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The Tiger seeks shelter; Joining Thread
Topic Started: Mar 25 2018, 08:29 AM (440 Views)
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Swordsman & Swordsmith as One!

Walking trough dandelion at sunset, wrapped in his mantle of pure white as the sun shined behind his back as he crossed the ashford bridge, the humble tiger sought the aid of the demon hunters of the night known as nine lives. Walking with his eyes closed, the blond swordsman whispered to himself

"It truly has been a roundabout path...but i am finally here. That man's base of operations. Among all the stars in the magic world, he is the that opens the path."

Izayoi carried a sense of longing even though there was nothing to regret about his pledge his support to the boscan war effort to the fioran government back at Xia Village but he did so knowing that in the end the government was just as distrustful of his clan as much as he was of them and would wind up betraying the Osafune or at the very least disrespect their traditions and pride in a way that he as a clan head would not tolerate. It was nothing personal, as a clan head he understood...ordinary folk just saw demons as nuisances rather than the sign of the terrible state of humanity that they were, so they could not be trusted to understand what proper actions needed to done to secure the mortal plane. Izayoi would definitely support the war effort that didn't change, but his meeting with Gouken in Yomosoku and his discussion with Kiyah about humanity put something in very clear perspective to the blond.

Izayoi alone was just a single blade, a single man.

no matter how well forged even the finest blade fall to overuse and disrepair and what use is a weapon broken? But what if he had two, nay a hundred blades and the soldiers to wield them? Then he would definitely put a dent into the incursions caused by the boscan war. The blond had no illusion he could completely stop the incursions but at least bring it to a manageable level where he could entrust it to the government so he and his clansmen could dedicate themselves to deal with the real terrors from across the edge of reality, as his father kept on the fight even in death.

Posted Image

"Go back to the other side and tell those two that i will hold the line, here with Takehito and Kurenai. Its my duty as a successor but if it worth anything to them now...I am proud of the three of you as you managed to be both sword and man at once and take our style to the next stage, something i could not. The three of you are definitely my trees of yuzuriha"

The blond let a single tear of happiness slid down his cheek at that memory, his brothers had bawled when he relayed the message from their notably hard to please father... He need to act more like a clan leader now to answer to the faith his father placed on him, he needed to make the Osafune even stronger than it was, he had a good first step with Trevor but with just a soldier and his brothers was not enough. He need more allies, a place to operate and way gain influence over the populace.

That when he started investigating, searching... He knew many clans among the murim who could help but each of them had their own methodology that clashed with his views, he could rely on them as means to ends but never trust them. Training someone from the ground up was out of the question, it just took too much time unless they were a savant like him. So finally he had a revelation. Mages were naturally more versed in the paranormal by the nature of their profession if only slightly so maybe if he joined a guild he could find what he sought but in the end each of the light guilds was discarded straight from the get go. He was a bloodied warrior...izayoi would never feel completely at home nor would he be accepted by the light guilds as whole

The same went for the dark guild but for different reasons for each.

Grimoire Heart was the one he might have not trouble being in if he was not looking for clan members, but as a clanhead he could not risk the grimoire heart mentality of research for the sake of it and the elrdicth secrets his clan guarded to be mixed. One gouken was enough thank you. Tartaros appealed to his warrior side but did nothing else. Izayoi was both swordsman AND swordsmith. He was someone who took great pride in his hammer work and that work be used for things he approved. While tartaros would appreciate him they would abuse his steels for violence. No, never. Raven Tail, he had not even bothered to research further once he found their organization was based on the structure of the bakucho. A warrior gambled his life and fought for the sake of futhering his skill, not lining his pocket with ill-gained gains to live of luxury on the back of the weak. That left the two neutral Guilds, Quatro Ceberus and the recently formed Nine Lives. he had really considered Quatro for a long while, he had even heard that it was in sore need of fresh blood so he could use that a push to further increase his influence in it but one thing had brought him to Nine Lives. Their rumored relationship with occult. And not just magic, but actual occultism had been what had sealed the deal for Izayoi. He would rather struggle and gain true comrades that would be his equals than servants and soldiers he would gain if he sought to expand the influence of his clan on Quatro Cerberus.

"This is the place...where our name will reach the four corners of the world, Otou-sama"

Standing now in front of the decrepit mansion as he spoke, Izayoi's sense were quick to pick up the house supernatural inhabitants with ease as he stood in front of the massive structure sat down crossed legged while holding his yamanabagiri as a cane on his left hand. He would not enter the house without an invitation so he would diligently wait until a member came out to greet him. Still with his eyes closed a black cat approached the man and sat in his lap almost as if approving of him as the man ran his hand trought the back of the animal with a gentleness that made the animal purr in obvious delight
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Night tended to come earlier in Dandelion than in other cities in Fiore. It wasn't because there were mountains which could easily block the rays of the descending sun from washing over the sprawl. And there was no magic-inclined reason for that as well. It was the almost permanent layer of smog which rested above the city, like some ominous presence which seemed to threaten people, Fioreans and foreigners alike, from approaching the city.

And funnily enough, Dandelion was avoided by a good number of folks, not particularly because of some hovering vengeful ghost, but due to the fact that it had a rather notorious reputation. From the more harmless con artists, to the thieves, cutthroats and other unscrupulous highwaymen and blades for hire, not to mention the jagged crime bosses and their varieties of employed creatures, the average Joe would think twice before coming to this city, much less so at night.

Which was why the figure who walked towards the Ashworth manor, at the close of the day, was rather an interesting figure to the Nine Lives mage who watched surreptitiously from behind the windows of a lightless room. His white cloak, illuminated by the dying rays of the sun only served to make him stand out more against the backdrop of quickly advancing twilight. Naturally, most people, even inhabitants of Dandelion, avoided the Ashworth manor, as it appeared to be terribly haunted. Maybe it was, even. In any case, this simply meant that the approaching person definitely had a purpose for coming here. And Beryl was sure it wasn't simply to find a room for the night.

The fellow had now stopped, just before the doors of the great house, taking a seated position and waiting, though Beryl could not particularly say what exactly he was waiting for. Well, it wouldn't hurt to find out. Moving silently away from the window, the Earth mage walked to the door, threw on a leather jacket and stepped out of the room, dressed simply in the mentioned jacket, a white decollete crop top, denim cutoffs (though maybe they looked more like knickers) and wedge-soled slippers. She didn't bother to hurry, confident that by the time she had descended the stairs within the mansion and come to the front door, the waiting man would not have left.

At length, the doors to the Ashworth manor opened, shedding some light on the seated fellow. Blond, like herself, though fairer-skinned, with pleasing facial features. Beryl found a slight smile twitching the left corner of her lips, as she spoke, "greetings, fellow denizen of Earthland. Are you looking for something specific, or have you lost your way?" She looked at the comfortable feline in his lap, and her smile broadened a bit more. "She likes you. These cats are good judges of character, so at least you don't stand in danger of taking a bullet to your pretty face, at least not from me."
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Swordsman & Swordsmith as One!

Smiling down at the feline on his lap as it turned on its back, showing its belly to be rubbed, Blond swordsman simply continued to pamper the animal with attention as a member of the guild came to greet him. As the woman commented on his animal empathy he gently removed the animal from his lap and smiling at its mewling of disapproval at being deprived the attentive touch of the man and stood up with his eyes sill closed as put his sword back in his belt before giving the woman a traditional salute, pressing his right fist in to his open left palm as a sign of respect to a fellow walker of the martial path as Izayoi only needed to listen to her breath to know she was a practitioner of the arts. The blond spoke in a firm but gentle tone as he gave a half waist bow as well.

"Nin Hao, my name is izayoi Osafune and i seek join to the nine lives guild. May i be allowed passage?"

While he did this, the kitten kept mewling for attention so izayoi, breaking his salute with a bit of amused exasperation showing on his face as he gently picked the small feline and placed it on his left shoulder where the small cat nuzzled his cheek affectionately as he rubbed down her chin with a gentle smile as the kitten sat down on his wide muscular shoulders, ripping his precious cloak a bit which he ignored; Cats were his favorite animal and they loved him. His brothers often teased that the cats like him so much because of that title the elder placed on him long ago. The Humble Tiger of Qitan.
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The Seveni mage shifted her body weight to lean towards her left, as she leaned against the lintel of the portal, although she did not generally move herself from the doorway, which meant that she was still blocking the passage. "Greetings, Izayoi-san," she replied, affixing a Minstrelian suffix to his name, seeing the man's name sounded Minstrelian, though Minstrel did have different languages and culture. Her tone was warm and pleasant, which would have normally been appropriate if she had shifted to give the swordsman access into the interior region of the Ashworth complex. "It is very likely that you will. However, I would love to know more about you before you do."

So saying, the Seveni sank, crossing her legs beneath her and sitting down in the doorway in a cross-legged position, her hands resting on her knees, and emerald eyes staring up at the man. Of course, she was still blocking access into the house, as she watched him. While Nine Lives, as a guild, was not at all esoteric like a cult which sought to screen the public from its membership, the guild was known to be secretive. While that could sound melodramatic, just allowing the fellow into the guild hall would be a bit underwhelming, at least in the Geomancer's opinion. Even though the fellow was a potential member of the guild, the air of discreetness was necessary to be felt. It wouldn't do to allow just anyone who said they wanted to join, because they said so.

Actually, a more important reason for Beryl's reluctance to let Izayoi in was because she was, well, Beryl. If he became a guild member, she would have to trust him, at least to some extent. It would be unwise to just assume you could trust anyone who just came up to your door, especially in a world as twisted as this one. Beryl remembered, with a lot of misgivings, the night the clowns came to the town of Abyss Edge. They had been welcomed, and the result was the death of everyone in the town, save her, but her own life had been veritably screwed by the experience.

Sitting in the doorway reminded her of a Seveni tale of a guardian of the underworld, who queried souls that sought to pass beyond the gates of the dead. Those who gave the right answers were given a test or two to determine their worthiness. If not, they were turned back. If they refused to leave, they would be cursed by the psychopomp, dooming them to an existence of wandering as haunting shades, or until they paid penance or were dispelled into the Great Void outside our world.

"Let's start with, who are you really, Izayoi of the Osafune? What do you do? Where are you from? And how did you get to know about us?"
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Swordsman & Swordsmith as One!

The blond swordsman could feel beryl trough his sense and he felt a tiny silver of pity, her distrust was measured and logical, he did not fault her for it. In fact, it rose his opinion of the guild that the woman kept him at arm's length until she could verify for herself his worth so remaining in his position and sitting down seiza style he faced her, now looking up at her as he kept his eyes closed still as he spoke in a gentle tone, a small honest smile blossoming on his lips as he sat seiza

"I understand, i come without a letter of introduction nor am i of renown, it is very understandable that i be distrusted. I submit to your interview wholeheartedly and without lies, this is swear to my god's name, Takemikazuchi-no-mikami. Ask your questions without fear. I have nothing to hide."

His words done, the steelman waited for her questions to start and was greeted as he expected. Easy to answer question that were likely meant to poke him to see his intentions so he would be clear in his intentions right from the get go.

'I am the 37th head of my family, who since the dawn of magic have upheld the ancient traditions of minstrelian smiting and demon slaying passed down by the shinto religion. Our osafune clan are servants of the god of lightning, Takemikazuchi-no-mikami, who has ordained us, his priesthood, with the task of continuing his word as protectors of humanity against the daemon and creation of the living blades, Kandachime

As an osafune my craft are smiting and daemon hunting and i hail from Wuji Valley, here in fiore. I am fioran by birth but thanks to ancient regiments and adoptions rites of the osafune clan i am minstrelian as well. Finally, i learned about Nine Lives as i began to investigate all guilds to see which one would best fit my goals: My clan faces a crisis as due to the boscan war, we are faced with far too many daemons than we can hope to slay and we require allies who understand the battle against the demon. Only nine live and grimoire heart had the knowledge, but only nine lives had honor as servants of the downtrodden. I seek alliance with your group and in return i can offer very little bar my own life and my skill as a smithy...i know is not much; but please, the daemon threaten all, if my live can be used to spare innocents from the curse of the daemon then i kindly ask that it may be used without reservations. We, Osafune are few....but we are willing to give our life to complete our calling

Izayoi stopped his speech as the small animal in shoulder gave a sad mewl perhaps sensing how Izayoi was clearly willing to throw his life away without reservation. The kitten sense that Izayoi was truly a gentle spirit who genuinely saw no value in his life aside it use to help other; a truly kind man who valued others above himself without regret and help anyoone without asking for anything in return. Petting the animal briefly, Izayoi opened his eyes for the first time and stared directly into Beryl's. His gaze penetrating the very blades he forged but filled with genuine sadness of the man's solemn spirit

Posted Image

"So...Ojou-sama, please allow this izayoi a test, you shall see for yourself my worth and should you find me unworthy, with the gods as my witness, this Izayoi will slash his belly open in shame."
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Beryl remained seated, watching the swordsman as he idly petted the cat and spoke about himself. A swordsmith and demon hunter. Sounded about right. The latter part was much what Nine Lives did. Izayoi mentioned that he belonged to a family, although he seemed to be alone. From his words, however, he had insinuated that his clan was still very much having living members. He also seemed religious; while that didn't, in itself, present anything by which she might be impressed, it seemed his deity was at least benevolent towards humans, so he would have a good reason to tread the path of Nine Lives in their defense of humanity.

When Izayoi opened his eyes, Beryl returned his stare silently, her large green eyes generally enigmatic. There was something sad about this fellow's own eyes, but what it was, she could not say. Perhaps a painful event that had happened in his past, something he now remembered. That was most likely the case. The fact that he was okay with throwing his life away was a little bit displeasing to the Seveni. She felt it was wrong for him to imply that his life was not important. Everyone who chose to make a stand in defense of a worthy cause lived an important life.

"Ojou-sama?!" Beryl asked incredulously, before bursting into laughter at the title Izayoi had given her. Realizing that now might not be the best time to laugh, especially seeing that this moment seemed to be a grave one, Beryl calmed herself and rose to her feet. "Call me Beryl," she said with a warm grin, "and don't place '-sama' behind my name. I'm not sure I've done anything to earn the honorific."

The Seveni girl stretched leisurely, then said, "I would also please recommend that you didn't do all the slashing bellies open in shame. It'll waste your looks. But since you asked me for a test, then I shall test you." Izayoi would notice that Beryl was wearing a black bangle on her right wrist. "Make me sweat." So saying, she charged at him, which was not so much of a distance, and swung her empty hand at the sword smith. While that motion looked harmless, he would notice that the black bangle suddenly flashed, and a graceful Minstrelian sword was in her hand, the blade speeding towards him.

If he chose not to move, Beryl would stay her hand, just before she hit him, but she was hoping the young man would rise to the challenge. The evening had been somewhat boring.
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Watching her reactions and feeling the shift of her emotions trough his own sense of kegare, Izayoi knew that while the woman seemed to feel she was not worthy of respect, she was someone who demanded it trough actions rather than bravado, a humble soul. He was fond of her already for that, long had seen masters who had let ther authority become their own symbol and forgotten the essence of martial arts. But beryl had not forgotten and indeed lived as a martial artist as she chose to get to know him trough combat as a proper warrior should.

"A test of skill? i accept!"

Those were the only word the blond said in reaction to her charge and straight out attempted to grabbed the blade as it was swung down towards his body with naked left hand, hoping to surprise her as he seamlessly and wordlessly activated his tesseiko. If the grab when trough, Izayoi would use his aikijutsu to swing away beryl's sword along with her if she did not release her grip on the blade and letting her fly behind him, landing in a fall into the harsh stones if she could not gather her wits after being thrown, if Beryl tried to change to unarmed attack or change the trajectory of her swing, he would use his Urashiki, Gouken with his free hand to push her away from him with a shockwave or so he hope, he couldn't get a grasp of her power yet. This would be a demonstration of Izayoi's monstrous martial talent as preforming aiki alone was a feat worthy of mastery in a dojo, but doing it in combat and against such an opponent...well, there IS a reason that Izayoi was called the pinnacle of eastern martial arts. A 26 year old brat preforming skills that masters in their late 70's can only grasp after decades of training and making it look easy

The proof? The cat on his shoulder did not move from her spot, completely assured that Izayoi would protect her from harm.
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Beryl was glad to see that Izayoi had accepted to be tested in combat; she would have a little bit of fun this evening. While Nine Lives did not expressly say you had to be a walking hand-to-hand death machine to join (as matters stood, the Seveni herself believed she was more a scholar than a soldier), if Izayoi had mentioned that he was a demon hunter, as well as sword smith, it was most logical to assume that he would be quite conversant with the use of his swords. Beryl knew of many smiths who were master swordsmen. After all, how else would Izayoi fight demons? With rhetoric?

She was surprised when he made to grab her weapon, ultimately deciding that such foolishness would just have to be punished with the consequence of a wound. However, something at the back of her ever-cautious mind suggested to her to beware, seeing that since Izayoi was no stranger to combat, doing something that apparently foolish likely had a hidden agenda involved, since even a novice would not make that kind of mistake. Besides, although he had talked about himself, the Seveni had no knowledge of his battle abilities.

The sword did not cut Izayoi's palm. Beryl had only a fleeting moment to vainly try to free her weapon before she was whipped aside by the strength of Izayoi's arm. But grabbing her sword meant that he was fortunately within grasping range. Releasing the grip of her left hand on her sword, Beryl allowed Izayoi to swing her like a rag doll, which was one of the disadvantages of being small in stature. Not that she minded much. Everything had both advantages and disadvantages.

With her free left hand, the girl grabbed Izayoi's billowing cloak, using it as a pivot, and consequently, the man's body weight as a support, to swing round and drop behind him, still within striking range, just as he let go of her sword. That was when she noticed his other hand (which had not been used to grasp her sword) facing her, palm outward. She couldn't tell what hit her next; probably a wave of ki or something similar, but it felt like a hammer to the face. Nevertheless, she did manage to stand her ground [60 END, against the threshold 50 END to be knocked back], using part of the blast's momentum which rocked her backwards to spin gracefully on her heel, her elegant blade traveling towards the sword smith in a backhanded swing.

She hoped he would block it. This close, dodging would be difficult. And her sword had a little surprise, invisible and unperceived until it struck: the technique she called Hyakurai. It was a powerful shockwave that would be transmitted on impact of her blade, and released once it struck.

The concussive wave had Beryl seeing motes in front of her eyes, but she was sure she could still manage. Also, it had messed up her jacket, but her inner top was more or less undamaged, maybe except for one or two tiny gashes in not-so-scandalous areas. "Well, there goes my jacket," the Earth mage said, taking off the ripped jacket and dropping it, before taking a defensive stance. "Are you sure what you did to my jacket wasn't... deliberate? Just asking."

A smile turned up the corners of her lips as she waited for his response, verbal or physical.

Just for reference
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[made a slight miscalculation regarding your end stat, so yeah this is gonna hurt me]

Izayoi had expect her to overcome the throw as it was nothing more than a greeting but what he had not expected was her toughness and her ability to nearly redirect the force of his own gouken against him in an beautiful display of bastardized aiki as quite simply her lithe body gave her superior agility to his own massive weight regardless of his petite looks so he couldn't do much aside sit seiza and let Beryk use his cloak as pivot and take his back. While his body did gave him a large advantage in physical power, his power was useless if he couldn't hit the target which was one of the reason he always carried his yamanbagiri, but regardless of that he had to do something about the blade quickly flying towards his back aiming to dig into his kidneys as his finely honed instincts and hearing clearly caught the sound of air being ripped by the edge of minstrelian steel.

While yes, his aura alone plus his iron wood clothing would likely prevent the weapon from stabbing into him. He had held the sword on his hand for a brief instance and as magical smith he would not be worth his name if he couldn't grasp one single truth about it. The blade had magic on it, offensive magic at that so...No. He could not let it hit him drawing in air and training in yoga along with a application of his Raisei, he was able to push himself into a jump while sitting seiza style by using the force of his breathing technique to push him a coupe of meters into the air, just enough for the sword to fly off and dig itself into the door of the ashford manor and blowing it apart with a shock-wave, very similar to his own gouken

To beryl's eyes it would look like he was being lifted by an invisible wire and followed by a sound resembling a thunderclap.

Landing back on the ground with his feet and quickly turning around with a gentleness that hid the fact that Izayoi was over 300 lbs of pure bone and muscle then blond did not hesitate to go into the charge as the cat on his shoulder finally leap off, sensing his hands reaching for his yamanbagiri and silently activating its powers as well, as surge of power filled his the blond as he charged with increased speed, sword drawn but Izayoi caught her commenting briefly as he approached her. He would not be rude to ignore her but neither will he indulge her in a lengthy small talk.

Talking was a waste of breath in a fight, and in martial arts, breaths were valuable. So he answered her question with a simple sentence, short and to point, spoke in a tone to broke no further argument.

"Not at all. Naked or Clothed. Women or Men. To a martial artist all that should matter is the fight "

Izayoi was being completely honest here, if he wanted to be titillated, he would go to a whore house and deal with that business, he was not the type of man who saw all women as objects to lust after but also did not ignore his own baser impulse so he simply deal with them frankly and with no shame. If he was horny, he would pay a whore and be done with that.

But back into the fight, Izayoi reached Beryl and launched his right foot into a fierce northern shaolin throat kick (which he would disable his tesseiko if she didn't dodge it...so as not to kill beryl), which he would quickly shift into a hopping Taeknown do kidney shin kick with his left foot if his first kick was dodge by ducking or trying to tackle him and finally he would end his combo by calling on his requip magic and opening a portal, shooting 5 d-rank kunai from the portal if she tried to retreat back from his attack while keeping his sword at the ready on his left hand to attack if she choose to charge at him. They were not meant to do much damage but seeing her clothes were already damage she had less protection in her torso thus they would force her to keep her defense and giving Izayoi more time to keep his offensive as he knew his only opportunity was to defeat her quickly by landing one decisive blow with his sword before his tesseiko ran out. She simply was too fast compared to him to have a drawn out fight.
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Even though Izayoi had explained that a martial artist was meant to only be interested in the fight, and in a tone that revealed he did not expect this statement to be challenged, Beryl was hardly known to be the kind of "if you say so" person. And even though breaths were necessary in a fight, for the Seveni, it was sort of therapeutic, having lines to belt out in the heat of battle. Of course, care was always taken to limit one's speech while a blow was flying to the face, lest their sentence be cut short ungracefully. But between the intense peaks of action, Beryl was sure she'd be damned if she didn't have a thing or two to say.

For now, it was best to concentrate on responding to Izayoi's attacks. The Earth mage was slightly pissed that despite taking the sacrifice of getting hit full in the face by the sword smith's technique in order to attack him and thus limit his chances of dodging, the man had still managed to evade her attack. His kick towards her neck was blocked by her forearm, although the force pushed her backwards. Unwilling to relent, he had directed another kick, this one aimed at her shin, promising to hobble her and reduce her mobility if it hit. But by simply hopping two steps backwards, the Seveni saved herself a bruised shin. The five kunai that suddenly appeared aimed at her, she managed to avoid by a mix of parrying with her sword and moving her head and torso to avoid the others, though one of them drew a line across her left shoulder.

Ignoring the cut, and making a mental note to herself not to let the two successes of Izayoi's attacks push her into being reckless, Beryl decided to momentarily break away from the fight, leaping back before quickly grabbing the branches of a nearby tree and making her way up its trunk with just three steps. "Really? And here I was thinking that we were just roughhousing to connect with the inner schoolkids within each and everyone of us," she said in reply to his comment about the importance of the fight, as a short, curved sword appeared in her right hand, which she threw at Izayoi.

Surya's flight trajectory was slightly curved, but its aim was true. Beryl knew, from the little she had seen about Izayoi in combat, that a thrown shortsword would not be that much of a threat. It was what would come afterwards that would matter. When the thrown Surya was close to Izayoi, Beryl would simply vanish from her position in the tree, reappearing behind him, and attempting to deliver a back kick to the sword smith.
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