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Contrasting Consistency; Tenken & Grond
Topic Started: Mar 21 2018, 10:23 PM (88 Views)
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Hoennese and proud!

Of all the places in Fiore that one would expect to find a very self-assured science-based doctor mage from the Guild that centered itself on experimenting on innocents for the benefit of themselves, Crocus was one of the last on that list. The center of the royalty of the land themselves as well as such an enormously high concentration of guards and knights usually lead Dark Mages to avoid the city entirely unless on strict business, either for themselves or their Guilds, and yet it was a bright and sunny morning that found Dr. Kiyah Bright walking down the streets of the Cloud District and, for once in a very very long time, smiling, albeit slightly. You see there was one very particular reason for the woman's presence, just a matter of casual business at most:

Kiyah loved Crocus.

Maybe it was the fact that almost an entire quarter of the city was dedicated to learning and the expansion of knowledge, maybe it was the plethora of wildlife that could be found in the wild alleyways of the city, maybe it was the extreme abundance of flora planted throughout the districts to enhance and beautify an otherwise fairly architecturally plain place. Whatever the reason she did not share it, but she hummed to herself quite prettily -for once also not wearing her lab coat as she walked out and about in a flowing floral summer dress- as she strolled down the streets and popped in to this shop or that, coming out with bags of goodies of some kind or another. Indeed she was so enamoured with being there on this day that she was even picking the flowers and inhaling their scents[1] while she walked.

There was a reason for her good mood of course, a reason that she had only just learned of this morning and which had lead to her current attire and general happiness for the world. Her paper had just been published, yet another one that lambasted the scientific methodology of magical research into elemental diffusions that were being conducted in Masinop. Kiyah hated that country and its poor work ethic for the magical sciences and, as a result, it had been a rather scathing review of a study that had been published one month prior and had found that the general equilibrium of balance in magical weaves when conducting fire magic in a static form was greater than the...

Well, some boring shit to anyone except Kiyah, let's just go with that.

But she was treating herself to a day out, picking up a number of alchemical ingredients she needed to bring back with her to Frestia and her doctors practise to continue helping the villagers and various passers-by through the area. She quite enjoyed her life, regardless of how often her schedule was being disrupted in recent times, but there was something to be said for her general consistency in it. This was a once off, the kind of thing she did once every year or three at the most, so she would make the most of it and enjoy it while she could, ignoring the looks she received every so often from the knights on the street; men and women who were sure her face was familiar but could not yet place it on the large wanted posters that were filed away somewhere in their offices.

Oh yes, she had a bounty on her head, slaughtering an entire academical board in front of the Princess Franceska will do that to you, but Kiyah was unrecognised right now and, thus, her mood was unconcerned with the curious looks she was receiving. Who knows, if she was interrupted she may even regard it with joviality and amusement rather than more murder.

[1] Festival of Flowers Achievement - Crocus
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FTG's Freak of RP-Nature

Crocus. There was something interesting about this section of the city which faced the sunset. Aside the beauty of its buildings, which though relatively not as grandiose as the structures found in other areas of the city, there was something in this place which held an even greater allure than mere pulchritude for people with a particular predilection. Knowledge. From the libraries to the workstations to the colleges and everything in between, it was probably possible to get one's paws on any kind of information which was not outlawed, although it could be expected that, with knowledge of the right places and people, even darker secrets could be explored.

Which was why Beryl was here. In pursuit of knowledge. Ever since she had begun her academic program at Empyrea, the Seveni had striven to expand her own horizons of knowledge, not just for the certificate she would get when, or if, she completed the program, but because the knowledge she would gain from her chosen field of study would be more useful to her than mere prestige gotten from having bagged a higher academic degree. As a matter of fact, Beryl couldn't care diddlysquat about what accolades she would get from the scientific world. Prisses and prudes, most of them.

She still remembered when she had initially attempted to gain admission into the school. Almost everything about her had been criticized, from her complexion to her hairstyle, her guild to her clothes, and most especially, the fact that she hadn't attended any notable schools when in Seven. It wasn't like Seven had notable schools anyway. Anyway, Beryl had managed to convince an adventurous professor on the Admissions Board to make a wager with her: she would donate an ancient artifact which she had "come across" while on guild business to the school museum, and in turn, the Board would give her a test, which if she passed, then the said professor would supervise her studies. Of course, failure meant rejection. Interested in the artifact's rarity, the board had agreed and given her the test, with rather difficult questions, but still well within the scope of a graduate.

She passed. Easily.

The Seveni couldn't help but laugh out loud when she remembered the faces of those prudish old professors on the Admissions Board when they saw her test grade. And so here she was, a scholar of Empyrea. Which was why she was in Crocus in the first place. She was researching on creatures foreign to Earthland, and their possible methods of admittance into it. Of course, one of the easiest ways to get a foreign creature was via summoning, but most of the summoned creatures that were legally available had been well researched into. This being the case, she had opted to research on something more eldritch, whose knowledge was esoteric, almost illegal even. Thanks to connections of her guild, she had, through underground channels, been directed to Crocus to find a certain fellow with the information she was looking for.

A few knights in armor turned at the sound of her laugh, giving her more than cursory glances. She noticed that one or two of them had been staring at another young woman, and a rather pretty one too. However, the looks they had been giving the dark-haired female in the sun dress were unlike Beryl's which were appraising; they looked rather suspicious. Come to think of it, Beryl could not be certain, but it seemed she had perhaps seen that woman before as well. Out of curiosity, she moved closer to the woman, noticing that the lady seemed to be collecting ingredients, probably for pharmacological purposes. Beryl's field medical knowledge served her well.

"Marigold and beeswax. Are you interested in making a salve?" the Seveni asked, just before realizing that her approach could be deemed rude. Quickly trying to rectify the potentially awkward situation, she continued quickly, as she unconsciously got a bit intimidated by the other woman's presence. "Apologies for just butting in on your privacy, but I couldn't help but notice the ingredients you're collecting. I'm just a bit interested in herbal applications, is all. Hi."

She gave a little nervous laugh, and forgot to introduce herself.
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