenment in the ways of the gods, Izayoi was blessed by his ancestors of the osafune clan at the behest of Lady Cuilan and trough power of Takemikazuchi-no-mikami, six new abilities known as the Seven Heavenly Abilities were added to his beloved cloak, transforming the cloak from a holy relic of the qitan monastery into a symbol of divinity bestowed upon only the most devout and fiercely loyal warrior of the Osafune bloodline.

Effect(s)/Function(s): 天国の能力 - Nanatsu no Tenryoku (lit. Seven Heavenly Abilities) are the seven abilities that mantle of cuilan bestows the wearer that represent the seven truths Izayoi learned about himself while in the Yomotsu, with first truth being the affirmation of the truth that he already knew -There is no perfect justice or perfect evil-
  • 無影翔 - Mueishō (lit. Shadowless Flight) (7)
    The original ability of the mantle, a rank 7 teleportation ability that allows the user and only the user to teleport to any area the user can see within 10 meters by wrapping their body with it and while the mantle does not remove the momentum from the user, thus cannot be directly used to stop one's fall, it does allow user to remain oriented enough the user can attack right away but, will remain in the same position as before teleport, somewhat limiting attack options. This item has a 3 turns cooldown and the teleport cannot pierce trough magical barriers and solid mater, the user must be able to clearly see and not have any obstacle between their location and their destination. Finally this teleport is relatively slow, so characters with 55 speed or more can punish the user while executing it.

  • 飛廉脚 - Pure Flying Step (lit. Pure Flying Step) (5)
    The user can channel the authority of Takemikazuchi over the sky and can now to treat the air as if it was solid while wearing the cloak, allowing the user to move through the air similar to flight. What sets this spell apart from a standard flight spell, is that user is able to push off of air, letting the user maneuver with their own strength. Due to the nature of this spell, no speed bonus is granted, although the height limitation of 25 Meters is still in effect and it has a maximun weight limit of 400lbs (including the wearer). Each step creates a small ripple effect. This spell has a Duration of 4 Posts and a Cooldown of 3 Posts. The user can also use the cloak to float a couple inches of the ground while sitting cross legged, but this is merely a parlor trick

  • 美六感覚 - Rittoku no Kan (lit. Sixth Sense of Virtue) (5)
    The user can channel the mastery of heightened awareness that Izayoi attained in the Yomotsu while wearing the cloak, to the point where the user is able to accurately detect the landscape around trough sonar like-effect in similar manner to a bat (though this effect does not work trough sound but spirit vibrations) and detect individuals intentions and alignment trough the kegare of individuals within a 20 meter radius of themselves, with then as the center. The echolocation of the cloak allows the user to effectively to navigate and even fight but it due to limitations of the brain it does not grant increased range of vision giving the user basically the same field of vision as if they were using their eyes. The scent effect however, allows the user to receive the general information and general location about all individuals within the range of the cloak but the scents need to interpreted properly and strong individuals, with great magic power or great kegare behind their actions, can produce scents that can overwhelm the user if not prepared for it. Finally spells and effects that render someone or something undetectable, that are rank 5 or higher, will slip past the user

  • 回復 - Hasu Fugen (lit. Lotus Recovery) (5)
    The user can channel the love of Lady Cuilan trough their touch to heal an ally or themselves of one serious injury. The healing process begins once the target is touched and even if the contact is broken, healing continues for the space of 1 post, at the end of which the serious injury is healed. The user requires a cool down of 3 posts before they can heal again.

  • 天手力・天魔降伏 - Amenotejikara・Tenma Kofuku (lit. Heavenly Hand Power・Demon Pacifier) (5)
    The user can channel aspects of Gouken Osafune's Hatsu, the legendary Tenbu Horin, simply by wearing the cloak and clapping their hands together, generating a pure sphere of golden light between their palms. A single being who has demonic magic/heritage/equipment that is touched by this sphere will receive a 30 sp debuff to their toughness for 3 turns with a 3 turns cooldown. If used in combination with an attack, the Tennma Kofuku will also prevent foes with demonic magic/heritage/equipment with 40 Toughness of less (after the debuff is applied) from moving from their spot, although will still be able to move their arms to defend themselves. This technique is completely harmless against ordinary humans

  • 天手力・き雷 - Amenotejikara・Kongousha (lit. Heavenly Hand Power・Adamant Powder) (5)
    The user can channel aspects of the Kurenai Osafune's Hatsu, to endow the cloak via touch with the adamantine powder Kurenai created in life, bestowing the cloak B Class durability for the duration of effect, turning the cloak into metallic grey. This effect allows the user to use the cloak as a shield without it losing it flexibility. The user is able to use this power for 2 Posts, and upon being broken, ending early, or running its duration, a Cooldown of 3 Posts begins.

  • 天手力・き雷 - Amenotejikara・Raiden (lit. Heavenly Hand Power・Lightning & Thunder) (5)
    The user can channel aspects of Takehito Osafune's Hatsu to coat materials and objects with the power of lightning trough touch. However, there are limitations to the power of course in regards to the number of items that it can be cast on per use and their size (one medium sized item such as a sword, two small items such as daggers, or up to four very small items such as throwing knives) The lightning is equal to that of a rank 5 magical tech of the same nature and the coating will disappear on contact after dealing damage. It should be noted that Izayoi doesn't have to be wearing the cloak, as long as any part of his body is touching it be directly or indirectly, he can trigger the effect with a duration 3 turns with a 3 turns cooldown
    Edited by Jossle, Apr 1 2018, 07:23 PM.
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Stay the course.

飛廉脚 - Pure Flying Step (lit. Pure Flying Step) (5)
- There's obvious bonuses in being able to push off the air instead of flying. So, you'll need a drawback on your air walking technique in terms of altitude, duration, or cooldown.

美六感覚 - Rittoku no Kan (lit. Sixth Sense of Virtue) (5)
- In general, I don't think techs like this should even exist because that's what accuracy stats are for. I realize people have similar techniques, but objectively they shouldn't exist either. I'm more okay with seeing all around you OR smelling all around you as that's turning a more fixed perspective into a wider one, but having complete detection of anything around you is just far too much for obvious reasons.

天手力・天魔降伏 - Amenotejikara・Tenma Kofuku (lit. Heavenly Hand Power・Demon Pacifier) (5)
- Though this applies to demons exclusively, it's still an AoE debuff which is unallowable, especially since a snaring effect is also appended to this effect.

天手力・き雷 - Amenotejikara・Raiden (lit. Heavenly Hand Power・Lightning & Thunder) (5)
- "The lightning is equal to that of a rank 5 magical tech of the same nature." So, does every hit deal Rank 5 damage? If you do 100 hits, does each deal Rank 5 damage?
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Swordsman & Swordsmith as One!

1 - Changing the no weight limit to 400lbs since izayoi himself weight over 320lbs already it shouldn't be too much

2 - Changing it to work via combination of kegare sensing (izayoi skill and part of his magic), with hearing and smelling. Basically it give him spiritual echolocation so he can see with his eyes close within a range 25, with the same field of vision as if he was using his eyes, while smelling the intentions and 'evil' of individuals around him with 25 meters. Both effect work in tandem.

3 - Typo mistake. Its supposed to be single target as it mimics the rasengan in that debuff is applied on hit NOT by watching the light, fixed the wording.

4 - Typo mistake again, i blame my shitty word processing at late hours... the coating is supposed to disappear on hit which is fair so you get only one hit, think of it as a one-time elemental buff.
Edited by Jossle, Mar 31 2018, 11:47 AM.
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Stay the course.

美六感覚 - Rittoku no Kan (lit. Sixth Sense of Virtue) (5)
- I didn't realize this was a passive effect. If that's the intention, the range should be less and it should probably only affect techniques of lesser rank, not equal or higher rank.
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Swordsman & Swordsmith as One!

-reduced by 5 meters and made it so techniques of equal rank can avoid it
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Stay the course.

"Your purchase has been successful, and you can now submit a modification where you purchase your item.

Have a nice day!"
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